Charlotte Hornets Embrace Mike D’Antoni’s Leadership

Mike D’Antoni: A Potential Candidate for the Charlotte Hornets

Mike D’Antoni, known for his innovative approach to offense in the NBA, is among the top contenders to become the next head coach for the Charlotte Hornets. With his emphasis on 3-pointers and layups, D’Antoni has become a prominent figure in modern NBA coaching.

A Successful Coaching Career

Over his 16 seasons as a head coach in the NBA, D’Antoni has compiled an impressive record of 672-527. He has served as the head coach for five different teams including the Denver Nuggets, Phoenix Suns, New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, and Houston Rockets. Throughout his career, he has coached a total of 1,199 games.

A Mentor to Steve Nash

Last season, D’Antoni took on the role of assistant coach for the Brooklyn Nets, where he worked closely with Steve Nash. Nash, who made his head coaching debut in the 2020-21 season, had previously played as a point guard under D’Antoni’s coaching with the Phoenix Suns. It was during this time that Nash developed his offensive philosophy known as “Seven Seconds or Less,” which encouraged quick decision-making and fearless shooting from beyond the arc.

The influence of D’Antoni’s offensive strategies can be seen in the evolution of the modern-day NBA. While the Suns may not have won an NBA championship during D’Antoni’s tenure, many teams and coaches have adopted and adapted his run-and-gun style.

A Childhood Idol for Kobe Bryant

Growing up, Kobe Bryant idolized Mike D’Antoni, considering him his favorite basketball player. D’Antoni played alongside Bryant’s father, Jellybean, on an Italian club team. Bryant even went on to wear D’Antoni’s number as a tribute to his idol. When D’Antoni’s professional playing career in Italy came to an end, he transitioned into coaching, leading prominent club teams such as Olimpia Milano and Benetton Basket.

A Journey in Coaching

D’Antoni started his coaching career as an assistant coach for the Denver Nuggets in the late 1990s. He then had a brief stint as the interim head coach during the 1998-99 season. Although his initial coaching success was limited, D’Antoni continued to pursue his passion for coaching.

His breakthrough came in 2003 when he was named the interim head coach for the Phoenix Suns, eventually taking over the position full-time the following year. With the acquisition of Steve Nash, D’Antoni found the perfect point guard to execute his non-traditional offensive system. The Suns experienced success, securing four consecutive winning seasons and winning over 61 games twice. However, they fell short of advancing beyond the Western Conference finals.

In 2009, D’Antoni joined the New York Knicks, but struggled to find synergy with star player Carmelo Anthony, whose isolation-heavy style clashed with D’Antoni’s run-and-gun approach. The Knicks had only one winning season and one playoff appearance during D’Antoni’s four-year tenure.

In 2012, D’Antoni received an endorsement from Kobe Bryant, leading to his appointment as the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. However, he could only produce one winning season during his time with the franchise.

Finally, in 2016, D’Antoni found success as the head coach of the Houston Rockets. Over four consecutive winning seasons, the Rockets excelled under his guidance, including a remarkable 65-win season in 2017-2018. Their run, however, was halted by the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference finals.

The Hornet’s Search for a Playoff Berth

The Charlotte Hornets, under the coaching of James Borrego, have missed the playoffs for four consecutive seasons. Although they have shown potential, including recent appearances in the play-in tournament, they have been unable to secure a postseason spot.

The team’s owner, Michael Jordan, recognizes the need for a dominant defensive presence and rim protector. With rumors of a potential trade for Rudy Gobert from the Utah Jazz, it seems Jordan is keen on reinforcing the team’s defense. However, there is also a possibility of shifting focus and hiring a defensive-minded head coach, despite D’Antoni being the reported front-runner for the position.

The Hornets may also consider trade options involving Gordon Hayward, who has expressed a desire to play elsewhere next season. As an injury-prone player, Hayward could be involved in trade talks, particularly in the pursuit of a player like Gobert.

Mitch Kupchak, the general manager of the Hornets, has previously worked with D’Antoni when he hired him for the Los Angeles Lakers a decade ago. As the search for the next head coach continues, D’Antoni’s name remains at the top of Kupchak’s list, along with other potential candidates such as Kenny Atkinson, Mike Brown, Darvin Ham, and Sean Sweeney.


Mike D’Antoni’s extensive coaching experience, innovative offensive strategies, and influence on the modern NBA make him a highly sought-after candidate for the Charlotte Hornets. With a desire to secure a playoff berth and potentially make key roster changes, the Hornets are in search of a coach who can bring a winning mentality. Whether D’Antoni ultimately takes the helm or another candidate is chosen, it is clear that change is on the horizon for the Hornets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many seasons did Mike D’Antoni coach the Houston Rockets?

Mike D’Antoni coached the Houston Rockets for a total of four seasons, from 2016 to 2020.

2. Has Mike D’Antoni won an NBA championship as a head coach?

No, Mike D’Antoni has not won an NBA championship as a head coach. However, he has achieved considerable success with multiple teams during his coaching career.

3. Which team did Mike D’Antoni coach before joining the Charlotte Hornets?

Before being linked to the Charlotte Hornets, Mike D’Antoni served as an assistant coach for the Brooklyn Nets.

4. Is Mike D’Antoni known for his offensive strategies?

Yes, Mike D’Antoni is widely recognized for his innovative offensive strategies, particularly his emphasis on 3-point shooting and a fast-paced style of play.

5. Who are the other potential candidates for the head coaching position with the Charlotte Hornets?

Aside from Mike D’Antoni, other potential candidates for the head coaching position with the Charlotte Hornets include Kenny Atkinson, Mike Brown, Darvin Ham, and Sean Sweeney.

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