Battle of the Minds: USA Favored at Chess Olympiad; India Dominates Women’s Division

The United States Favored to Win Gold at 2022 Chess Olympiad in Chennai

The much-anticipated 44th Chess Olympiad is set to kick off on Friday, July 29, in Chennai. This year, the United States brings forth a stacked lineup, positioning them as the frontrunners for the coveted gold medals in the Open section of the tournament. With a strong team led by the prominent Fabiano Caruana, the US is widely regarded as the favorite to clinch the top spot.

US Team Strength and Depth

Team USA is brimming with talent, boasting a star-studded roster that exudes confidence. Fabiano Caruana will spearhead the American team, assuming the role of the first-board player. Accompanying Caruana are esteemed chess players Levon Aronian, Wesley So, and Leinier Dominguez Perez. Additionally, Sam Shankland will contribute as an alternate member. This formidable lineup showcases the exceptional skills of five players, each with a rating of 2720 or higher.

The collective strength of Caruana, Aronian, So, Dominguez Perez, and Shankland is unrivaled, with each of them prominently featured among the world’s top-ranked chess players. At, Caruana, Aronian, and So impressively secure spots within the top seven in live classical ratings. Dominguez Perez claims the 14th position, further solidifying the team’s dominance. Even Shankland, ranked 26th globally, adds to the extraordinary depth that separates the American team from its competitors. With an average rating of 2771, Team USA confidently emerges as a force to be reckoned with, far surpassing the average rating of any other participating team, none of which even reaches the 2700 mark.

India: A Worthy Challenger to the United States

If there is a team capable of unsettling the American dominance, it might well be the hosts themselves. India, seeded second, is primed to deliver an impressive performance. Led by grandmasters Pentala Harikrishna and Gujrathi Vidit Santosh, both rated at 2700+, the Indian team is considered a genuine threat to the Americans’ quest for gold. Stoiximan, the Greek betting site, places India as a +500 second choice for Open gold, undoubtedly recognizing their potential.

As hosts, India has the unique advantage of fielding three teams in the Chess Olympiad. Even their B-Team, considered a long shot (+3500), has the potential to challenge for a spot on the prestigious medal podium. The second Indian team boasts a lineup of top young talents, including 16-year-old Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa, who has proven his mettle by defeating the reigning World Champion Magnus Carlsen multiple times in rapid play. With these remarkable prospects, India’s chances of medaling in the tournament are regarded highly by chess enthusiasts and experts alike.

Carlsen’s Norwegian team is also a strong contender for a medal. Despite not being part of the top-tier teams, Norway (+2400) has the advantage of having Magnus Carlsen, the reigning World Champion, on their side. Carlsen’s presence significantly bolsters the team, making them formidable opponents in every match they encounter.

Absence of Russia and China

The Chess Olympiad will witness the absence of two perennial contenders: Russia and China. FIDE, the international chess federation, barred Russia from participating due to the country’s invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, China opted not to attend the event due to COVID-19 protocols prevailing in the country. With the notable absence of these strong competitors, the top teams in the tournament are positioned to benefit greatly.

Battle for Gold in the Women’s Competition

Turning to the women’s side of the competition, the host country India is forecasted as the slight favorites (-111) over Ukraine (+100) in what is expected to be a closely contested two-horse race for gold. The Indian team, led by Humpy Koneru, embodies exceptional talent and is poised to make a decisive impact. On the other side, the Ukrainian squad, spearheaded by Mariya and Anna Muzychuk, features a formidable lineup boasting three grandmasters. The United States enters the women’s competition as the seventh seed at the Chess Olympiad.

A Noteworthy Event Despite Unusual Circumstances

Although the tournament will be distinctive due to the absence of major contenders in both the open and women’s categories, chess enthusiasts, including Magnus Carlsen himself, eagerly anticipate the event’s commencement. Carlsen, reminiscing about his victorious 2013 World Chess Championship against Viswanathan Anand in Chennai, expresses his excitement to return to the bustling chess hub.

As Carlsen acknowledges, Chennai, particularly Tamil Nadu, has emerged as a vibrant center for chess. The sheer joy of being part of this grand chess celebration serves as motivation for all participants, making the Chess Olympiad a truly spectacular event.


With the United States emerging as the favorites to secure gold at the 2022 Chess Olympiad in Chennai, the anticipation and excitement among chess enthusiasts are palpable. Team USA’s exceptional lineup, complemented by the depth of talent possessed by India and the presence of reigning World Champion Magnus Carlsen, promises a thrilling battle for supremacy. As the tournament unravels over 11 rounds, the chess world eagerly awaits the crowning of champions in this prestigious event.


Q1: Which country is favored to win the Open section of the Chess Olympiad?

A1: The United States enters the Chess Olympiad as the favored country to claim gold in the Open section.

Q2: Who are the key players in the American team?

A2: The American team is led by Fabiano Caruana, with Levon Aronian, Wesley So, Leinier Dominguez Perez, and Sam Shankland providing additional strength.

Q3: Can India pose a challenge to the United States?

A3: As the host country, India possesses a formidable team and is regarded as a strong contender to upset the United States’ bid for gold at the Chess Olympiad.

Q4: Why are Russia and China absent from the tournament?

A4: Russia was barred from participating due to its invasion of Ukraine, while China opted not to attend due to COVID-19 protocols.

Q5: Who are the favorites in the women’s competition?

A5: The host country India and Ukraine are expected to engage in a highly competitive race for gold in the women’s competition at the Chess Olympiad.

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