Brooklyn Nets Hit by Devastating Blow as Joe Harris Faces Season-Ending Surgery

Brooklyn Nets’ Joe Harris to Undergo Season-Ending Surgery

In a significant blow to the Brooklyn Nets, their star 3-point shooter Joe Harris will miss the remainder of the season and postseason due to a lingering ankle injury that has not properly healed. Prior to this setback, the Nets had hopes of Harris returning in a couple of months, but it was ultimately decided that he required arthroscopic surgery to address the issue fully.

Joe Harris has been an essential player for the Brooklyn Nets, known for his impressive 3-point shooting abilities. In the previous season, he averaged 14.1 points per game (ppg) and had a phenomenal 47.5% shooting accuracy from beyond the arc. Before his ankle injury this season, Harris was averaging 11.3 ppg and shooting 46.6% from 3-point range.

Nets general manager Sean Marks expressed his disappointment at Harris’ injury, stating, “Joe is just the quintessential teammate… We feel terrible for Joe and we all know just how much he means to this group.” The Nets now find themselves in a challenging position, as they are currently holding the #8 seed in the Eastern Conference, just three games behind the #7 seed Toronto Raptors. However, they are also dangerously close to missing the play-in tournament, with only a 2.5-game cushion.

Tight Race in the Eastern Conference

Besides the Nets, several other teams are vying for playoff contention in the Eastern Conference. The #9 seed belongs to the Charlotte Hornets, currently with a 31-33 record. Close behind them are the #10 seed Atlanta Hawks, with a 30-32 record. The Washington Wizards hold the #11 seed, but with a record of 28-33 and having recently lost Bradley Beal to wrist surgery, their chances are significantly diminished.

FiveThirtyEight gives the Nets a 53% chance of qualifying for the playoffs, highlighting the precariousness of their position. On the NBA futures board at DraftKings, the Nets have +475 odds of winning the 2022 NBA championship, making them the third-highest-ranked team.

Harris Out, Curry Steps Up

The absence of Joe Harris for the remainder of the season is undoubtedly a major setback for the Nets, particularly in their hopes of a successful playoff run. However, the team does have another option in Seth Curry, who was acquired in the James Harden/Ben Simmons trade.

Seth Curry has proven to be a valuable addition to the Nets’ roster. In his eight games with the team, he has been averaging an impressive 16.6 ppg and shooting 44.4% from beyond the arc. While Curry may not fully replace Harris’ contribution, his perimeter shooting skills will undoubtedly be crucial for the Nets moving forward.

Although Joe Harris won’t be able to contribute on the court, his presence and positivity around the team will continue to be felt by all. Despite this setback, the Brooklyn Nets remain resilient and determined to navigate through the challenges ahead as they strive for a successful playoff campaign.


The Brooklyn Nets’ Joe Harris will undergo season-ending arthroscopic surgery due to a lingering ankle injury. This unfortunate news leaves a significant void in the team’s lineup, as Harris is known for his exceptional 3-point shooting abilities. However, the Nets are not without options, as they have Seth Curry stepping up to provide perimeter shooting support. As the Nets continue their playoff push, they face tough competition from other teams fighting for a spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

FAQs After the Conclusion

1. How long will Joe Harris be out due to the surgery?

Joe Harris is expected to miss the remainder of the regular season and the postseason as he recovers from arthroscopic surgery.

2. Who will replace Joe Harris in the starting lineup?

While no official announcement has been made, Seth Curry is a strong candidate to fill in for Harris in the Nets’ starting lineup.

3. How will Joe Harris’ absence impact the Nets’ playoff chances?

Joe Harris’ absence will undoubtedly have an impact on the Nets’ playoff chances. His 3-point shooting and offensive contributions will be sorely missed. However, the team will need to rely on the skills of other players, such as Seth Curry, to fill the void and maintain their competitiveness.

4. How have the Nets performed without Joe Harris this season?

Although Joe Harris’ injury is significant, the Nets have managed to hold onto the #8 seed in the Eastern Conference. However, they will face a tough battle to secure their playoff spot, especially with other teams in close pursuit.

5. Can the Nets still be contenders for the NBA championship without Joe Harris?

While Joe Harris’ absence is a blow to the Nets’ aspirations, they still have a talented roster led by stars like Kevin Durant and James Harden. With the addition of Seth Curry’s shooting prowess, the Nets have the potential to remain competitive and contend for the NBA championship.

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