Charles Barkley’s Winning Insight: Betting on the Top-70 at American Century Bubble

Charles Barkley’s Chance to Cash in on Top 70 Finish at American Century Championship

Charles Barkley, former NBA superstar, may not be the favorite to win the American Century Championship, but his improved game has attracted the attention of many bettors who are hoping for a top-70 finish. After the first round of the annual celebrity golf tournament held in Lake Tahoe, Barkley is holding his own among the field of 87 players.

Betting on Barkley’s Success

The American Century Championship features a modified Stableford scoring system, where points are earned based on a player’s performance on each hole. A pair is worth one point, a birdie is worth three, while a bogey earns no points. Unfortunately, Barkley struggled in the first round, accumulating seven double bogeys that significantly impacted his score.

Currently tied for 71st place alongside notable personalities like former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon and retired NFL defensive back Charles Woodson, Barkley’s performance is being closely monitored by bettors who have backed him to finish no worse than 70th.

The Odds and Barkley’s Confidence

Caesars Sportsbook initially offered odds of +500 for Barkley to finish in the top 70. However, due to overwhelming support, with 96 percent of bets and 95 percent of money placed on Barkley, the odds dropped to +260 by Thursday. In fact, one bettor even wagered $2,000 on Barkley’s success. Undeterred by the lowered odds, Barkley plans to bet an additional $100,000 on himself, determined to prove his abilities on the golf course.

Last year, Barkley made headlines when he put $100,000 on himself during the tournament. Although he did not achieve his desired result in that instance, finishing 72nd, he is determined to come out on top this year. However, Nevada laws prevent players from wagering on themselves, so Barkley intends to have a friend place the bet on his behalf to avoid any complications.

The Mixed Opinions of Fellow Competitors

As Barkley strives for success, his fellow competitors have differing opinions on his chances. Tony Romo, who entered the tournament as the +300 favorite and is currently tied for fourth place, believes Barkley has a good shot. On the other hand, Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry, holding his own in the tournament, expressed skepticism about Barkley’s ability to finish in the top 70 and confidently stated, “There’s no way he’s doing it.”

Additional Bets and Side Stories

While Barkley’s main focus is securing a top-70 finish, he also has another bet on the line. Prior to the tournament, Barkley made a bet with Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. If Barkley outperformed Rodgers at the American Century Championship, Rodgers would have to part with his infamous man bun. However, if Rodgers emerged victorious, Barkley committed to donating $25,000 to Rodgers’ chosen charity.

After the first round, it seems highly unlikely that Barkley will win this particular bet, as Rodgers is currently tied for 23rd place, well ahead of Barkley. Nevertheless, the competition continues with Washington Capitals winger TJ Oshie leading the tournament after an impressive performance in the first round.


Charles Barkley’s journey in the American Century Championship has captivated the attention of bettors and golf enthusiasts alike. While his position is currently outside the top 70, there is still hope for him to turn things around in the coming rounds. With an unwavering belief in his abilities and the support of eager bettors, Barkley remains determined to prove his worth, both on and off the golf course.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is the American Century Championship?

A1: The American Century Championship is an annual celebrity golf tournament held in Lake Tahoe, featuring a field of 87 players from various backgrounds, including professional athletes, entertainers, and other notable personalities.

Q2: What is the modified Stableford scoring system?

A2: The modified Stableford scoring system used in the American Century Championship assigns different point values to each score on a hole. For example, a pair is worth one point, a birdie is worth three points, while a bogey earns no points. The objective is to accumulate as many points as possible throughout the tournament.

Q3: Who are some of Barkley’s competitors in the tournament?

A3: Barkley is currently tied for 71st place alongside former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon and retired NFL defensive back Charles Woodson. The tournament also includes notable participants such as Tony Romo and Steph Curry.

Q4: Has Barkley bet on himself in previous tournaments?

A4: Yes, Barkley made headlines last year when he placed a $100,000 bet on himself during the American Century Championship. Although he did not achieve the desired result, finishing 72nd, he remains confident in his abilities and plans to bet even bigger on himself this year.

Q5: What is the outcome of Barkley’s side bet with Aaron Rodgers?

A5: In a friendly wager, Barkley bet against Aaron Rodgers, with the stakes being Rodgers’ man bun. If Barkley outperformed Rodgers in the tournament, Rodgers would have to cut off his famous hairstyle. However, after the first round, it appears highly unlikely that Barkley will emerge as the winner of this particular bet.

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