Delaware Online Sports Betting: Stay Informed with the Latest Launch Updates!

Delaware Legal Sports Betting Overview

DE Sports Betting Law Details


  • Retail Sports Betting Launch Date: June 5, 2018
  • Online Sports Betting Launch Date: N/A
  • Licensed Sportsbooks: Delaware Park Casino, Dover Downs, Harrington Raceway and Casino (all retail only)
  • Legal Wagering Options: Futures, moneylines, parlays, point spreads, same game parlays, teasers, totals
  • Legal Gambling Age in DE: 21+
  • Sports to Bet On: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, MMA, tennis, golf, boxing, motorsports, cricket, European soccer, college sports (no in-state teams)
  • Permitted Banking Options: Mastercard, PayNearMe, Play+, Visa
  • Delaware Gambling Regulator: Delaware Lottery

Delaware launched sports betting without needing new legislation after the US Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) in 2018. Unlike other states, Delaware already had a legal framework for betting due to its previous attempts to launch Sports Pick in 1976. When PASPA was overturned, Delaware was free to launch full-scale sports betting without introducing new laws.

Governor John Carney placed the first legal retail sports bet on June 5, 2018, at Delaware Park Casino. This made Delaware the first jurisdiction to accept single-game wagers outside of Nevada. The state currently has three land-based casinos, each with its own retail sportsbook. These sportsbooks use odds provided by Caesars. Additionally, there are 112 lottery retailers where Sports Pick is available.

While online sports betting is legal in Delaware, there are currently no online sportsbooks operating in the state. The Delaware Lottery has cited the small population size and the costs associated with setting up an online betting market as reasons for this. However, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) games are available online for Delaware residents through operators like ESPN, DraftKings, and FanDuel.

How to Place a Bet in Delaware

If you want to start betting on sports in Delaware, follow these steps:

  1. Do your research and choose your bets before visiting a retail sportsbook.
  2. Visit one of the three casinos with a valid photo ID to prove your age.
  3. Make sure your bets are correct before placing them, as there are no refunds for mistakes.
  4. Place your wagers at the betting counter or using a betting kiosk. You’ll receive a bet ticket or sheet.
  5. If you win, return to the betting window or kiosk, following the instructions to claim your payout. Keep your bet ticket as proof of your wager.
  6. You can redeem your winnings at any retail sportsbook, even if you didn’t place the bet at that particular casino.

Banking Methods Available in Delaware

As there are only retail sportsbooks in Delaware, you can only use physical payment methods like bank cards. Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted, but some payment providers may block transactions to casinos. Play+ cards and PayNearMe cards are alternative options. However, online payment methods like e-wallets and online transfers are not available for Delaware bettors.

Who is Eligible to Bet in DE?

The legal gambling age in Delaware is 21. While you don’t have to be a resident to visit the state’s sportsbooks and place bets, there are some restrictions. The following individuals are prohibited from betting in Delaware:

  • Players, coaches, employees, or members of any professional or college sports team
  • Officials, referees, or umpires of professional or college sports leagues
  • Individuals who have the authority to influence players through professional or regulatory roles
  • Members of sports leagues who can create or influence rules for their respective sports (e.g., NFL, NCAA officials)
  • Individuals employed by organizations with licensing from the Delaware Lottery, including key staff members, officers, and owners
  • Individuals with ownership stakes in sports teams
  • Individuals with access to non-public information about a sports team (e.g., player medical records)
  • Individuals who have voluntarily excluded themselves from gambling activities
  • Individuals prohibited from betting at a state or federal level due to criminal history

Latest Delaware Sports Betting Updates

Current Sports Betting Status in Delaware

Retail sports betting has been available in Delaware since June 2018. Online sports betting is also legal in the state, but there are no mobile betting sites available at this time. College sports betting is allowed, but betting on in-state college teams is not permitted. The Delaware Lottery operates the Sports Pick system, which allows for parlay bets on the NFL and college football at 112 lottery retailers.

