2023 NCAA March Madness Favorites: Kansas, UNC, Duke Favored to Win Big

The Kansas Jayhawks: Favorites to Win 2023 March Madness

Kansas Jayhawks: Early Favorites for 2023 NCAA Tournament

The Kansas Jayhawks clinched their fourth national title in school history with a thrilling victory over North Carolina in the final of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. Following their triumph, sportsbooks have wasted no time in pegging the Jayhawks as the favorites to win March Madness again in 2023. Despite less than 24 hours passing since their victory, Caesars Sportsbook has opened the betting with Kansas as the +1000 favorite to win the 2023 NCAA Tournament. However, opinions differ among sportsbooks, and this selection is not unanimous.

Rebuilding for Another Title Run

Kansas’s path to their recent championship was remarkable, as they overcame a 15-point halftime deficit to ultimately defeat the Tar Heels with a score of 72-69 in a nail-biting final that came down to the last seconds. This victory marked the Jayhawks’ first national championship since 2008. Looking ahead to the 2022-23 season, Kansas is listed as a +1100 pick by DraftKings at the start of the tournament. However, they are currently trailing behind Gonzaga (+350), the favorite at that time, who unfortunately fell short in the Sweet 16. Despite this setback, Caesars Sportsbook remains optimistic about Gonzaga’s upcoming season, placing them as the +1200 second choice. It should be noted that Gonzaga may potentially lose key players Chet Holmgren and Drew Timme to the NBA Draft in the coming weeks.

2023 March Madness Odds – To Win National Championship

  • Duke: +900 (DraftKings), +1300 (FanDuel), +1500 (Caesars)
  • North Carolina: +1100 (DraftKings), +1500 (FanDuel), +1800 (Caesars)
  • Kansas: +1200 (DraftKings), +1300 (FanDuel), +1000 (Caesars)
  • Kentucky: +1200 (DraftKings), +1500 (FanDuel), +1500 (Caesars)
  • Gonzaga: +1400 (DraftKings), +1700 (FanDuel), +1200 (Caesars)
  • Arkansas: +1400 (DraftKings), +1300 (FanDuel), +1800 (Caesars)
  • Houston: +1600 (DraftKings), +1400 (FanDuel), +2200 (Caesars)
  • UCLA: +1600 (DraftKings), +1400 (FanDuel), +2000 (Caesars)

Transitioning with Losses

Kansas faces the challenge of rebuilding their team for the upcoming season as they will bid farewell to several key players. Ochai Agbaji, the Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four, along with finals standout David McCormack, are likely to leave. Additionally, Remy Martin, Mitch Lightfoot, and Christian Braun, who have contributed significantly, are unlikely to see action for Kansas in the next year. These changes have led some sportsbooks to explore alternative favorites or consider other teams at the top of the betting odds.

Diverse Contenders for the 2023 March Madness

FanDuel, for instance, lists Kansas as a +1300 co-favorite alongside Arkansas and Duke, both of which had impressive runs in the tournament this year. The sportsbook also recognizes other strong contenders at this early stage, including the likes of Houston (+1400), UCLA (+1400), Kentucky (+1500), North Carolina (+1500), and Baylor (+1500). In a similar vein, DraftKings places Duke at the top of the 2023 March Madness odds with +900, followed by archrival North Carolina (+1100), defending champions Kansas (+1200), and Kentucky (+1200). Gonzaga rests at +1400 alongside Arkansas at DraftKings.

March Madness Offers Surprises

Though traditional powerhouse programs dominate the top contenders’ list, it doesn’t mean there’s no room for Cinderella stories. Saint Louis, an underdog that made a magical run to the Elite Eight in the previous year, has been given encouraging +9000 odds by DraftKings to win the 2023 championship. This places them on equal footing with Illinois and ahead of former champions Syracuse (+10000) and Louisville (+15000). So, while the favorites garner attention, don’t overlook the potential for surprises and upsets in the thrilling journey that is March Madness.


As the Kansas Jayhawks celebrate their recent national title, they find themselves in the early spotlight as the favorites to win the 2023 March Madness tournament, according to certain sportsbooks. Despite the challenges of rebuilding and bidding farewell to key players, the Jayhawks are still considered strong contenders alongside other powerhouses like Duke, North Carolina, and Gonzaga. However, the charm of March Madness lies in the unpredictability and underdog stories, which offers the potential for surprising upsets. Regardless of who emerges as the champion, basketball fans can look forward to another exhilarating tournament filled with intensity and memorable moments.


1. What is March Madness?

March Madness is the popular term used to describe the annual NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship tournament. It consists of 68 teams competing in a single-elimination format to determine the national champion. The tournament typically takes place in March and spans several weeks, capturing the attention of basketball fans across the United States.

2. How are the odds determined for March Madness?

Sportsbooks consider various factors when determining the odds for teams in March Madness. These include team performance throughout the season, past tournament success, the strength of the team’s roster, and insights from experts and analysts. Additionally, betting patterns and public perception also influence the odds provided by sportsbooks.

3. Can underdog teams win March Madness?

Yes, underdog teams have the potential to make deep runs and win March Madness. Throughout the tournament’s history, there have been numerous instances of lower-seeded teams defying the odds and reaching the Final Four or even winning the championship. The unpredictability of the tournament is part of what makes it so exciting and captivating for fans.

4. Which teams are considered the blue bloods of college basketball?

The term “blue bloods” is often used to refer to the traditional powerhouses in college basketball. These teams have a rich history, strong fan bases, and consistent success. Some of the notable blue blood programs include Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas, and UCLA. These teams have a strong presence in NCAA tournament history and are always considered strong contenders.

5. What makes March Madness unique compared to other sports tournaments?

March Madness stands out due to its single-elimination format, often leading to unexpected upsets and exciting underdog stories. The tournament captivates fans with the high stakes of each game, as one loss can end a team’s championship aspirations. The blend of intense competition, bracket predictions, and the electrifying atmosphere creates a one-of-a-kind experience cherished by college basketball enthusiasts.

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