Brooklyn Nets Star Ben Simmons Undergoes Back Surgery

Ben Simmons Undergoes Back Surgery: Delayed Debut with the Brooklyn Nets

Ben Simmons, the talented basketball player from the Brooklyn Nets, recently underwent back surgery in Los Angeles to address the pain caused by a herniated disc. This unfortunate back injury has kept Simmons out of the lineup and has further delayed his highly anticipated debut with the Brooklyn Nets, following his trade from the Philadelphia 76ers in exchange for James Harden.

Hopeful Anticipation for Simmons in the Next Season

For disappointed fans, the wait to see Simmons in a Nets uniform will continue until next season. Kyrie Irving, one of Simmons’ new teammates, hinted that the Nets expect him to join the team in the following season, hoping for a better outcome after a disappointing 2021-22 season. Despite entering the Play-In Tournament as the #7 seed, the Nets faced a sweep in the first round against the Boston Celtics, failing to win a single postseason game.

Simmons and the Fallout in Philadelphia

Let’s rewind a bit to understand Simmons’ journey and the events leading up to his trade to the Brooklyn Nets. Last year, after a major falling out with the Philadelphia 76ers following their playoff elimination, Simmons expressed his desire to be traded. His reputation took a hit when he became an internet meme due to his hesitance to take open layups, fearing getting fouled and needing to shoot free throws. Simmons’ lack of confidence showed in his poor shooting and free-throw accuracy, which haunted him throughout his career.

During the offseason, rumors circulated about potential destinations for Simmons. One prominent option was the Los Angeles Lakers, with Simmons having purchased a $17.5 million house in the exclusive Hidden Hills neighborhood. However, a trade couldn’t be worked out due to the Philadelphia 76ers’ high asking price and an unwillingness to compromise.

The preseason revealed the growing divide between Simmons and the 76ers. It seemed like he would sit out the regular season, only to surprise everyone by showing up for practice. Tension rose in the locker room, especially between Simmons and his teammate Joel Embiid. Head coach Doc Rivers was unhappy with Simmons’ lack of effort during practice and suspended him, leading Simmons to cite mental health problems and take a step back from the team. As a result, Simmons didn’t play a single game for the 76ers during the regular season.

The Big Trade: Simmons for Harden

In the first half of the season, the 76ers struggled to find a trade partner willing to take on Simmons at the desired price. As the trade deadline approached, rumors circulated about a potential trade between the 76ers and the Brooklyn Nets. James Harden had expressed his dissatisfaction with his team, particularly with Kyrie Irving, and requested a trade.

On the morning of the trade deadline, the 76ers and Nets forged a deal, trading their discontented stars. Harden joined the 76ers, while Simmons headed to the Nets. Initially, the Nets expected Simmons to return after the All-Star Break, as he needed time to regain his form after skipping the first half of the season. However, his debut kept getting postponed due to both physical and mental readiness.

The Nets had hoped that Simmons would be able to make his debut in the final weeks of the regular season, especially as they were fighting for a spot in the Play-In Tournament. Unfortunately, a back injury setback further delayed his return. Despite the anticipation, Simmons’ debut remained elusive, and the Nets announced he was dealing with a herniated disc that necessitated surgery.

Surgery and Recovery

Last week, the Nets officially announced that Simmons would undergo microdiscectomy surgery to address his back injury. Putting an end to the speculations regarding his unwillingness to play or performance anxiety, the surgery aimed to provide a long-term solution for Simmons.

The successful surgery took place at Cedars-Sinai Marina Del Rey Hospital in Los Angeles, performed by Dr. Robert Watkins IV. Following approximately three weeks of initial recovery, Simmons will begin a rehabilitation program. The Nets expect him to make a full recovery in time for the team’s training camp ahead of the next season.

Simmons took to Instagram to update his followers and express his gratitude for their well-wishes. He confirmed that the surgery went well and expressed optimism for his recovery.

The road to recovery will see Simmons spending the offseason rehabilitating from the back surgery. While three weeks of non-activity are expected, it may take up to three months before he can engage in full-contact drills. The Brooklyn Nets are hopeful that Simmons will be fully recovered by the time the team gathers for training camp at the end of the summer.


Ben Simmons’ journey with the Brooklyn Nets has faced numerous hurdles and delays, primarily due to a back injury that required surgery. From the fallout in Philadelphia to the big trade with the Brooklyn Nets, Simmons has faced criticism, challenges, and mental health struggles along the way. The Nets, hoping for his contribution in the upcoming season, look forward to Simmons making a full recovery and finally making his debut in a Nets uniform.


1. Will Ben Simmons be ready to play for the Brooklyn Nets next season?

Yes, the Brooklyn Nets expect Ben Simmons to make a full recovery from his back surgery and be ready to join the team for the upcoming season’s training camp.

2. Which team was Simmons traded from in exchange for James Harden?

Ben Simmons was traded from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for James Harden.

3. What caused the delay in Simmons’ debut with the Brooklyn Nets?

Various factors, including physical readiness and a back injury setback, contributed to the delay in Ben Simmons’ debut with the Brooklyn Nets.

4. How long will Simmons be out of action after the back surgery?

After the back surgery, Ben Simmons is expected to undergo approximately three weeks of initial recovery and rehabilitation. Full engagement in contact drills may take up to three months.

5. Can Simmons’ back injury affect his long-term career?

While back injuries can be challenging, especially for professional athletes, Ben Simmons’ successful surgery and comprehensive rehabilitation program provide optimism for his long-term career.

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