Donovan Mitchell Trade Speculations: Knicks, Heat, Hornets, or Stay with Jazz?

The Future of Donovan Mitchell: Speculation on His Next Team

Rumors have been swirling around the NBA about the future of Donovan Mitchell, the star player for the Utah Jazz. Speculation suggests that Mitchell may be traded to a different team, with the New York Knicks being the frontrunner in the betting odds. In this article, we will explore the various possibilities for Mitchell’s next team, including the Knicks, Miami Heat, and other potential trade destinations.

The New York Knicks: A Homecoming for Mitchell?

Many signs point towards the New York Knicks as a prime candidate to acquire Donovan Mitchell in a trade. The Knicks, listed as the betting favorite at -325 odds, have made significant moves in the offseason to position themselves as frontrunners for Mitchell. Growing up in Westchester as a Knicks fan, Mitchell has expressed a desire to play at Madison Square Garden. The Knicks’ acquisition of three future first-round picks in a draft-night trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder further fueled the speculation.

However, the Knicks’ willingness to meet the Jazz’s asking price has been a sticking point in the trade negotiations. The Jazz reportedly want six first-round draft picks, along with up-and-coming players like RJ Barrett and Quentin Grimes. While the Knicks were willing to part with four first-rounders and Barrett, the Jazz declined the offer, preferring either Obi Toppin or Immanuel Quickley along with Grimes and six first-round picks. Negotiations have cooled down recently due to limited interest from other teams and the Jazz’s high asking price.

Miami Heat: Adding a Star to the Roster

Another team in the mix for Mitchell’s services is the Miami Heat, who are listed at +350 odds. The Heat, who came just one 3-pointer short of reaching the NBA Finals last season, are keen on adding a star player to their roster through a trade. Pat Riley, the team’s president, has been monitoring the trade market for Mitchell, as well as players like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. However, the Heat are cautious about leveraging their future and have yet to find the right trade package to secure Mitchell’s services.

The Brooklyn Nets, who currently have Durant and Irving, are not in a rush to trade their star players and can dictate the terms of any deal. The Nets are reportedly interested in a trade package involving Bam Adebayo, which would require them to trade Ben Simmons due to contractual limitations. However, the trade market for Simmons is currently low, resulting in a decline in Durant trade chatter. The Heat’s decision to part ways with six first-round picks and Tyler Herro, the Sixth Man of the Year, remains uncertain.

Other Potential Trade Destinations

While the focus has primarily been on the Knicks and Heat, other teams have emerged as potential trade destinations for Donovan Mitchell. The Charlotte Hornets, listed at +1200 odds, have recently entered the conversation with Mitchell trade rumors swirling in Buzz City. Gordon Hayward, who has expressed a desire to leave the Hornets, may return to the Jazz, where he began his NBA career. However, Ainge’s history with Hayward, including trading him to the Hornets, may affect the likelihood of such a reunion.

The Hornets have assets to offer, including four first-round draft picks, young players like PJ Washington, James Bouknight, Mark Williams, and Kai Jones, as well as veterans like Mason Plumlee and Terry Rozier. However, they face an uphill battle in competing with the Knicks’ potential six first-round picks if the Knicks ultimately meet the Jazz’s demands.

Trade Talks and Future Scenarios

As trade talks continue between the Utah Jazz and interested teams, the future of Donovan Mitchell remains uncertain. The Jazz, who are exploring options beyond the Knicks, have engaged with the Hornets and Washington Wizards, among others. Ultimately, the decision will come down to the trade packages offered by each team and the willingness of the Jazz to part ways with their star player.


Donovan Mitchell’s future in the NBA has become a topic of intense speculation and discussion. While the New York Knicks, Miami Heat, and Charlotte Hornets have emerged as potential trade destinations, the ultimate decision lies in the hands of the Utah Jazz. As negotiations continue, fans eagerly await the resolution of this saga and the unveiling of Mitchell’s next team.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Donovan Mitchell definitely be traded in the offseason?

As of now, it is uncertain whether Donovan Mitchell will be traded in the offseason. Trade talks are ongoing, and multiple teams express interest, but the Jazz are exploring all options and considering the best trade packages available.

2. What is the main obstacle in the Jazz-Knicks trade negotiations?

The main obstacle in the Jazz-Knicks trade negotiations is the difference in the asking price. The Jazz reportedly want six first-round draft picks and talented young players, while the Knicks have been willing to part with four first-rounders and established players like RJ Barrett.

3. Why are the Miami Heat interested in acquiring Donovan Mitchell?

The Miami Heat are interested in adding a star player to their roster to strengthen their chances of winning another championship. Donovan Mitchell’s skills and talents make him an attractive target for the Heat’s trade ambitions.

4. Are there any other teams in the mix for Mitchell’s services?

While the Knicks and Heat have been the primary focus, other teams like the Charlotte Hornets have entered the conversation. The Hornets possess assets and players that could potentially entice the Jazz to part ways with Mitchell.

5. When can we expect a resolution to the Donovan Mitchell trade saga?

The timeline for a resolution to the Donovan Mitchell trade saga is uncertain. Trade negotiations can be complex and time-consuming, involving multiple parties and considerations. Fans will have to patiently await the outcome as teams continue to explore potential trade scenarios.

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