As of April 2022, Delaware has had a sports betting handle of $487,347,188, with $72,391,098 in revenue. The state has collected $47,737,086 in taxes. The revenue hold of 14.9% is the highest among US states, indicating the profitability of sports betting in Delaware.

Timeline for Sports Betting in Delaware

Here is a timeline of key events in the history of sports betting in Delaware:

  1. December 12, 1976: The Delaware Lottery introduces a parlay cards betting system called Sports Pick.
  2. May 14, 1992: The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) is passed, banning sports betting in most states.
  3. October 28, 1992: Delaware’s parlay card betting system is exempt from the PASPA ban, allowing the state to continue offering sports betting.
  4. May 14, 2009: Governor Jack Markell signs legislation to relaunch Sports Pick, the state’s parlay betting system.
  5. May 18, 2018: The US Supreme Court overturns PASPA, giving states the authority to legalize sports betting.
  6. June 5, 2018: Governor John Carney places the first legal retail sports bet in Delaware.
  7. June 5, 2018: Delaware becomes the first state outside of Nevada to accept legal single-game wagers.
  8. January 20, 2020: The Delaware Lottery Director states that the costs of setting up an online betting market prevent the state from pursuing online sports betting.

Delaware Sports Betting Locations

The three licensed retail sportsbooks in Delaware are located in the following casinos:

Delaware Park Casino

Address: 777 Delaware Park Boulevard, Wilmington, DE 19804


Phone Number: (302) 994-2521

Operator: Delaware Lottery

Delaware Park Casino offers a sportsbook on the second floor, known as the Casino Side. The majority of betting takes place here, but there are also betting windows and self-service kiosks in the Track Side area. The sportsbook provides betting options for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, soccer, boxing, MMA, and racing. College football betting is available, but not on in-state teams. Delaware Park Casino also offers a Player Rewards Card for exclusive promotions and notifications. A sports bar is located next to the sportsbook, serving drinks, beers, and food.

Dover Downs

Address: 1131 N. Dupont Highway, Dover, DE 19901


Phone Number: (302) 674-4600

Operator: Delaware Lottery

Dover Downs Casino operates the Dover Downs Sportsbook, which covers various sports, including the most popular ones. The sportsbook also offers betting markets for niche sports like MMA. The casino features five restaurants and two bars for visitors to enjoy food and drinks between placing bets. The facility also includes a horse racing betting area for live racing and simulcast wagers.

Harrington Raceway and Casino

Address: 18500 S. Dupont Highway, Harrington, DE 19952


Phone Number: (302) 398-4920

Operator: Delaware Lottery

Harrington Raceway and Casino provide a retail sportsbook called Murphy’s Race and Sportsbook. The sportsbook offers betting options for professional football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, soccer, and auto racing. College football and basketball betting are also available. Visitors can enjoy the sportsbook’s sports bar, where they can watch the latest action and savor delicious food prepared by Sous Chef George Parker.

Delaware Lottery Locations

The Delaware Lottery operates Sports Pick, a parlay betting system available at 112 retailers across the state. Here are some of the lottery retailers where Sports Pick is available:

Name Address Phone Number
301 Plaza 920 Middletown Warwick Road, DE 19709 (302) 376-8111
Airport Discount Liquors 1148 Bay Road, Dover, DE 19901 (302) 674-8370

Delaware Responsible Gambling Resources

Delaware provides resources for responsible gambling. If you or someone you know is struggling with gambling addiction, consider seeking help from the following organizations:

Delaware Problem Gambling – This organization offers programs and services for problem gamblers, including support meetings, a helpline, and online live chat. Contact them at (888) 850-8888.

Gamblers Anonymous – Gamblers Anonymous organizes support groups through in-person meetings and Zoom calls. They offer a hotline available 24/7 at (855) 222-5542.

The Delaware Lottery operates a self-exclusion program that allows individuals to prohibit themselves from wagering at any of the state’s three casinos. If you voluntarily exclude yourself from gambling and still gamble while on the self-exclusion list, you may be committing a Class A misdemeanor. All winnings from gambling during the self-exclusion period will be forfeited.

