Analyzing the UFC Fight Night 205 Main Event: Unveiling the Lemos Andrade Odds and Predicting the Favorite

Jessica Andrade Returns to Strawweight Division Against Amanda Lemos

Jessica Andrade, the former UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion, is set to make her return to the strawweight division in the main event of UFC Fight Night 205. After challenging Valentina Shevchenko for the flyweight title, Andrade is back in her old stomping grounds to face off against Amanda Lemos, a rising strawweight contender.

The Fight and the Odds

In this highly anticipated matchup, Andrade enters the bout as the favorite with -220 odds, while Lemos is seen as the underdog with +180 odds, according to DraftKings Sportsbook.

Andrade’s Dominance Across Divisions

Andrade’s move to the flyweight division following her victory in the strawweight division proved successful. Winning two out of three fights, she quickly established herself as the No. 1 contender behind Shevchenko. Despite her achievements at flyweight, Andrade acknowledges that her natural weight class is strawweight, where she believes she performs at her best.

Lemos’ Impressive Journey

On the other hand, Amanda Lemos has undergone an impressive journey to reach this point in her career. Starting her UFC journey in the bantamweight division, she eventually made the move down to strawweight and has since experienced great success. Her last three wins have come by way of stoppage in the first round, showcasing her power and potential.

A Chance for Lemos to Make a Statement

While Lemos may not be in line for a title shot with a win over Andrade, it would undoubtedly be the biggest victory of her career and place her among the top contenders in the division. Embracing the opportunity, Lemos accepted the fight without hesitation, recognizing the potential for both a great fight and a chance to climb the rankings.

A Intriguing Matchup

What makes this matchup intriguing is the possibility that Lemos could match Andrade in terms of strength and power. Despite Andrade usually being the bigger fighter in her previous strawweight bouts, Lemos possesses bantamweight power even at 115 pounds, making her a formidable opponent. While Lemos may not be a well-known name to all MMA fans, she certainly has the potential to cause an upset with more than just a puncher’s chance.

A Battle of Experience and Youth

However, Andrade brings a wealth of experience to this fight. Not only has she competed in numerous high-profile fights, but she is also four years younger than Lemos. Andrade understands that a dominant victory is necessary if she wants to expedite her journey back to the top and secure a shot at the championship. She is prepared to climb the rankings again and is even content with a victory leading to a spot in the No. 10 position, as long as it is a convincing win.


This upcoming fight between Jessica Andrade and Amanda Lemos promises to deliver an exciting clash in the strawweight division. While Andrade has the experience and determination to reclaim her spot at the top, Lemos is eager to make a statement and establish herself as a true contender. With both fighters hungry for victory, fans can expect an intense battle inside the octagon.


1. Will a win for Lemos earn her a title shot immediately?

No, although a win over Andrade would be a significant accomplishment for Lemos, she is currently ranked No. 10 in the division. While it would move her up the ranks, she would still need to face and defeat higher-ranked opponents to earn a title shot.

2. How has Andrade performed in the flyweight division?

Andrade had a successful run in the flyweight division, winning two out of three fights. She established herself as the No. 1 contender behind Valentina Shevchenko, showcasing her versatility and skill across multiple weight classes.

3. What makes Lemos a dangerous opponent for Andrade?

Lemos possesses bantamweight power even at strawweight, making her a dangerous opponent for Andrade. While Andrade is typically the larger fighter in her weight class, Lemos’ strength and power could create challenges for the former champion.

4. How important is this fight for Andrade’s journey back to the championship?

This fight is crucial for Andrade to regain momentum and work her way back to the top of the division. A convincing victory could propel her further up the rankings and potentially lead to a rematch with the current champion.

5. What are the expectations for this main event at UFC Fight Night 205?

Fans can expect an intense and highly competitive main event between Andrade and Lemos. Both fighters possess unique attributes, and their contrasting styles should make for an exciting showdown that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Doug I. Jones

Doug I. Jones

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