Circa Sports Launches 2021 Kentucky Derby Betting Board

The Excitement of Circa Sports’ 2021 Kentucky Derby Futures

The anticipation for the 2021 Kentucky Derby is already building, and Circa Sports is adding to the excitement with its recently opened Kentucky Derby Futures Board. Circa Sports, located in downtown Las Vegas, has made some interesting choices this year, offering a larger selection of 173 horses compared to their previous board. Paul Zilm, the risk supervisor and mastermind behind Circa Sports’ Derby futures numbers, has learned valuable lessons from his first venture into the horseracing futures market.

Lesson One: Don’t Be Afraid to List Horses

Zilm emphasises that he has adopted a different approach this year. Instead of only listing horses that have previously run, he has included four fillies in the initial offering. These fillies – Vequist, Dayoutattheoffice, Girl Daddy, and Princess Noor – have shown promise and achieved impressive results, making them worthy contenders. Zilm believes in providing options for bettors, allowing them to place their bets on their preferred horses. By doing so, he welcomes the possibility of bettors taking a flyer on some of the less conventional choices.

Lesson Two: Embrace Uncharted Territory

Zilm displays his knowledge and insight as he lists 11 horses that have yet to run in any races. These horses, such as Alexander Valley, Lidstrom, Factor, Find New Roads, and Prime Hopkins, have caught Zilm’s attention due to his understanding of industry trends and the expertise of those involved, including farms, owners, and trainers. Zilm has even sought advice from friends in the horseracing industry to make informed predictions.

Early Favorites on Circa’s Kentucky Derby Futures Board

Now let’s take a look at the early frontrunners on Circa Sports’ 2021 Kentucky Derby Futures board:

Top Contenders

  • Essential Quality – +1,000
  • Life Is Good – +1,200
  • Caddo River, Jackie’s Warrior, Keepmeinmind, Red Flag – +3,500
  • Classier – +4,000
  • Dr. Schivel, Hot Rod Charlie, Olympiad – +4,500
  • Mandaloun, Midnight Bourbon – +5,000
  • Cazadero, Mutasaabeq, Vittorio – +6,000
  • Jaxon Traveler – +6,500
  • Rombauer, Sittin’ On Go, Smiley Sobotka, Spielberg, Super Stock, Therideofalifetime – +7,000
  • Get Her Number, Highly Motivated – +7,500

As we can see, Essential Quality and Life Is Good are the early favorites, offering odds of +1,000 and +1,200, respectively.

Better Odds at Circa Sports

Circa Sports is not afraid to offer better odds on horses that have shown exceptional performance. For example, Essential Quality and Life Is Good have been given more favorable odds compared to the Derby futures board at William Hill Nevada. William Hill currently lists Essential Quality at 8/1 and Life Is Good at 10/1. The odds provided by Circa Sports demonstrate their commitment to providing enticing options for bettors.

Strategic Betting Opportunities

Zilm is keen on introducing yes/no betting options in early 2021, creating additional opportunities for strategic betting on the Derby. Horses with odds of 20/1 or lower will have a yes/no prop bet component. To accommodate this, Circa Sports plans to expand the limits for these bets, going beyond the current maximum bet of $200 for any horse on the board. Known customers may even receive increased limits on a case-by-case basis.

Circa Sports Betting Options

For those interested in placing wagers, Circa Sports offers several betting options. In-person wagers can be made at The D or Golden Gate casinos, both located in downtown Las Vegas. Additionally, Circa Sports has a mobile app that provides convenience and accessibility for bettors. However, it is important to note that the Derby futures board is not available at the new Circa Sports sportsbook due to recent authorization to handle pari-mutuel wagering on horseracing.

Circa Sports has plans to open its racing windows selectively throughout the year, granting access to the Derby futures board on special weekends like the Triple Crown, Breeders’ Cup, and major race weekends such as Big ‘Cap weekend at Santa Anita, Whitney weekend at Saratoga, or the Pacific Classic weekend at Del Mar. Zilm desires to make the experience enjoyable and exciting for all participants.


The 2021 Kentucky Derby is already captivating fans and bettors alike, and Circa Sports’ Kentucky Derby Futures Board adds an extra layer of intrigue and opportunity. With an expanded selection of horses and strategic betting options, Circa Sports aims to provide a comprehensive and engaging experience for its customers. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to the horseracing world, Circa Sports invites you to join in the excitement and perhaps discover a winning bet on the next Kentucky Derby champion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I place bets on the Kentucky Derby online through Circa Sports?

No, unfortunately, Circa Sports’ Derby futures board is currently only available for in-person wagers at The D or Golden Gate casinos in downtown Las Vegas, or through the Circa Sports mobile app.

2. What is the reasoning behind listing horses that haven’t run in any races?

Listed horses that haven’t raced yet are included based on industry insights and knowledge of industry influencers such as farms, owners, and trainers. This allows bettors to consider up-and-coming horses and potentially find value in their bets.

3. When will Circa Sports introduce the yes/no betting options?

Circa Sports plans to introduce the option for yes/no bets in early 2021. Horses with odds of 20/1 or lower will have a yes/no prop bet component alongside traditional betting options.

4. Are the odds provided by Circa Sports better than those offered by other bookmakers?

Circa Sports strives to offer competitive and enticing odds. In the case of Essential Quality and Life Is Good, Circa Sports has provided odds better than those currently offered by William Hill Nevada.

5. Can I place bets on other major horse racing events through Circa Sports?

Yes, in addition to the Kentucky Derby, Circa Sports plans to open its racing windows for other major horse racing events such as the Triple Crown, Breeders’ Cup, and prominent race weekends at various tracks across the country.

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