AS Roma Secures Historic Triple for Mourinho

AS Roma Makes History by Winning the Conference League

AS Roma achieved a historic victory by winning the newly created Conference League. In a thrilling match against Feyenoord, Roma emerged as the champions with a 1-0 victory in Tirana. This triumph also marked a significant milestone for their manager, Jose Mourinho, who became the first manager in the world to win all three current European club competitions.

Mourinho: A Manager of European Success

Jose Mourinho’s managerial career has been illustrious, filled with numerous achievements. He has previously won the prestigious Champions League with two different teams, FC Porto and Inter Milan. Additionally, he secured victory in the Europa League whilst managing Manchester United. Notably, before the UEFA Cup was rebranded as the Europa League, Mourinho led Porto to triumph in 2003.

In 2010, with Inter Milan, Mourinho guided the team to become the last Italian club to win a European trophy prior to AS Roma’s recent success in the Conference League. After the final whistle blew, Mourinho’s emotions overwhelmed him, and tears of joy streamed down his face. This heartfelt display of elation quickly captivated the internet, capturing the raw intensity of the moment.

Roma’s Historic Achievement

AS Roma’s victory under Mourinho’s guidance also marked a historic moment for the club. It was their first major piece of European silverware in the history of the Giallorossi. The match’s sole goal was scored by Nicolo Zaniolo after 32 minutes, providing Roma with a crucial lead. Despite being largely dominated by their opponents in the second half, Roma maintained their advantage and secured the victory.

The celebrations extended beyond the confines of the stadium in Tirana. Thousands of Roma supporters gathered at the Stadio Olimpico, the club’s iconic home ground, to revel in their team’s triumph. The sheer joy and euphoria displayed by the fans encapsulated the magnitude of the achievement.

Mourinho’s Commitment to Roma’s Future

Following the victory, Mourinho declared his dedication to the Roma cause. He expressed his admiration for the club and a desire to remain as the manager for the upcoming season. Clearing any doubts, Mourinho emphatically stated, “I’m not leaving, there’s no question about that. I want to stay.” He also highlighted the importance of understanding the club’s objectives for the future.

During his 11 months with Roma, Mourinho recognized the team’s potential from the moment he joined. As he reflected on the victory, he emphasized the significance of the Conference League triumph, both for the club’s history and his own footballing journey. Mourinho now joins an elite group of managers, including Sir Alex Ferguson and Giovanni Trapattoni, who have won European trophies over three different decades. While acknowledging the passage of time, Mourinho expressed pride and appreciation for the various chapters in his career.

AS Roma’s Future Endeavors

With the Conference League triumph, AS Roma secures a spot in next season’s Europa League, the second-most important European club competition. Despite finishing sixth in Serie A, the team will have an opportunity to compete at a higher level. As Mourinho prepares for the next season, he will undeniably contemplate the ambitious goals he envisions for Roma’s future.

The AS Roma players interrupted José Mourinho’s interview to celebrate with him 😂
— Champions League final on CBS & Paramount+ (@CBSSportsGolazo) May 25, 2022


AS Roma’s victory in the Conference League marks a significant moment in the club’s history. Not only did they secure their first major European silverware, but they also provided their manager, Jose Mourinho, with a unique distinction. Mourinho’s tears of joy reflected the immense emotional significance of the achievement. As Roma basks in the glory of their success, Mourinho’s commitment to the club’s future endeavors accentuates the promising path that lies ahead.


1. How many European club competitions has Mourinho won?

Jose Mourinho has won all three current European club competitions: the Champions League, Europa League, and Conference League.

2. Which teams did Mourinho win the Champions League with?

Mourinho won the Champions League with FC Porto and Inter Milan, showcasing his managerial excellence.

3. What was Roma’s historic achievement in the Conference League?

Roma’s victory in the Conference League marked their first major European silverware in the club’s history.

4. Will Roma compete in next season’s Europa League?

Yes, despite finishing sixth in Serie A, Roma’s triumph in the Conference League ensures their participation in the Europa League next season.

5. How long has Mourinho been with Roma?

Mourinho joined Roma last summer, making his tenure with the club approximately 11 months.

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