College World Series Favorites: Assessing Tennessee’s Dominance and Potential Challengers

The Dominance of the Tennessee Volunteers in College Baseball

As the 2022 College World Series approaches, the Tennessee Volunteers stand out as the team to watch. With a remarkable 41-4 record this season, the Volunteers have established their dominance on both sides of the ball. They currently hold the top spot in the USA Today Coaches Poll, unanimously voted as the best team in college baseball. This article delves into the reasons behind their success and highlights their exceptional performance.

Tennessee Favored to Win the College World Series

The Tennessee Volunteers have never claimed victory in the College World Series, with their lone appearance in the final taking place back in 1951. However, this year presents a different story. Sitting as the clear favorites, they are currently rated at +400 to win the championship, leading the pack by a significant margin, according to FanDuel and DraftKings.

Tennessee’s Stellar Performance

Both on the mound and at the plate, the Tennessee Volunteers have been setting records and commanding attention. Notably, the team has smashed a remarkable 108 home runs this season, surpassing their own school record. To add to their offensive prowess, five players have already achieved double-digit home run tallies individually.

Hailing these achievements, Tennessee coach Tony Vitello remarked, “One of these days, when they’re around their grandkids or whoever, they’ll see that records are made to be broken. I think it’s good feedback for our guys, something they can hang their hat on down the road.”

The Fastest Pitch in College Baseball History

While the Volunteers thrive at the plate, their pitching isn’t to be overlooked. Pitcher Ben Joyce made headlines with his astounding performance, hurling a 105.5 mph fastball. This pitch stands as not only the fastest recorded in college baseball history but also the second-fastest ever recorded across all levels of the sport. Joyce consistently throws at speeds of 103 mph or higher, further solidifying Tennessee’s position as a force to be reckoned with.

Tennessee outfielder Jordan Beck expressed his admiration, stating, “He is sitting up there throwing 103 on the normal. I don’t know how many people on the planet can do that, and I am glad he is on our team and I am not facing him.”

Challenges Faced: Auburn Hands Vols a Rare Loss

Although the Tennessee Volunteers have been overwhelmingly successful this season, they are not invincible. Their fourth loss of the year came at the hands of the Auburn Tigers, who secured an 8-6 victory over the Vols. This defeat revealed that Tennessee is not infallible and added excitement to college baseball fans who have grown accustomed to their dominance.

While some fans reveled in the Vols’ defeat, the Volunteers quickly bounced back to clinch the series with a 5-3 triumph over Auburn. This victory serves as a reminder that Tennessee remains the team to beat as the College World Series draws near.

Volunteers relief pitcher Camden Sewell shared his perspective after the loss, stating, “All you can do and ask for after a loss is to wake up the next day and play the same game. We are looking to come out tomorrow with the W.”


The Tennessee Volunteers have emerged as a powerhouse in college baseball this year, commanding attention with their exceptional performance and records. With an impressive record of 41-4, they have dominated opponents on both offense and defense. While no team is impervious to defeat, the Volunteers have consistently shown resilience and quickly bounced back from rare losses. As the College World Series approaches, all eyes will be on the Tennessee Volunteers as they strive to claim their first-ever national championship.


1. Will this be the year that the Tennessee Volunteers win the College World Series?

While the Tennessee Volunteers are the favorites heading into the College World Series, the outcome is uncertain. The tournament is known for its unpredictability, and any team can have a standout performance on a given day. However, based on their stellar record and dominant play throughout the season, the Volunteers certainly have a strong chance at securing the championship.

2. How has Ben Joyce’s 105.5 mph fastball impacted the Tennessee Volunteers’ success?

Ben Joyce’s incredible pitching ability, highlighted by his blazing 105.5 mph fastball, has undoubtedly contributed to the Tennessee Volunteers’ success this season. His unmatched speed intimidates opposing batters and provides an advantage for the Volunteers on the mound. Joyce’s exceptional performance has solidified the team’s reputation as a formidable force in college baseball.

3. Who are the key players to watch on the Tennessee Volunteers roster?

The Tennessee Volunteers boast a roster filled with talented players who have contributed to their exceptional season. Some key players to watch include the offensive powerhouse Jordan Beck, the record-breaking home run hitters, and the pitching phenom Ben Joyce. Each player brings their own unique skills and contributes to the overall success of the Volunteers.

4. Why is Tennessee’s dominance and success generating mixed reactions among college baseball fans?

As with any consistently dominant team, the Tennessee Volunteers’ success has triggered mixed reactions among college baseball fans. Some admire and appreciate their impressive performance, while others may be fatigued by their continued dominance. Additionally, the brash arrogance displayed by some Vols fans may contribute to the divided opinions surrounding the team’s success.

5. What are the prospects for the Tennessee Volunteers in future college baseball seasons?

With their current level of success and the talent on their roster, the Tennessee Volunteers are well-positioned for continuing success in future college baseball seasons. However, the landscape of college sports is ever-changing, with new talents and rivalries emerging each year. The Volunteers will need to adapt and continue to perform at a high level to maintain their dominance in the years to come.

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