Analyzing Draymond Green’s Impact: A Closer Look at His Early Exit and its Betting Consequences

Draymond Green’s Brief Appearance Triggers Prop Bet Wins

Draymond Green, the star player for the Golden State Warriors, made a seemingly insignificant seven-second appearance in Sunday night’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Little did he know, this fleeting moment would result in millions of dollars being won by savvy bettors through prop bets.

Despite suffering from tightness in his lower calf during warmups, Green was determined to take the court, if only for a moment, to honor his teammate Klay Thompson’s return to action.

Green’s Appearance Turns Prop Bets in Bettors’ Favor

When the game began, Green stepped onto the court for the opening tipoff only to commit a foul within the first seven seconds. After that, he left the game and never returned. This quick participation meant that Green played without registering a single point, rebound, assist, or shot.

In the world of sports betting, major American sportsbooks offer prop bets on various aspects of NBA games, including individual player performances. Bettors who took the under on Green’s stat line were rewarded handsomely due to his short-lived appearance.

While such luck would generally be attributed to chance, in this case, bettors had foreknowledge of Green’s intentions. The Warriors announced Green’s plan nine minutes before the game began, and it quickly spread through media outlets and social media.

This gave bettors ample time to place their under bets, confident that Green’s playing time would be extremely limited. Although FanDuel swiftly removed their Green prop bets, other sportsbooks took longer to respond. The minutes that followed the announcement saw millions of dollars being wagered on these markets, as reported by The Action Network.

Sportsbooks Vary in Their Approach to Settling Bets

Some sportsbooks, including FanDuel and PointsBet, promptly graded the Green bets as winners. FanDuel also voided over bets, while BetMGM paid out winners and considered over bets as losses.

However, DraftKings took a different approach by delaying the settlement of bets and stating that they were under review pending an investigation. They cited the need for regulatory guidance before making a final decision.

Speculation arose that DraftKings might argue the Green prop bets were based on a “known event,” which could potentially void the wagers. This scenario typically occurs when markets remain open despite the outcome of a game being clear. If DraftKings chose to void bets despite a player’s participation, it would establish a new precedent with uncertain implications for future similar situations.

DraftKings Ultimately Pays Out Winning Bets

After some deliberation, DraftKings announced on Tuesday that they would pay out all winning bets on Green’s prop bets. However, they would void wagers for those who bet the over on any of the Green props. Industry sources suggested that DraftKings paid out over $1 million on these markets alone.

A DraftKings spokesperson reassured customers that settlement and crediting would occur by the end of the day, bringing the matter to a close.


Draymond Green’s brief appearance in a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers had significant implications for bettors who placed prop bets on his performance. Despite only playing for seven seconds and not registering any statistics, his involvement triggered prop bet wins for those who bet the under on his stat line. The timely announcement of Green’s limited playing time allowed bettors to strategically place their bets, resulting in millions of dollars being won. While sportsbooks varied in their response and approach to settling the bets, DraftKings ultimately chose to pay out winning bets and void over bets. This situation highlights the intricate world of sports betting and the complexities that can arise when unexpected circumstances affect game outcomes.


1. Can you explain what prop bets are?

Prop bets, short for proposition bets, are wagers placed on specific events or outcomes within a game or match. They go beyond traditional bets on the overall winner and can involve individual player performances, statistics, or even particular actions that may occur during the game. Prop bets offer a more nuanced and diverse range of betting options for sports enthusiasts.

2. How did bettors know ahead of time about Draymond Green’s limited playing time?

The Golden State Warriors announced Green’s plan to make a brief appearance nine minutes before the game started. This information quickly circulated through media outlets and social media platforms, allowing bettors to become aware of the situation and strategically place their bets accordingly.

3. Why did DraftKings delay the settlement of bets on Draymond Green?

DraftKings chose to delay the settlement of bets on Draymond Green in order to review the situation and seek regulatory guidance. They wanted to ensure that the bets were settled appropriately and fairly, considering the unique circumstances surrounding Green’s limited playing time.

4. How much money did DraftKings pay out on winning bets?

According to industry sources, DraftKings likely paid out over $1 million on winning bets related to Draymond Green’s prop bets. This payout demonstrates the substantial impact that a player’s brief appearance can have on the betting market.

5. What can we learn from this situation for future sports betting scenarios?

This situation involving Draymond Green’s prop bets serves as a reminder of the ever-evolving landscape of sports betting. It highlights the importance of staying informed about pre-game announcements and understanding the potential impact they can have on betting outcomes. Additionally, it emphasizes the need for sportsbooks to establish clear guidelines and rules to handle unexpected events that may influence the settlement of bets, ensuring transparency and fairness for all bettors.

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