Bargain Prices for 2021 Football Cards in 2022

The Hottest Football Card Products of 2022: A Closer Look

As we find ourselves in the scorching summer of 2022, football enthusiasts and collectors are eagerly anticipating the release of the hottest football card products featuring the 2021 rookie class. Simultaneously, the highly anticipated 2022 football cards are hitting the market, accompanied by box prices that are catching the attention of many due to their lower cost compared to previous years.

Delays and Excitement Surrounding Panini’s Football Products

Production delays have resulted in months-long waiting periods for some of Panini’s most sought-after football products. Prizm, often considered the crown jewel of the company’s collection, was finally released in June, causing a wave of excitement among collectors. Additionally, two other well-liked brands, Donruss Optic and Select, are scheduled for release later this month, further igniting the anticipation.

2022 Rookie Class: A Potential Game-Changer?

While rookie quarterbacks from the 2020 and 2021 classes continue to drive the sales of football cards, the same cannot be said for the 2022 rookie class. Collectors and investors are not expecting players like Kenny Pickett and Matt Corral to make the same impact as their predecessors such as Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Mac Jones, and Trevor Lawrence.

As a result, dealers have already started to offload boxes of one of the newest products from the 2022 class, Chronicles Draft, for less than $100 each, almost at factory costs. In comparison, 2020 boxes are selling for around $400, while 2021 boxes are going for approximately $175 on DealerNet, a popular business-to-business website for dealers.

However, this seemingly underwhelming outlook for the 2022 rookie class presents an opportunity for collectors and investors. If one of the rookie quarterbacks gets a chance to start and performs well during the season, the value of the 2022 sealed boxes could skyrocket. Recognizing this potential, I’ve secured about half a case of Chronicles Draft at a bargain price of $95 per box for my card store. With four autos or memorabilia cards per box, a favorite among collectors, it appears to be a no-lose situation. If the boxes continue to sell at these discounted prices, I intend to purchase more 2022 football cards for potential future gains.

Continued Demand for Rookies from Previous Years

Amidst the hype surrounding the 2022 rookie class, 2020 and 2021 football products are still flying off the shelves this summer and fall. Enthusiasts are eagerly pursuing rookie cards of hot quarterbacks from those years, driving up the sales. Additionally, players like running back Jonathan Taylor from the 2020 class and wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase from the 2021 class have shown exceptional performance, leading to an increase in the value of their rookie cards, even among non-quarterbacks.

Sealed Wax Investment: A Pre-Season Strategy

As an investor, it’s essential to seize the opportunity to invest in sealed wax products from previous years before the season begins. For instance, the scorching start of quarterback Kyler Murray during the 2021 season resulted in increased prices of sealed 2019 football products containing his rookie cards. This year, I am taking a gamble by acquiring 2015 football products at the most economical prices I can find. These products not only include rookie cards of quarterback Marcus Mariotta, the likely starter for the Atlanta Falcons, but also feature premier cards of wide receiver Stefon Diggs, regarded as a favorite target of Josh Allen in Buffalo.

Undoubtedly, investing in sealed wax products involves some risk. Nevertheless, just like the 2022 football cards, the low cost of these older products makes it a tempting risk worth taking for potential long-term gains.


The football card market is buzzing with excitement as collectors eagerly await the release of the 2022 football card products. While the 2022 rookie class may not generate the same level of enthusiasm as its predecessors, opportunities abound for those with a discerning eye. Investing in sealed boxes at discounted prices, focusing on hot rookies from previous years, and capitalizing on the potential of players performing well during the season can yield fruitful outcomes for collectors and investors alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most anticipated football card products of 2022?

Some of the most anticipated football card products of 2022 include Prizm, Donruss Optic, and Select.

2. Are the prices of 2022 football card boxes lower compared to previous years?

Yes, the prices of 2022 football card boxes are generally lower compared to previous years, presenting an opportunity for collectors and investors.

3. Why are rookie quarterbacks from previous years driving football card sales?

The performance and potential of rookie quarterbacks garner significant attention and drive the sales of football card products.

4. Can non-quarterbacks’ rookie card values also increase?

Absolutely! Exceptional performances by players in positions other than quarterbacks, such as running backs and wide receivers, can lead to a spike in their rookie card values.

5. Is it advisable to invest in sealed wax products from previous years?

Investing in sealed wax products from previous years can be a strategic move before the season begins, as it allows collectors and investors to capitalize on players’ performances and potential price increases.

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