Breaking Records: Nikola Jokic’s Historic Journey as the Joker of the NBA

Nikola Jokic: A Historic Season of Achievements

In a remarkable feat, Nikola Jokic, a key player for the Denver Nuggets, has etched his name in the annals of NBA history. He has become the first player ever to achieve the milestone of scoring 2,000 points, collecting 1,000 rebounds, and dishing out 500 assists in a single season. This extraordinary accomplishment has catapulted Jokic into a league of his own, as the sole member of the newly-minted 2K/1K/500 club.

A Night of Brilliance for Jokic

Jokic’s journey towards this historic achievement reached a pinnacle as he recorded an impressive 16 rebounds in a recent victory over the Memphis Grizzlies. The game itself showcased Jokic’s mastery, as he not only dominated the boards, but also secured a game-high 35 points and contributed six assists, four steals, and one block. The Denver Nuggets big man left no doubt about his skills and received accolades from his teammates. “Joker? Dude is really great at basketball,” enthusiastically remarked Denver teammate Bones Hyland.

Back-to-Back MVP Contender

As the current season unfolds, Jokic finds himself in a prime position to clinch back-to-back MVP awards, making this one of the closest races witnessed in the last two decades. His primary competitor for the prestigious title is Joel Embiid from the Philadelphia 76ers, who narrowly finished as the runner-up to Jokic in an ESPN straw poll of MVP voters. However, Jokic’s scintillating form in the final week of the season has significantly bolstered his chances, with odds of -320 favoring him to win the MVP compared to +220 odds for Embiid.

Denver Nuggets coach Michael Malone resoundingly supports Jokic’s MVP case, stating, “The MVP isn’t even a competition. He was good last year, and he’s even better this year.” Malone’s assertion is backed by Jokic’s April performance, where he has been an unstoppable force, averaging an astonishing 38 points, 17.5 rebounds, 6.0 assists, and 2.3 steals per game. Overall in the season, Jokic maintains averages of 27.1 points, 13.8 rebounds, and 7.9 assists per game, along with an impressive PER rating of 33.02, which reigns supreme in the NBA.

The Nuggets’ Playoff Aspirations

Positioned with a season record of 48-33, the Denver Nuggets currently hold the sixth spot in the highly competitive Western Conference standings. They trail just half a game behind the struggling Utah Jazz, who occupy the fifth seed. Securing a higher position is crucial for the Nuggets to avoid a challenging first-round matchup against the formidable third-seeded Golden State Warriors. Instead, they aim to face the fourth-seeded Dallas Mavericks, a potentially more favorable opponent in their playoff journey.

The Unparalleled Impact of Nikola Jokic

Jokic’s achievements extend far beyond the historic 2K/1K/500 club milestone. He has carved out a unique place for himself in the NBA due to his exceptional versatility and skills as a center. Unlike legendary players such as Oscar Robertson, even the great “Big O” himself could not attain such an awe-inspiring feat in his illustrious career. The rarity of this accomplishment lies in the difficulty faced by big men in accumulating 500 assists, and guards in reaching the 1,000-rebound mark. Jokic, widely regarded as the best passing center in the league and one of the most remarkable passing big men of all time, defies convention.

Throughout the season, Jokic has showcased his dominance by consistently ranking among the top performers in three major statistical categories: points (8th), assists (8th), and rebounding (2nd). This multifaceted contribution underlines his impact as a true all-around player.

Jokic’s Statistical Prowess

Season Points Rebounds Assists Steals Blocks FG%
2020-21 26.4 10.8 8.3 1.3 0.7 56.6%
2021-22 27.1 13.8 7.9 1.5 0.9 58.3%

Jokic’s remarkable season this year highlights his ongoing evolution as a player. Despite a slight dip in his 3-point shooting, he has maintained an impressive 58.3% shooting accuracy from the field. Moreover, he has elevated his rebounding prowess, securing an additional three rebounds per game, thus surpassing the 1,000-rebound milestone for the first time in his career. While his assist numbers have decreased slightly, it is important to note that Jokic has shouldered a greater offensive burden, with two key starters, Jamal Murray and Michael Porter, sidelined due to long-term injuries. Jokic’s ability to excel even under challenging circumstances further solidifies his MVP case.

The Indomitable Force of Nikola Jokic

Opponents have been left in awe of Jokic’s transcendent abilities. Memphis Grizzlies head coach Taylor Jenkins admiringly acknowledged the difficulty in guarding Jokic, describing him as nearly impossible to defend against. Jokic’s multifaceted skill set leaves defenders helpless, as he dominates both inside and outside the paint while displaying exceptional playmaking abilities.


Nikola Jokic’s groundbreaking achievements this season have firmly established him as an NBA superstar. His entry into the 2K/1K/500 club stands as a testament to his exceptional skills as a versatile center. With his MVP prospects soaring, Jokic’s impact on the Denver Nuggets cannot be overstated. As the playoffs approach, all eyes will be on Jokic as he spearheads the Nuggets’ bid for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Has any other player come close to achieving the 2K/1K/500 club milestone?

No player in NBA history has come close to reaching the 2K/1K/500 club before Nikola Jokic. Even legendary players like Oscar Robertson and other accomplished centers have not accomplished this extraordinary feat. Jokic’s ability to contribute across multiple statistical categories sets him apart as one of the all-time greats.

2. Is Nikola Jokic the front-runner for the MVP award?

Based on his exceptional performances and statistical dominance this season, Nikola Jokic is widely considered the front-runner for the MVP award. His outstanding scoring, rebounding, and playmaking abilities, coupled with the Denver Nuggets’ success, make a strong case for his recognition as the league’s most valuable player.

3. How has Nikola Jokic’s performance improved compared to last season?

Nikola Jokic has shown remarkable improvement compared to his MVP-winning season the previous year. Notably, he has elevated his rebounding, averaging three more rebounds per game this season. Additionally, he has maintained remarkable shooting accuracy, recording a 58.3% field goal percentage. Despite shouldering a greater offensive burden due to injuries to key teammates, Jokic has continued to shine and solidify his status as one of the league’s premier players.

4. How do Nikola Jokic’s passing skills compare to other centers in NBA history?

Nikola Jokic is widely regarded as one of the greatest passing centers in NBA history. His ability to read the game, make precise passes, and create scoring opportunities for his teammates is truly exceptional. Jokic’s passing skills have elevated him to an elite level, and he is often compared to legendary centers who possessed exceptional court vision and passing abilities, such as Bill Walton and Arvydas Sabonis.

5. How has Nikola Jokic’s leadership impacted the Denver Nuggets?

Nikola Jokic’s leadership qualities have been instrumental in guiding the Denver Nuggets through a challenging season marked by injuries to key players. With his extraordinary performances and ability to carry the team on his shoulders, Jokic has galvanized his teammates and propelled the Nuggets to a commendable position in the highly competitive Western Conference. His leadership both on and off the court has set a remarkable example for his fellow players, making him an invaluable asset for the Nuggets.

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