Cesc Fabregas Set to Join Serie B Club Como

Cesc Fabregas Signs Two-Year Deal with Como

Spanish footballer Cesc Fabregas has made an exciting move to Italian second-tier club Como. The 2010 World Cup champion, renowned for his impressive tenure at FC Barcelona, Chelsea, Arsenal, and AS Monaco, will embark on a new chapter in his career.

A New Beginning for Fabregas

After finishing his contract with AS Monaco, the 35-year-old midfielder became a free agent this summer. Seizing the opportunity, Como managed to secure a two-year deal with Fabregas, extending until 2024. The official unveiling of Fabregas will take place on Monday at the Hilton Hotel, where fans and media will eagerly await his arrival.

The Dynamic Owners behind Como

Como is owned by Sent Entertainment, an English company under the control of Indonesian billionaire brothers Hartono. Renowned for their involvement in the tobacco industry and ownership of a significant stake in a prominent Indonesian bank, the Hartono brothers are considered among the wealthiest club owners in global football.

Como’s Ambitions for the Future

Having concluded their previous season in Serie B, Como finished in a respectable 13th position, comfortably clear of the relegation zone and only 11 points away from the promotion play-offs. The club aspires to quickly ascend to top-flight football in the near future, highlighting their determination and ambition.

Fabregas’ Glittering Career

Cesc Fabregas boasts an impressive footballing resume, including major international and club triumphs. On the international stage, Fabregas has lifted the esteemed World Cup trophy in 2010 and achieved European success with Spain in 2008 and 2012.

At the club level, Fabregas has secured an impressive collection of 12 trophies, including top-tier victories in the Spanish La Liga and the English Premier League. His impact on the pitch has earned him a legendary status, particularly during his time at Chelsea, where he is revered as a club icon.

Como’s sporting director, Dennis Wise, a Chelsea legend himself, played a pivotal role in convincing Fabregas to join the Serie B outfit. Wise’s influence and connection to both clubs undoubtedly influenced Fabregas’ decision to embrace this new challenge.

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Como’s Journey: A Return to Prominence

Como’s history consists of notable highs and lows, making their recent resurgence all the more remarkable. The club’s last appearance in Serie A dates back to the 2002-03 season, followed by a series of relegations that ultimately led them to Serie C2. Unfortunately, financial challenges resulted in bankruptcy.

However, after a period of reformation and considerable effort, Como remarkably climbed the league ladder once again. In 2021, two years after the Hartono brothers assumed ownership, Como made their return to Serie B. This comeback symbolizes the club’s enduring determination and the relentless support of its loyal fanbase.

Como’s Underdog Status

Despite the signing of Cesc Fabregas, analysts and bookmakers currently perceive Como as underdogs in the Serie B season. With odds of +5000 to win Serie B and +1500 to secure promotion, Como must surpass expectations and demonstrate their true potential on the field.


Cesc Fabregas’ move to Como has captured the attention of football enthusiasts worldwide. The Spanish maestro’s decision to join the Italian second-tier club reflects both his personal drive for fresh challenges and Como’s ambitious pursuit of elevating their status in domestic football. As fans eagerly anticipate Fabregas’ debut in Como colors, time will reveal the impact and potential success this alliance may bring.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When did Cesc Fabregas become a free agent?

Cesc Fabregas became a free agent during the summer transfer window of the current year.

2. What is Como’s ultimate goal as a club?

Como aspires to achieve top-tier status and compete in the highest level of Italian football as soon as possible.

3. Has Como previously played in Serie A?

Como’s last appearance in Serie A was during the 2002-03 season. Since then, they experienced a series of relegations before reemerging in Serie B.

4. Who convinced Cesc Fabregas to join Como?

Dennis Wise, a Chelsea legend and Como’s sporting director, played a significant role in persuading Fabregas to embark on this new adventure in Serie B.

5. How are Como currently perceived by bookmakers?

Despite the acquisition of Fabregas, Como is considered an underdog in the Serie B season, with odds of +5000 to win the league and +1500 to secure promotion.

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