2023 NBA Championship Contenders Emerged: Suns, Heat, and Celtics Take Center Stage, Plus KD’s Trade Request

NBA Free Agency Sends Shockwaves: Durant Requests Trade

The NBA free agency period kicked off with a surprising twist as Kevin Durant, a star player for the Brooklyn Nets, requested to be traded. This unexpected move has caused a seismic shift in the landscape of the league and has had a major impact on the futures market. Several teams have seen their championship odds fluctuate, with the Boston Celtics and the Phoenix Suns emerging as top contenders to acquire Durant in a trade.

The Changing Odds for the 2023 NBA Championship

The Boston Celtics, with +550 odds at DraftKings, have positioned themselves as frontrunners to win the 2023 NBA championship. However, the Phoenix Suns are closely behind with +600 odds, largely due to their high chances of acquiring Durant. The Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers, and the Milwaukee Bucks are also in the running with +600 and +650 odds respectively.

Updated 2023 NBA Championship Odds

Team 7/3/2022 6/17/2022
Boston Celtics +550 +600
Golden State Warriors +600 +600
LA Clippers +600 +600
Phoenix Suns +600 +900
Milwaukee Bucks +650 +750
Miami Heat +1100 +1400
Philadelphia 76ers +1100 +1400
LA Lakers +1100 +2000
Denver Nuggets +1500 +1500
Dallas Mavericks +1600 +1500
Memphis Grizzlies +1700 +1400
Brooklyn Nets +2500 +600
New Orleans Pelicans +4000 +4000
Toronto Raptors +4000 +5500
Minnesota Timberwolves +4000 +5500
Atlanta Hawks +4000 +8000
Chicago Bulls +4500 +5500
Utah Jazz +6500 +4000
Portland Trail Blazers +7000 +10000
Cleveland Cavaliers +9000 +10000
Charlotte Hornets +12000 +10000
New York Knicks +15000 +20000
Washington Wizards +35000 +30000
Detroit Pistons +70000 +70000
San Antonio Spurs +80000 +30000
Sacramento Kings +80000 +80000
OKC Thunder +80000 +100000
Indiana Pacers +100000 +50000
Orlando Magic +200000 +200000
Houston Rockets +200000 +200000

Teams in the Hunt for Durant

The Brooklyn Nets’ championship odds plummeted from +600 to +2400 following the trade request from Kevin Durant. Speculations about Durant’s eventual destination have sparked intrigue among fans, leading online sportsbook DraftKings to offer prop bets on the team most likely to acquire him. Currently, the Phoenix Suns and the Miami Heat are the top two contenders on that list, resulting in noticeable improvements in their 2023 championship odds.

Suns’ Rise and Heat’s Resurgence

The Phoenix Suns, with their odds shifting from +900 to +600, have become stronger contenders for next year’s NBA championship due to the rumors swirling around Durant. However, securing his services may not be an easy task for the Suns. To make a trade possible, they would need to navigate through complex negotiations, potentially involving Deandre Ayton, Jae Crowder, and Cam Johnson.

The Miami Heat, who saw their odds improve from +1400 to +1100, have emerged as a potential landing spot for Durant. The Heat have been Eastern Conference finalists twice in the last three seasons and were just a shot away from reaching the NBA Finals. If Durant joins their roster, the Heat’s chances of claiming the championship would gain a significant boost.

The Raptors’ Viable Trade Scenario

The Toronto Raptors have also been identified as a viable trade partner for the Brooklyn Nets due to their strong combination of players and draft picks. While their odds improved from +5500 to +4000, they still trail behind the Suns in terms of the likelihood of landing Durant. However, concerns remain about whether Durant would be willing to play in Toronto, even though Kawhi Leonard led the Raptors to an NBA championship in 2019.

Impact on Lakers, Timberwolves, and Hawks

Despite no major moves during the initial days of free agency, the Los Angeles Lakers have experienced a surge in their championship odds, rising from +2000 to +1100.

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