Atlanta Hawks Update: Injured Clint Capela Sidelined, John Collins Returns to Boost Team

Atlanta Hawks Dealing with Injuries Ahead of Playoffs

The Atlanta Hawks, having secured the #8 seed in the Eastern Conference after defeating the Cleveland Cavs in the Play-In Tournament finale, are facing some injury concerns as they prepare for the playoffs against the top-seeded Miami Heat. Center Clint Capela suffered a knee injury late in the second quarter of the Play-In Tournament finale and will miss the first week of the playoffs. On the other hand, John Collins is set to return to action for Game 1 against the Heat after recovering from a knuckle injury and plantar fasciitis that kept him out since March.

Capela’s Knee Injury

Clint Capela, a crucial defensive anchor for the Hawks known for his shot-blocking and rebounding abilities, had to exit the Play-In Tournament finale in the second half due to a knee injury. However, the Hawks managed to secure the victory and their spot in the playoffs. An MRI conducted in Miami revealed that Capela’s knee is hyper-extended, luckily without any significant structural damage. He is expected to be out for a week and will be re-evaluated at a later stage.

Capela’s absence in the opening games against the Heat is a blow to the Hawks, as he has averaged impressive numbers this season, contributing 11 points, 11.9 rebounds, and 1.3 blocks per game.

Cautious Optimism for Capela’s Return

While Capela will be unable to participate in Game 1 and Game 2, there is hope that his injury will improve, allowing him to join the Hawks for Game 4 when the series moves to Atlanta. However, even with Capela, the Hawks were considered underdogs against the top-seeded Heat, as evidenced by the initial +300 odds for them to win the series compared to the Heat’s -370 favorites.

Collins’ Comeback

On a brighter note for the Hawks, John Collins is set to make his return to the lineup for Game 1 against the Heat. Collins has been sidelined since March due to a knuckle injury and plantar fasciitis. During his absence, he expressed the difficulty of playing basketball with those ailments. Collins has averaged 16.2 points and 7.8 rebounds per game in the 54 games he played this season. His contributions have been somewhat overshadowed by Trae Young’s dominance within the offense, with the offense heavily relying on Young’s playmaking abilities.

Collins’ return adds depth to the Hawks’ roster and provides them with an additional scoring option. Despite being considered underdogs, the Hawks will look to capitalize on his return and give the Heat a competitive challenge.

Hawks’ Playoff Outlook and Odds

The Atlanta Hawks face an uphill battle as they head into the playoffs against the top-seeded Miami Heat. Despite securing the #8 seed, the Hawks are perceived as long shots in the championship race, with odds of +13000 to win the 2022 NBA title. In contrast, the Heat hold more favorable odds at +1000.


The Atlanta Hawks enter the playoffs with mixed fortunes in terms of injuries. While Clint Capela’s knee injury will force him to miss the early games against the Miami Heat, the return of John Collins provides a glimmer of hope for the team. With Collins back in action, the Hawks aim to overcome the odds and put up a strong fight against the top-seeded Heat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will Clint Capela be available for the entire playoff series?

As of now, Capela is expected to miss the first week of the playoffs due to a knee injury. His availability for future games will depend on the progress of his recovery and further evaluations.

2. How significant is John Collins’ return for the Hawks?

Collins’ return brings valuable scoring and rebounding options to the Hawks’ lineup. With his athleticism and versatility, Collins can make an impact on both ends of the court, providing valuable support to Trae Young and the team.

3. Can the Hawks overcome the odds against the top-seeded Miami Heat?

While the Hawks face a tough challenge against the Heat, anything is possible in the playoffs. With the return of key players like John Collins and the resilience of the team, they have the potential to surprise and put up a strong fight.

4. What are the odds of the Hawks winning the NBA championship?

The Hawks are considered long shots in the championship race, with odds of +13000. These odds reflect the challenges they face as they go up against strong opponents in the playoffs, including the Miami Heat.

5. How will the absence of Clint Capela affect the Hawks’ defense?

Capela’s absence poses a challenge for the Hawks’ defense, as he is a crucial rim protector and rebounder. However, the team will need to adjust their defensive strategies and rely on other players to step up in his absence.

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