Another Shot at Super Bowl Glory: Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints vying for Success

Can Drew Brees Lead the Saints to Another Super Bowl?

Everyone in the Who Dat Nation has been eagerly waiting to see if Drew Brees can lead the New Orleans Saints to another Super Bowl championship before he retires. The Saints, known for their passionate fan base, currently have 12/1 odds to win the 2021 Super Bowl according to William Hill. But what are the chances of Brees hoisting the Lombardi Trophy once again?

The 2018 Heartbreak

The Saints’ hopes of reaching the Super Bowl were shattered in the 2018 NFC Championship game due to an atrocious no-call. The team had a magical 13-3 season, but a missed penalty call cost them the opportunity to advance further. It was a devastating blow for the Saints and their fans, leaving them wondering if they would ever have another shot at glory.

Challenges in 2019

In the following season, Drew Brees suffered a thumb injury that caused him to miss five games. Despite his absence, the Saints managed to secure victories thanks to their backup quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater, who delivered a perfect 5-0 record during Brees’ absence. However, their season ended in disappointment as they were defeated in overtime by the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC wild-card game.

Aging Quarterback

At 41 years old, Drew Brees is well aware that his time on the gridiron is limited. While he would love to continue playing into his mid-40s like Tom Brady, one bad injury could force him into retirement sooner than expected. Brees knows that each season could be his last, which adds an extra layer of urgency to his quest for another Super Bowl victory.

Saints’ 2020 Season Outlook

On paper, the 2020 NFL schedule seems favorable for the Saints to secure a successful season. Oddsmakers have set the Saints’ over/under win total at 10.5 games. Looking at their opponents, it appears that the Saints have a realistic chance of achieving an 11-5 or 12-4 record.

Home Games

The Saints will have home-field advantage against tough opponents such as the Green Bay Packers, LA Chargers, San Francisco 49ers, and Kansas City Chiefs, among others. Playing at the New Orleans Superdome is always an advantage for the Saints, and they will be looking to capitalize on it.

Away Games

While the Saints do have some challenging away games, including matchups against the Las Vegas Raiders and the Chicago Bears, the majority of their away games are against beatable opponents. They will face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers twice, as well as teams like the Detroit Lions and Carolina Panthers. These matchups provide an opportunity for the Saints to secure crucial victories on the road.

Key Matchups

The Saints have several high-profile matchups throughout the season that will test their mettle. In Week 3, they face Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers in a Sunday Night Football showdown. The reigning Super Bowl runners-up, the San Francisco 49ers, visit New Orleans in Week 10. Towards the end of the season, the Saints have back-to-back games against the Kansas City Chiefs and the Minnesota Vikings, both potential playoff contenders.

The Saints’ Future Beyond Brees

While it’s hard to imagine replacing a future Hall of Fame quarterback like Drew Brees, the Saints have been preparing for the future. They have a talented roster that includes top-class receivers like Michael Thomas, known for his ability to dominate opposing defenses. The team also boasts a dynamic running back in Alvin Kamara, who excels in both running and receiving.

Taysom Hill’s Potential

Taysom Hill, a versatile player known for his Swiss army knife-like qualities, has been groomed by the Saints as a potential successor to Brees. Hill has showcased his ability to play multiple positions, including quarterback, defense, and special teams. Head coach Sean Payton has even adapted his playbook to accommodate Hill’s unique skill set, proving that the team has options beyond Brees.

Tommy Stevens’ Arrival

The Saints selected quarterback Tommy Stevens from Mississippi State in the seventh round of the NFL draft. Standing nearly six inches taller than Brees, Stevens brings a different physical presence to the quarterback position. Despite some injury setbacks in college, Stevens showed promise by throwing 12 touchdowns in nine games against tough SEC defenses.


As Drew Brees enters what could be his last season, the Saints are determined to make the most of their opportunity to win another Super Bowl. With a favorable schedule, a talented roster, and potential future options at quarterback, the Saints have the ingredients for a successful campaign. However, in the unpredictable world of football, nothing is guaranteed.


1. Will Drew Brees retire after this season?

While Brees hasn’t made any definitive statements about retiring, every season brings the possibility of it being his last. With his age and the physical toll of the game, retirement could be just around the corner.

2. Can the Saints win the Super Bowl without Drew Brees?

While Brees has been a critical part of the Saints’ success, the team has a strong foundation and talented players in other positions. If they can find a capable successor or adapt their playbook to fit a different quarterback’s strengths, the Saints have a chance to compete for a Super Bowl even without Brees.

3. How important is home-field advantage for the Saints?

Playing at the New Orleans Superdome has proven to be a significant advantage for the Saints throughout the years. The passionate fan base and the unique atmosphere create a challenging environment for opposing teams. The Saints will look to utilize this advantage to secure crucial victories.

4. What are the Saints’ key matchups this season?

The Saints have several important matchups this season, including games against the Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs, and Minnesota Vikings. These games will test the team’s mettle and provide a gauge for their playoff aspirations.

5. How is the Saints’ future looking beyond Drew Brees?

While Brees’ retirement will undoubtedly leave a void, the Saints have been preparing for the future by grooming players like Taysom Hill and drafting quarterbacks like Tommy Stevens. They aim to build a sustainable and successful team even after Brees hangs up his cleats.

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