Aug. 6 Fight Update: Jake Paul’s New Opponent Revealed – Hasim Rahman Jr. Steps in for Tommy Fury

Jake Paul’s New Opponent: Hasim Rahman Jr.

Jake Paul, the prominent YouTuber turned professional boxer, has faced a major twist in his upcoming fight at Madison Square Garden on August 6th. After Tommy Fury withdrew from the highly anticipated bout, Paul swiftly found a replacement in heavyweight contender Hasim Rahman Jr. This unforeseen turn of events sets the stage for an even more challenging matchup.

Fury’s Withdrawal and Paul’s Accusations

Tommy Fury, the half-brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, cited entry issues to the United States as the reason for his withdrawal from the fight. Expressing his disappointment, Fury indicated his intention to compete in a neutral country. However, Jake Paul dismisses Fury’s explanation as an excuse to avoid the match. Paul asserts that Fury merely went to London Heathrow Airport, got denied entry into the United States, and then remained silent without making any effort to resolve the issue. The YouTuber-turned-boxer criticizes Fury’s lack of commitment and labels it as typical behavior.

The Search for a Replacement

With Tommy Fury out of the picture, Jake Paul faced the challenge of finding a new opponent on short notice. Despite the circumstances, Paul swiftly announced a replacement: Hasim Rahman Jr., son of a former heavyweight champion. Rahman may not rank among boxing’s elite, but his track record of winning heavyweight bouts makes him a formidable competitor. The fight will take place at a 200-pound catchweight over eight rounds.

The Odds and Rahman’s Advantage

Prior to Tommy Fury’s withdrawal, he held a slight favorite status over Jake Paul according to various sportsbooks. FanDuel Sportsbook, for example, offered odds of -182 for Fury and +140 for Paul. However, with the arrival of Hasim Rahman Jr., the odds for the new matchup have yet to be determined. Nevertheless, Rahman’s physical advantages, including his size and experience in the heavyweight division, suggest that he may be considered a substantial favorite over Paul. While Paul typically weighs around 195 pounds, Rahman has fought at a staggering 269 pounds during his career.

An Unconvinced Business Partner

Nakisa Bidarian, one of Jake Paul’s business partners and co-founder of Most Valuable Promotions, expressed his reservations about the matchup with Rahman. Bidarian believes that at this stage of Paul’s career, he should prioritize facing opponents with unbeaten records. By doing so, Paul could prove himself against rising contenders rather than individuals who are simply padding their win-loss ratio. Bidarian’s perspective received support from Paul’s brother, Logan Paul, as well as women’s boxing champion Amanda Serrano, who is also on the August 6th card.

Jake Paul’s Quest for Legitimate Opponents

Throughout his professional boxing career, Jake Paul has made it clear that he aims to face legitimate and experienced opponents. After scoring knockout victories over fellow YouTuber Ali Eson Gib and former basketball player Nate Robinson, Paul continued to make waves in the combat sports world. His next wins came against MMA fighter Ben Askren and former UFC star Tyron Woodley. Eager to challenge himself further, Paul remains determined to prove his skills against credible boxers, rather than settling for gimmicky matchups.


The unexpected withdrawal of Tommy Fury from Jake Paul’s upcoming fight has led to a captivating twist in the narrative. Paul swiftly recruited Hasim Rahman Jr. as his new opponent for the highly anticipated showdown at Madison Square Garden. With Rahman’s proven track record in the heavyweight division, the new matchup promises to provide an even stiffer challenge for Paul. As the date approaches, fans eagerly await the clash between these two contenders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why did Tommy Fury withdraw from the fight?

Tommy Fury cited entry issues into the United States as the main reason for his withdrawal from the fight against Jake Paul. He expressed his disappointment and mentioned his intention to compete in a neutral country instead.

2. Who is Hasim Rahman Jr.?

Hasim Rahman Jr. is the son of former heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman. He has a track record of winning heavyweight bouts, although he may not be considered among the sport’s elite.

3. What were the odds for the original fight between Fury and Paul?

Prior to Tommy Fury’s withdrawal, odds favored Fury as a slight favorite. For example, FanDuel Sportsbook offered odds of -182 for Fury and +140 for Paul at the time.

4. Why does Jake Paul prioritize facing legitimate opponents?

Jake Paul aims to challenge himself and validate his skills by facing experienced and credible opponents in the boxing world. He wants to move beyond gimmicky matchups and prove himself as a legitimate boxer.

5. What is Jake Paul’s professional boxing record?

Jake Paul currently holds a professional boxing record of 5 wins, with 4 of those victories coming by knockout.

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