Dominant Ankalaev Secures Another Victory, Ngannou’s Injury Requires Surgery

Magomed Ankalaev’s Impressive Performance Earns Him Title Shot Consideration

Magomed Ankalaev showcased his skills and made a strong case for a light heavyweight title shot in his bout against Thiago Santos at UFC Fight Night 203. The event, held on Saturday night, witnessed Ankalaev’s victory through a unanimous decision.

Ankalaev’s Versatility Shines

Magomed Ankalaev displayed his ability to excel in both striking and grappling aspects of the fight. His striking prowess was evident as he confidently engaged in a thrilling battle against Santos. However, Ankalaev didn’t stop there. He utilized his wrestling and grappling skills effectively to secure the win.

The Resounding Victory

With the judges’ scores of 49-46, 49-46, and 48-47 in favor of Ankalaev, there was little controversy surrounding the decision. In fact, out of 19 media scorecards at, 18 favored Ankalaev’s performance.

This victory further solidified Ankalaev’s impressive career record, which now stands at 17-1. Remarkably, he boasts an eight-fight winning streak, with his sole loss occurring during his UFC debut in March 2018. As a result of his recent triumph, Ankalaev currently holds the No. 4 spot in the official UFC light heavyweight rankings, elevating his position as a top contender.

Eyeing the Ultimate Prize

Ankalaev expressed his belief that a title fight is well within his reach. Following the match, he confidently asserted, “I think that I deserve a title fight. But of course, it will depend on the UFC to determine my next opponent.” Aware that the final decision rests with the organization, Ankalaev eagerly awaits his next challenge to further prove his worth.

Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou Requires Knee Surgery

The reigning UFC heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou, is set to undergo knee surgery on March 18. Unfortunately, this procedure will result in a lengthy recovery period of approximately nine months, temporarily sidelining the dominant champion.

A Formidable Run Cut Short

Ngannou’s knee surgery comes at a time when he has been on an impressive winning streak. His most recent victory was against interim champion Ciryl Gane at UFC 270 on January 22. The unanimous decision win marked Ngannou’s sixth consecutive triumph. However, Ngannou’s last fight under his existing UFC contract was the bout against Gane. While the champion’s clause still binds him to the organization for one more fight, Ngannou has made it clear that he will not compete again under the terms of his current agreement.

Negotiations on the Horizon

UFC president Dana White recently disclosed that he had a dinner meeting with Ngannou and intends to continue negotiations with the heavyweight champion. Ngannou’s manager, Marquel Martin, expressed appreciation for the dinner invitation and stated their eagerness to discuss the next chapter in Ngannou’s career on a professional level.

The potential for Ngannou’s future extends beyond MMA. He has expressed an interest in venturing into the realm of boxing and has even hinted at a potential matchup against heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury.

Jake Paul’s Bold Callout and Vision for UFC Fighters

Social media sensation and professional boxer Jake Paul has taken the combat sports world by storm once again, this time by calling out UFC President Dana White on Twitter. In his tweet, Paul stated that he wants to fight Conor McGregor and proposed a unique side bet that could necessitate fundamental changes in UFC fighter compensation and healthcare benefits.

The McGregor Challenge

Paul’s tweet read, “Since you like me now, how about a one-fight UFC deal to fight Conor. If I win, you agree to my UFC fighter pay and healthcare proposal. If I lose, I donate my entire purse to all UFC fighters who make less than $50K a fight and never mention UFC again.

Revolutionizing Compensation and Healthcare

In his proposal, Paul calls for a significant shift in how UFC fighters are paid—a 50% share of company revenue—and comprehensive healthcare benefits. These proposed changes could greatly benefit fighters who, he believes, are currently undercompensated and lack adequate healthcare coverage. By publicly challenging White and the UFC, Jake Paul aims to spark a dialogue that could eventually lead to improved conditions for all fighters.

Keeping Options Open

While Paul’s primary interest lies in facing McGregor, he remains open to other potential matchups as well. Speaking to ESPN, he expressed his willingness to fight Jorge Masvidal, another prominent name in the UFC. Paul acknowledges that defeating these accomplished MMA fighters in their own sport might appear unlikely, but he firmly believes that with unwavering self-belief, any goal can be achieved.


Magomed Ankalaev’s victory over Thiago Santos has firmly placed him in contention for a light heavyweight title shot. With his versatile skills, impressive winning streak, and a strong desire for greatness, Ankalaev has proven himself as a top competitor in the division. Meanwhile, Francis Ngannou’s knee surgery presents a temporary setback in his quest to solidify his status as the UFC heavyweight champion. Negotiations between Ngannou and the promotion will determine the future course of his career. Finally, Jake Paul’s bold callout to Dana White and his proposal for improved compensation and healthcare for UFC fighters highlights the ongoing conversation surrounding fighter welfare in combat sports.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many victories does Magomed Ankalaev have in his UFC career?

Magomed Ankalaev currently boasts an impressive record of 17 wins and just one loss in his UFC career.

2. Who did Magomed Ankalaev defeat in his most recent fight at UFC Fight Night 203?

Magomed Ankalaev emerged victorious in his fight against Thiago Santos at UFC Fight Night 203, earning a unanimous decision win.

3. For how long will Francis Ngannou be out of action due to his knee surgery?

Following his knee surgery, Francis Ngannou is expected to be out of action for approximately nine months during his recovery and rehabilitation.

4. What changes in compensation and healthcare does Jake Paul propose for UFC fighters?

Jake Paul calls for a significant shift in UFC fighter compensation, proposing that fighters receive 50% of the company’s revenue. Additionally, he advocates for comprehensive healthcare benefits for all fighters.

5. Who has Jake Paul challenged to a high-profile fight, and what conditions does he propose?

Jake Paul has issued a challenge to Conor McGregor for a fight under a one-fight UFC deal. He proposed that if he wins, his proposed compensation and healthcare changes for UFC fighters are accepted, but in case of a loss, he would donate his entire purse to UFC fighters earning less than $50,000 per fight.

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