Ball Brothers’ Lithuanian Basketball Experiment: Rise and Fall

The Ball Brothers’ Departure from BC Vytautas

In a surprising turn of events, the Ball brothers – LiAngelo and LaMelo – have been withdrawn from the BC Vytautas professional team in Lithuania. Their father, the controversial LaVar Ball, made the decision to pull his sons out of the team, even with two games remaining in the season. Initially, team officials cited injuries as the reason for their absence from the April 25th game. However, it was soon revealed that LaVar had chosen to take his sons back to Los Angeles, stating, “We’re not going to waste our time no more.”

The Brothers’ Performance and Future Outlook

During their time with BC Vytautas, LaMelo showed an average of 6.5 points and 2.4 assists in eight league games, while LiAngelo averaged 12.6 points and 2.9 rebounds in 14 appearances. Despite their experience abroad, the timing of their departure raises concerns as they currently have no immediate place to continue playing. LiAngelo, at 19 years old, is preparing for the upcoming NBA Draft in June. However, his chances of being selected by a team appear slim. The odds of him being drafted were initially unfavorable, with Bovada setting the line at -1000 for no and +2500 for yes back in March. These odds have since shifted to +750 for yes and -2000 for no.

Before their overseas venture, LiAngelo was enrolled at UCLA, following in the footsteps of his older brother Lonzo, who was a Bruin and later drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers. Unfortunately, LiAngelo never had the opportunity to play for the university as he, alongside two teammates, was involved in a shoplifting incident during a trip to China. This resulted in his suspension from the team, and subsequently, his father’s decision to remove him from UCLA.

As for LaMelo, his next steps remain uncertain. He left high school during his junior year to be home-schooled by his father and turned professional along with LiAngelo, hiring an agent. This move rendered the 18-year-old ineligible for college basketball, limiting his options.

The Controversial Figure: LaVar Ball

LaVar Ball has built a reputation for attracting controversy and confrontation wherever he goes, particularly in relation to his three sons’ basketball careers. From Chino Hills High School to UCLA, he has clashed with numerous coaches along the way.

At Chino Hills High School, LaVar’s interference caused Coach Steve Balk to resign, despite the team winning a title and his son, Lonzo, being named All-USA Player of the Year. Balk moved on to another high school coaching job, seeking relief from the constant meddling.

LaVar’s behavior continued to impact Chino Hills when Stephan Galling, Balk’s successor, departed after LaMelo’s sophomore season in 2017. Galling cited the father’s involvement as a contributing factor to his decision. He also criticized the subsequent Chino Hills coach, leading LaVar to remove his son from the school.

Even during his time at UCLA, LaVar directed his frustrations towards Bruins Coach Steve Alford. His first incident occurred while Lonzo was still playing at the university, and he later caused a stir after LiAngelo’s shoplifting arrest.

The controversy did not stop there. LaVar also extended his criticisms to Los Angeles Lakers Coach Luke Walton, accusing him of insufficiently coaching Lonzo. In January, he went as far as to claim that Walton lacked the ability to properly coach any player on the team. These statements further fueled speculation about the lack of control Walton had over the Lakers’ roster.


The Ball brothers’ abrupt departure from the BC Vytautas team in Lithuania has raised eyebrows and left them without a current playing opportunity. While LiAngelo prepares for the NBA Draft amidst slim odds of being selected, LaMelo’s future remains uncertain after forgoing his high school eligibility. LaVar Ball’s involvement in his sons’ careers has consistently generated controversy and conflicts with coaches. This latest decision to withdraw his sons from a professional team only adds to his controversial reputation within the basketball world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What were the statistics of the Ball brothers during their time with BC Vytautas?

LaMelo averaged 6.5 points and 2.4 assists in eight league games, while LiAngelo averaged 12.6 points and 2.9 rebounds in 14 appearances.

2. What are LiAngelo’s chances of getting selected in the upcoming NBA Draft?

Initially deemed unlikely, Bovada has adjusted the odds to +750 for him to be selected and -2000 for him to go undrafted.

3. Why did LiAngelo leave UCLA?

LiAngelo’s departure from UCLA stemmed from his involvement in a shoplifting incident during a trip to China. He was subsequently suspended from the team.

4. Can LaMelo still play college basketball?

No, LaMelo’s decision to turn professional and hire an agent rendered him ineligible for college basketball.

5. How has LaVar Ball’s behavior impacted his sons’ basketball careers?

LaVar’s confrontations and controversies with coaches at various levels have undoubtedly affected his sons’ basketball journeys. Coaches have resigned and criticized his interference, creating a turbulent environment for his talented sons.

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