Cash Kings of FIFA Esports: Unveiling the Top Earners

Online Gaming: The Rise of FIFA

Online gaming has reached unprecedented levels of popularity, especially with the temporary halt of professional sports due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. In search of sporting excitement, many individuals, including professional athletes, have turned to the virtual world. Among the various games captivating the gaming community, none seem to rival the popularity of FIFA. Televised tournaments and extensive media coverage have shed light on this phenomenon, showcasing not only the participation of well-known sports stars but also highlighting the emergence of virtual gaming celebrities such as TekKz and Nraseck.

The FIFA Superstars: A Comparison

As avid enthusiasts of online gaming, we at decided to delve deeper into the world of FIFA and uncover how its top players fare in comparison to real-life football stars. We conducted a comprehensive analysis, comparing eSports earnings data with the earnings of professional soccer players in the top European leagues. The results proved to be surprisingly intriguing.

Top 30 FIFA Gamers

To kick off our analysis, it is essential to present a compilation of the top 30 FIFA gamers. This list not only outlines their overall career earnings but also reveals the amount they earn per competitive FIFA game played. Interestingly, we invite you to consider how much these gamers could potentially earn in a year if they played a game every week. This figure becomes significant when we later compare it to the earnings of professional soccer players.

Top 30 FIFA Gamers

One prominent figure among these gamers is TekKz, known off the virtual pitch as Donovan Hunt, who currently tops the list as the hottest property in the game. Representing the Fnatic team, TekKz has made a remarkable name for himself and has captured significant earnings. However, his annual earnings, though impressive, fall far short of what soccer legend Lionel Messi makes in a year. That being said, TekKz still earns more than most players from clubs like Brighton, Sheffield United, or Norwich.

Earnings Breakdown by Country

Continuing our analysis, we decided to examine the distribution of FIFA earnings by country. Our list includes the top 34 FIFA-playing nations, and it comes as no surprise that countries with a deep-rooted soccer culture dominate the rankings.

Earnings Breakdown by Country

The United Kingdom emerges as a FIFA powerhouse, with staggering sales figures. In 2019 alone, UK retailers sold over 1.5 million copies of FIFA 20, surpassing the sales of other popular titles such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare by a margin of 300,000 copies. However, despite the large player base in the UK, Brazilian FIFA players boast higher average earnings due to their scarcity. Sweden also warrants attention, as their four players collectively earn just over $60,000, showcasing the concentrated success of a select few.

TekKz: FIFA’s Young Prodigy

Without a doubt, any discussion about FIFA would be incomplete without mentioning TekKz, the unrivaled number one player in the world. TekKz, whose real name is Donovan Hunt, has created a storm in the FIFA community with his exceptional talent. Proudly representing both Fnatic and the British national team, TekKz has a plethora of achievements under his belt.

Quick Facts about TekKz:

  • Real name: Donovan Hunt
  • Date of birth: June 2, 2002
  • Nationality: British
  • Team: Fnatic
  • Former teams: The F2, KiNG eSports, Liverpool
  • Other IDs: F2TekKz

In 2018, TekKz burst onto the scene by triumphing at the FUT Champions Cup 2018 Grand Final held in Barcelona, earning a remarkable $22,000. He continued to dominate the FIFA scene in 2018, securing significant victories in FIFA 2019. However, it’s not just individual honors that TekKz has achieved; he also played an integral part in KiNG eSports’ victory at the FIFA eClub World Cup 2019, where he joined forces with Argentine player Nicolas99FC.

Despite his young age, TekKz isn’t one to shy away from expressing his opinions. He has been vocal in criticizing FIFA 20, boldly stating that “no-one enjoys playing FIFA 20.” Nevertheless, he still managed to secure a championship title in a FUT Champions Cup tournament featuring the game. With nearly 180,000 followers on Twitter and a YouTube channel boasting over 600,000 subscribers, TekKz has garnered substantial online fame and recognition.

Comparing TekKz to Real Football Stars

Now, let’s shift our attention to a compelling comparison between TekKz and players from the world’s most renowned football leagues, including the Premier League, Ligue 1, La Liga, Serie A, and the Bundesliga. This analysis aims to illuminate the potential earnings and allure of being a professional FIFA player.

Comparing TekKz to Real Football Stars

Surprisingly, our findings reveal that only Premier League players surpass TekKz’s average earnings per game, with TekKz needing to play 50 matches to earn the equivalent. In a typical Premier League season, players participate in 38 matches. However, when considering additional matches such as those in the FA Cup and European competitions, the earnings become much more comparable.

One unexpected statistic emerges from Ligue 1, home to prominent clubs like Paris St-Germain, one of the highest spending clubs globally. The average player in the French league would need to play for over two seasons to match TekKz’s earnings. This raises an intriguing question: how many professional footballers would consider swapping the traditional grass pitch for a virtual one if given the opportunity?

FIFA: A Lucrative Pursuit

Our analysis unequivocally proves that the earnings of professional FIFA players can indeed rival those of average professional soccer players worldwide, even in revered leagues such as the Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A. However, it is crucial to note that while soccer players receive guaranteed salaries, most of TekKz’s earnings result solely from his tournament successes.

It is important to remember that reaching TekKz’s level within the FIFA community is an extraordinary achievement, and the chances of this happening are significantly lower than becoming a professional soccer player in one of Europe’s top leagues. Nevertheless, as fervent FIFA players, aspiring to follow in TekKz’s footsteps can serve as a commendable goal, especially for those lacking the necessary soccer skills in real life.


To conduct this study, we utilized eSports Earnings, a reputable source for tracking the earnings of virtual gaming superstars. By combining their data with comprehensive research on the average salaries of players in Europe’s top five leagues, we were able to provide an accurate comparison between FIFA players and established soccer stars.

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