Staff members at the casinos that provide retail sportsbooks are trained to recognize and handle problem gambling situations. Contact information for problem gambling resources is available at these casinos.

Teams to Bet on in Delaware

Delaware does not have any major league sports teams due to its relatively small population. However, residents have access to professional teams in neighboring states. Here are some popular sports teams near Delaware:

District of Columbia

  • Washington Commanders (NFL)
  • Washington Wizards (NBA)
  • Washington Nationals (MLB)
  • Washington Capitals (NHL)


  • Baltimore Ravens (NFL)
  • Baltimore Orioles (MLB)

New Jersey

  • New Jersey Devils (NHL)
  • New York Giants (NFL)
  • New York Jets (NFL)

New York

  • New York Yankees (MLB)
  • New York Mets (MLB)
  • New York Knicks (NBA)
  • New York Rangers (NHL)
  • New York Islanders (NHL)
  • New York Giants (NFL)
  • New York Jets (NFL)


  • Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)
  • Philadelphia Phillies (MLB)
  • Philadelphia 76ers (NBA)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)
  • Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB)
  • Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL)

Delaware also has minor league sports teams that attract local sports fans. These include the Wilmington Blue Rocks, a baseball team affiliated with the Washington Nationals, and the Delaware Blue Coats, an NBA G League team affiliated with the Philadelphia 76ers.

College Sports

Delaware has several college sports teams, including:

  • Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens – University of Delaware (NCAA Division I)
  • Delaware State Hornets – Delaware State University (NCAA Division I)

How Does Delaware Compare to Other States?

When comparing sports betting in Delaware to other states, several factors come into play:

Market Coverage

Delaware allows betting on major professional sports leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. Niche sports like MMA and soccer are also available for betting. College sports betting is legal, but residents cannot wager on in-state college teams. While online sportsbooks offer a wider range of niche sports, Delaware’s market coverage is already quite extensive.

Competitive Odds & Prices

All retail sportsbooks in Delaware, as well as the Delaware Lottery’s Sports Pick, use odds provided by Caesars. Caesars, a well-established brand, offers competitive betting odds. However, retail sportsbooks in Delaware do not typically offer odds boosts or promotions often found on online betting sites.

Gambling Revenue

Delaware has a high revenue hold of 14.9%, which is the highest among US states. The state has collected a significant amount in taxes from sports betting. However, neighboring states like New Jersey have higher betting revenues per person, showcasing the potential for Delaware’s market to expand further if online sports betting becomes available.

Betting Taxes

Gambling winnings are taxable, and individuals must declare their winnings to the IRS. Delaware residents also pay state income tax on their gambling winnings. Sportsbooks and operators must pay various taxes as well, including employee taxes and excise taxes on betting handles.

Overall, Delaware’s sports betting market is robust and competitive, and the state has seen significant revenue from sports betting. However, the potential for growth and expansion exists, especially if online sports betting becomes available.

Who Oversees Sports Betting in Delaware?

The Delaware Lottery is responsible for overseeing sports betting in the state. The lottery provides licenses for the three retail sportsbooks and operates the Sports Pick betting system. The Delaware Lottery ensures the safety of personal and financial information, collects and distributes taxes, and enforces responsible gambling measures in the state.

5 FAQs About Delaware Sports Betting

1. Is betting legal in Delaware?

Yes, both online and retail sports betting are legal in Delaware.

2. Who governs sports betting in Delaware?

The Delaware Lottery governs sports betting in the state. It licenses casinos to provide retail sportsbooks and operates the Sports Pick parlay betting system.

3. How old do you have to be to bet in Delaware?

The legal gambling age in Delaware is 21. You must provide a valid photo ID to prove your age when placing bets.

4. When did sports betting launch in Delaware?

Sports betting launched in Delaware on June 5, 2018, when Governor John Carney placed the first legal retail sports bet at Delaware Park.

5. Where can I bet on sports in Delaware?

You can place bets at the three licensed retail sportsbooks in Delaware: Delaware Park Casino, Dover Downs, and Harrington Raceway and Casino.

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