Delays in Kansas Sports Betting Regulations: What’s Causing the Setback?

Analyzing the Prospect of Legalized Sports Betting in Kansas

Kansas is creating a buzz among analysts and bettors as the potential for legalized sports betting looms. However, officials suggest that wagering may not commence until after the football season kick-off, ensuring that all necessary processes and regulations are in place. Let’s explore the details and timeline of Kansas sports betting.

Uncertainty Over the Go-Live Date

According to Todd Allen, the Director of the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission (KRGC), a specific “go-live date” for sports betting has not been established yet. In a recent interview with Covers, Allen acknowledged that several processes still need to be completed before launching legalized sports betting in the state. The KRGC is expected to discuss and potentially approve temporary regulations during their meeting on August 12.

Timeline Set by Senate Bill 84

The sports betting legislation, Senate Bill 84, outlined various timelines for key processes. By August 1, the KRGC should have set parameters for background checks, with the commission commencing those investigations by August 15. Additionally, the Kansas Lottery is responsible for establishing licensing processes for online sportsbooks by September 1, as stated in the law.

Delayed Start for Football Season

Despite hopes that wagers would be accepted in time for the football season, it now appears unlikely. With college games starting over Labor Day weekend and the NFL season commencing on September 8, the processes may not be completed in time. Director Allen acknowledged the potential disappointment but emphasized the importance of ensuring a safe and honest betting environment for bettors.

Cory Thone, spokesperson for the Kansas Lottery, reassured the public that progress is underway. While the process is ongoing, the focus remains on developing a functional, secure, and safe product for users. Therefore, an early September launch for live and online sports betting is still plausible.

The Growth Potential of Sports Betting in Kansas

The legalization of sports betting in Kansas opens doors for significant industry growth. Let’s explore the key aspects of the legislation that contribute to this potential expansion.

Taxation and Casino Involvement

Under the sports betting law, a 10 percent tax will be imposed on revenue generated from sportsbooks. This taxation structure provides a favorable environment for the growth of the industry. Furthermore, four state-owned casinos, namely Boot Hill Casino and Resort, Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway, Kansas Star Casino, and Kansas Crossing Casino and Hotel, have been authorized to offer sports betting services. These casinos can also collaborate with up to 50 retailers to provide betting kiosks at various business locations.

Online Sportsbooks and Partnerships

Senate Bill 84 grants authorization for up to 12 online sportsbooks in Kansas. Casinos can establish partnerships with up to three online operators to offer their services to bettors. The potential for online sportsbooks provides convenience and accessibility to a broader audience, further cementing the growth prospects of the industry.

Partnerships with Renowned Sportsbook Providers

Several partnerships have already been announced, signaling the interest of major players in the Kansas sports betting market. Industry giants like BetMGM, FanDuel, Caesars, and DraftKings have expressed their intent to offer online betting services in the state. These partnerships bring expertise and a strong presence to Kansas, strengthening the overall market attractiveness.


While the exact timeline for the launch of legalized sports betting in Kansas remains uncertain, the state is moving forward with the necessary processes and regulations. Officials prioritize the development of a safe and honest betting environment, aiming to deliver a functional, secure, and user-friendly product to bettors. With a favorable taxation structure, involvement of state-owned casinos, and partnerships with renowned sportsbook providers, Kansas is poised for significant growth in the sports betting industry.


1. Will Kansas legalize online sports betting?

Yes, Senate Bill 84 authorizes up to 12 online sportsbooks in Kansas. Casinos can form partnerships with up to three online operators, enabling online sports betting for residents and visitors.

2. How will the revenue from sports betting be taxed in Kansas?

The sports betting law in Kansas imposes a 10 percent tax on revenue generated by sportsbooks. This tax structure aims to support industry growth while providing a source of revenue for the state.

3. Which casinos in Kansas are authorized to offer sports betting services?

Four state-owned casinos have been authorized to provide sports betting services in Kansas: Boot Hill Casino and Resort, Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway, Kansas Star Casino, and Kansas Crossing Casino and Hotel. These casinos can also collaborate with retailers to establish betting kiosks in various business locations.

4. When can we expect live and online sports betting to launch in Kansas?

Although an exact date is yet to be determined, there is a possibility of live and online sports betting launching in early September. The Kansas Lottery and relevant agencies are diligently working to ensure the functionality, security, and safety of the product before its release.

5. Which major sportsbook providers are planning to offer online betting in Kansas?

Industry leaders such as BetMGM, FanDuel, Caesars, and DraftKings have already announced their partnerships to offer online betting services in Kansas. These reputable sportsbook providers bring their expertise and recognized brands to the state, enhancing the overall sports betting experience for users.

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