Breaking Records: Kyler Murray Secures Historic $230 Million Deal to Stay with Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray Signs Lucrative Contract Extension with Arizona Cardinals


In a significant development for both Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals, the talented quarterback has signed a massive five-year contract extension worth a staggering $230.5 million. This move solidifies Murray’s position as the face of the franchise and showcases the Cardinals’ commitment to building a successful team around their young star. Let’s explore the details of Murray’s remarkable journey and the implications of this groundbreaking contract extension.

A Multisport Superstar’s Bold Decision

Kyler Murray, a rising star in the world of professional sports, faced a momentous decision early in his career. As the winner of the prestigious Heisman Trophy in 2018 and a standout player in both football and baseball, Murray had the opportunity to pursue a career in either sport. Despite receiving a lucrative contract offer from the Oakland A’s of Major League Baseball (MLB), Murray decided to follow his passion for football and entered the 2019 NFL Draft.

The Arizona Cardinals’ First Overall Pick

In a move that reverberated throughout the league, the Arizona Cardinals selected Kyler Murray as the first overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, recognizing his exceptional talent and potential. This decision set the stage for Murray’s rapid rise to prominence and established him as the franchise quarterback for the Cardinals.

A Game-Changing Contract Extension

Making Kyler Murray One of the Highest-Paid Quarterbacks

By offering Kyler Murray a lucrative five-year contract extension, the Arizona Cardinals have signaled their unwavering belief in his abilities and commitment to his long-term success. With this extension, Murray becomes one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL, trailing only Aaron Rodgers in terms of average annual salary. Once the new contract takes effect, Murray will earn an impressive average of $46.1 million per season.

The NFL’s Top-Paid Quarterbacks

The NFL is known for its high salaries, and the realm of quarterbacks is no exception. As a result of the recent contract extension, here are the top five highest-paid quarterbacks in the league:

1. Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers) – $50.3 million
2. Kyler Murray (Arizona Cardinals) – $46.1 million
3. Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs) – $46 million
4. Deshaun Watson (Cleveland Browns) – $45 million
5. Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills) – $43 million

The Cardinals’ Prospects and Super Bowl Aspirations

Season Performance and Playoff Exit

During the previous season, the Arizona Cardinals achieved commendable success, finishing with an 11-6 win-loss record and securing a spot in the NFC wild-card playoffs. However, their postseason run was cut short as they suffered a disappointing 34-11 defeat against the LA Rams, resulting in their premature exit from the playoffs.

Super Bowl 57 and NFC Championship Futures

Looking ahead, there are growing expectations for the Cardinals to make a deep playoff run and contend for the championship. According to DraftKings, the Cardinals currently have +3500 odds to win Super Bowl 57, reflecting the belief that they have the potential to compete at the highest level. In terms of the NFC championship futures, the Cardinals possess +2000 odds, ranking them as the eighth-favorite team in the conference. Furthermore, the Cardinals have +400 odds to win the NFC West, placing them as the third-favorite divisional team behind the LA Rams and the San Francisco 49ers.

Murray’s Financial Security: $160 Million Guaranteed

Securing a Guaranteed Paycheck

While Kyler Murray’s original rookie contract with the Cardinals still had a few seasons remaining, the quarterback expressed his desire to negotiate a new deal before the start of the upcoming season. Murray’s intention was to ensure a guaranteed paycheck while focusing on leading the Cardinals to victory on the field. Understanding the importance of financial security in a physically demanding sport like football, Murray sought to finalize his new contract agreement as early as possible.

Significant Guarantees and Deshaun Watson Comparison

Upon officially signing his new contract, Kyler Murray will receive an incredible $105 million in guarantees. In total, Murray’s extension includes a staggering $160 million in guarantees. It is worth noting that this guarantee surpasses the massive contract signed by Deshaun Watson with the Cleveland Browns, which guarantees the talented quarterback at least $230 million. The significance of guaranteeing a substantial portion of a player’s contract underscores the understanding that one injury can prematurely end an NFL career.

A Record-Breaking Performer

Kyler Murray’s tenure in the NFL has been nothing short of exceptional. He has already achieved remarkable milestones that showcase his incredible talent and potential for growth. According to ESPN, Murray made history by becoming the first player in his first three NFL seasons to achieve the following remarkable feats:

  • Throwing 70 touchdowns
  • Rushing for 20 touchdowns
  • Passing for 3,500 yards
  • Rushing for 400 yards

Additionally, Murray boasts an incredible 17 games with a completion rate exceeding 70%, highlighting his accuracy and ability to consistently deliver quality passes. Notably, his completion rate of 66.86% in the first three seasons stands as a record for any quarterback in their initial three years in the league.


The contract extension signed by Kyler Murray with the Arizona Cardinals represents a pivotal moment for the franchise and highlights the mutual belief between player and team. The Cardinals have committed to building a competitive team around Murray, recognizing his exceptional skills and potential. As Murray continues to evolve as a quarterback and leader, the future looks promising for the Cardinals, who aim to make a deep playoff run and compete for a Super Bowl title.

Unique FAQs

1. Will Kyler Murray’s contract extension impact the team’s salary cap?

While Kyler Murray’s contract extension involves a substantial financial commitment, the team has likely structured it in a way that allows for flexibility within the salary cap. By working with the league’s rules and regulations, the Cardinals can continue to build a balanced roster around their star quarterback without compromising long-term financial stability.

2. How does Kyler Murray’s contract compare to other elite quarterbacks in the NFL?

Kyler Murray’s contract extension places him among the top-paid quarterbacks in the league. Although he currently ranks second behind Aaron Rodgers in terms of average annual salary, it is important to note that NFL contracts often undergo revisions and extensions, meaning that future signings could shuffle the rankings.

3. What factors contributed to Kyler Murray’s decision to prioritize football over baseball?

While Kyler Murray received a tempting offer from the Oakland A’s in MLB, his decision to pursue a career in football stemmed from his deep passion and love for the game. Murray’s exceptional skills, combined with his desire to compete at the highest level in a sport he holds dear, ultimately influenced his choice.

4. How will Kyler Murray’s contract extension impact his performance on the field?

With the security of a long-term contract extension, Kyler Murray can now focus solely on the game without concerns about his financial future. This newfound stability and peace of mind will likely allow Murray to perform at his best, unburdened by contract negotiations and distractions.

5. What are the expectations for the Arizona Cardinals in the upcoming season?

Following a successful season and a contract extension for their star quarterback, expectations are high for the Arizona Cardinals. Fans and analysts alike anticipate that the team will build upon their past achievements, strive for greatness, and make a deep playoff run. The Cardinals possess the talent and potential necessary to compete with the league’s elite and contend for a Super Bowl title.

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