Dominant NBA Teams Extend Winning Streaks: Celtics, Heat, Jazz, Grizzlies

The Hot Streaks: Celtics, Heat, Suns, Grizzlies, and Jazz

Boston Celtics: Big D, Ocho Wins

At the beginning of the final week leading up to the All-Star Break, several NBA teams are on impressive hot streaks. One such team is the Boston Celtics, who have extended their winning streak to eight games in a row. Led by their outstanding defense, the Celtics have been dominant on the court. Their recent success can be attributed to their tenacious defense that allows only 103.6 points per game, making them the second-best scoring defense in the Eastern Conference and the fourth-best in the entire NBA. During their eight-game winning streak, the Celtics have held their opponents to under 97 points in six games, showcasing their lockdown defensive prowess. Additionally, in four of their wins, they limited their opponents to 93 points or fewer. The Celtics have shown their ability to stifle their opponents and control the game with their impressive defensive efforts.

Not only have the Celtics excelled defensively, but they have also been putting up points on the offensive end. Jayson Tatum has been instrumental in their recent success, displaying his scoring prowess by dropping 38 points against the Atlanta Hawks. With their recent winning streak, the Celtics have climbed up to the sixth seed in the standings, but they are still within striking distance of the top spot, sitting just 4.5 games behind the leaders. Despite their impressive run, the Celtics are considered underdogs with odds of +4000 to win the 2022 NBA championship. However, with their strong defensive foundation and Tatum’s offensive brilliance, they are a team to watch out for as they head into the All-Star Break.

Miami Heat: 5 Straight

Another team on a hot streak is the Miami Heat, who have won five consecutive games after enduring a three-game losing streak. They currently hold the top spot in the Eastern Conference standings and have showcased their strength and resilience. The Heat’s recent success can be partly attributed to the return of Bam Adebayo, who has been a key contributor with his scoring and rebounding prowess. In their victory against the Brooklyn Nets, Adebayo recorded 19 points and 14 rebounds, playing a crucial role in their triumph. The Heat have also displayed their offensive capabilities, making them the best over team in the NBA with a 35-22 record in terms of totals.

One significant advantage for the Heat is their favorable schedule for the remainder of the season. They will play 16 out of their final 25 games at home, providing them with a valuable advantage and an opportunity to secure the top spot in the Eastern Conference. The Heat are determined to secure home-court advantage throughout the playoffs, boosting their chances of returning to the NBA Finals. While their odds of winning the NBA championship currently stand at +1200, they are considered strong contenders in the top-heavy Eastern Conference, with odds of +550 to emerge as conference champions.

Phoenix Suns: Still Hot

The Phoenix Suns continue to shine as they maintain the best record in the NBA. With a five-game winning streak under their belt, the Suns have solidified their position at the top of the standings. Their recent victories against tough opponents such as the Chicago Bulls, Philadelphia 76ers, and Milwaukee Bucks have showcased their strength and determination. Notably, the Suns’ win over the Bucks served as a form of revenge for their loss in the 2021 NBA Finals. Their ability to bounce back from defeats quickly has set them apart from the competition, making it challenging for other teams to make up ground on them in the standings.

The Suns currently possess a 4.5-game lead over the Golden State Warriors, who are in second place. Furthermore, they have created a considerable seven-game gap between themselves and the next best teams in the Western Conference. This impressive lead reflects the Suns’ consistency and dominance throughout the season. As a result, their odds of winning the championship have improved, currently standing at +425. The Suns have proven themselves as a force to be reckoned with and will likely continue their impressive run as they strive for success in the postseason.

Memphis Grizzlies: 40 Wins, Jazz Bounce Back

The Memphis Grizzlies have cemented themselves as the third-seeded team in the Western Conference, trailing only the Suns and the Warriors. With 40 wins already to their name, the Grizzlies have embraced their underdog status and constantly exceed expectations. Their success can be attributed to their high-energy style of play, led by the electric Ja Morant. The Grizzlies boast the second-best scoring offense in the west, averaging 113.6 points per game. In fact, they have scored 132 or more points in three out of their last four games, emphasizing their ability to produce significant offensive output.

From a betting perspective, the Grizzlies have been a reliable team, recording an impressive 39-19 against the spread (ATS) record. However, despite their strong performance, they are still considered long shots to win the NBA title, with odds of +2500. The Grizzlies have two more games remaining before the All-Star Break, facing playoff bubble teams like the New Orleans Pelicans and the Portland Trail Blazers. As they continue their journey, their success will largely depend on the performance of Morant and the team’s collective commitment to their fast-paced style of basketball.

The Utah Jazz had a rocky start to the season, but they have managed to stabilize themselves and sit comfortably as the fourth seed in the Western Conference. After enduring a five-game losing streak in January, the Jazz bounced back with a five-game winning streak. Notably, they secured significant victories against tough opponents such as the Denver Nuggets, Brooklyn Nets, and Golden State Warriors. The Jazz’s victory against the Warriors put an end to their nine-game winning streak, solidifying the Jazz’s resurgence.

With two more games remaining before the All-Star Break, the Jazz have the opportunity to extend their winning streak further. They will face the last-place Houston Rockets before taking on the struggling Los Angeles Lakers. Despite their recent success, oddsmakers view the Jazz as underdogs in the championship race, with odds of +1600. However, with Donovan Mitchell’s return from a concussion and the team’s renewed confidence, the Jazz possess the potential to surprise their doubters and make a deep playoff run.


As the NBA season approaches the All-Star Break, several teams are enjoying impressive hot streaks. The Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Memphis Grizzlies, and Utah Jazz have all showcased their strength and potential as they strive for success in the playoffs. The Celtics’ suffocating defense, coupled with Jayson Tatum’s scoring prowess, has propelled them to an eight-game winning streak. The Heat, led by Bam Adebayo’s return, have reclaimed the top spot in the Eastern Conference with their five-game winning streak. Meanwhile, the Suns continue to dominate with the best record in the NBA, while the Grizzlies stand strong in the third seed, showcasing their high-energy style of play. Lastly, the Jazz have overcome early struggles and are now solid contenders in the highly competitive Western Conference. These teams will look to continue their impressive runs as they battle for playoff positioning.


1. Who has the best defense in the NBA?

Currently, the Boston Celtics have the second-best scoring defense in the Eastern Conference and the fourth-best defense overall in the NBA. Their tenacious defense has played a crucial role in their recent eight-game winning streak.

2. Which team has the best odds to win the NBA championship?

As of now, the Brooklyn Nets and the Golden State Warriors have the best odds to win the NBA championship, with odds of +275 each. However, it’s important to note that odds can fluctuate throughout the season based on team performance and other factors.

3. Can the Miami Heat secure home-court advantage throughout the Eastern Conference playoffs?

The Miami Heat have a favorable schedule in the second half of the season, with 16 out of their final 25 games taking place at home. This provides them with an opportunity to secure home-court advantage in the Eastern Conference playoffs and increase their chances of making a deep playoff run.

4. Which team is leading the Western Conference standings?

The Phoenix Suns currently hold the top spot in the Western Conference standings and possess the best record in the NBA.

5. Are the Memphis Grizzlies considered contenders for the NBA title?

Despite their impressive performance and strong positioning in the Western Conference, the Memphis Grizzlies are still viewed as long shots to win the NBA championship, with odds of +2500. However, their high-energy style of play and the brilliance of Ja Morant make them a team to watch out for in the playoffs.

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