Ashleigh Barty’s Early Departure and the Future of Grand Slam Tournaments

Ashleigh Barty’s Retirement Sends Shockwaves through Women’s Tennis

A Surprising Announcement

World No. 1 Ashleigh Barty, who recently clinched the Australian Open title in January, has astounded the tennis world by announcing her retirement from the sport at the young age of 25. The unexpected news was delivered via an Instagram video interview with her former doubles partner, Casey Dellacqua, leaving fans and fellow players in disbelief. Barty later answered press questions about her retirement, stating that she felt “the time was right” to step away from the sport she dominated. Comparisons have even been drawn to the retirement of tennis legend Björn Borg at the age of 26, adding further intrigue to Barty’s decision.

A History of Taking Breaks

This is not the first time that Ashleigh Barty has taken a break from competitive tennis. After a stellar junior career, which included clinching the Wimbledon junior championship at the age of 15 in 2011, Barty decided to step away from the sport due to burnout. During her hiatus, she explored a professional cricket career before eventually returning to professional tennis in 2016.

Rapid Rise to Success

Within just two years of her comeback, Barty swiftly climbed the rankings and emerged as one of the top female tennis players in the world. Her remarkable achievements include capturing the 2019 French Open, the 2021 Wimbledon title, and the 2022 Australian Open championship. Notably, she held the prestigious world No. 1 ranking for an impressive 121 weeks, ending with a record-breaking streak of 114 consecutive weeks at the top before her retirement. Barty attributes her transformational experience at Wimbledon last year as a pivotal moment that altered her perspective on tennis and life.

The Loss of Drive

In her video interview, Barty candidly admitted that she no longer possesses the motivation and drive necessary to sustain herself at the pinnacle of the sport. She expressed a profound shift in her priorities and acknowledged that the physical and emotional commitment demanded by tennis at the highest level has become overwhelming for her. Barty concluded that she is no longer able to muster the energy, passion, and dedication required to constantly challenge herself and remain at the top. Her decision to retire while holding the world No.1 ranking makes her the first women’s player to do so since Justine Henin in 2008, although Henin would later make a return to competition in 2010.

A New Landscape in Women’s Tennis

A Fresh Start

Ashleigh Barty’s retirement undoubtedly shakes up the landscape of women’s tennis and opens up doors of opportunity for other talented players. With Barty’s prowess on all surfaces, her absence from tournaments allows for a reset, providing a chance for other top women to seize their moments and capture Grand Slam titles. Barty’s retirement creates a power vacuum, and her departure from the draw improves the odds for other contenders to make their mark.

Favorites in Grand Slam Tournaments

The absence of Ashleigh Barty amplifies the prospects for numerous players to shine in upcoming Grand Slam tournaments. DraftKings Sportsbook currently places Iga Swiatek, the 2020 French Open champion, as the favorite with odds of +300 to capture another title at Roland Garros. Simona Halep follows closely behind with +700 odds. With Barty’s exit, the field is wide open, and contenders such as Naomi Osaka (+500), Aryna Sabalenka (+700), Karolina Pliskova (+1000), and even the legendary Serena Williams (+1000) have a real shot at glory without needing to pull off major upsets.

An Unpredictable US Open

The upcoming US Open is shaping up to be an equally unpredictable affair without Ashleigh Barty’s dominance. While Naomi Osaka remains the favorite at +450, players like Iga Swiatek (+800) and Aryna Sabalenka (+900) are not far behind. In fact, a staggering 16 women have odds of +2000 or shorter to secure the final Grand Slam victory of 2022.


Ashleigh Barty’s retirement announcement has sent shockwaves through the world of women’s tennis, leaving fans and competitors astounded. Barty’s decision, driven by a lack of drive and commitment to continue at the highest level, marks a significant shift in the sporting landscape. As Barty bids farewell to tennis, a new chapter opens for other players to claim their rightful place at the pinnacle of the sport. The future of women’s tennis remains uncertain but filled with newfound opportunities.


1. Will Ashleigh Barty ever return to professional tennis?

As of now, Ashleigh Barty has announced her retirement from professional tennis. However, as history has shown with players like Justine Henin, comebacks are not entirely unheard of in the world of tennis. Only time will tell if Barty’s path leads her back to the sport she once dominated.

2. Who are the main contenders for the Wimbledon title now that Barty has retired?

With Ashleigh Barty’s retirement, the field for the Wimbledon title becomes wide open. Top contenders include Naomi Osaka, Iga Swiatek, Simona Halep, Karolina Pliskova, Emma Raducanu, and the legendary Serena Williams. Each of these players possesses the skill and determination to make a deep run at the prestigious Wimbledon tournament.

3. How long did Ashleigh Barty hold the world No. 1 ranking?

Ashleigh Barty held the world No. 1 ranking for an impressive 121 weeks, with her reign culminating in a record-breaking streak of 114 consecutive weeks at the top. This accomplishment showcases her dominance and consistency in women’s tennis.

4. Did Ashleigh Barty compete in any other sports during her tennis hiatus?

During her break from tennis, Ashleigh Barty ventured into professional cricket. Her foray into cricket showcased her versatility as an athlete and allowed her to explore a different sport actively before ultimately returning to her first love of tennis.

5. How will Ashleigh Barty’s retirement impact the overall game of women’s tennis?

Ashleigh Barty’s retirement will create a void at the top of women’s tennis, allowing other players to rise and establish themselves as new forces in the sport. This shift presents an opportunity for emerging talents to claim Grand Slam titles and reshape the dynamic of the game. The absence of Barty will undoubtedly lead to more competitive and unpredictable tournaments, fostering excitement among fans and players alike.

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