Donovan Mitchell’s Potential Trade to the Knicks

Donovan ‘Spida’ Mitchell Trade Rumors: New York Knicks in the Mix

The NBA trade rumors surrounding Donovan ‘Spida’ Mitchell have gained momentum, with the New York Knicks emerging as a potential suitor. Despite the Utah Jazz expressing their desire to retain their starting shooting guard, the speculation continues to swirl. Let’s explore the details and implications of these trade rumors.

A Locker Room Divide

The Utah Jazz experienced a rift within their locker room during the season, primarily centered around a disagreement between Mitchell and Rudy Gobert. This animosity triggered widespread trade rumors and caught the attention of NBA enthusiasts. Mitchell’s declining willingness to pass the ball to Gobert became a trending topic on NBA Twitter. Additionally, other members of the Jazz grew weary of Gobert’s abrasive behavior and disruptive antics, fueling speculation about potential offseason changes.

Coaching Speculation

In the latter half of the regular season, rumors circulated in Salt Lake City regarding coach Quin Snyder’s future. Some speculated that he could become the next head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers or even replace Gregg Popovich in San Antonio. However, the Lakers’ coaching search narrowed down to Darvin Ham, Terry Stotts, or Kenny Atkinson, dispelling the Snyder-Lakers rumors. Nonetheless, there remains a possibility of Snyder leaving the Jazz, especially if Popovich decides to retire from the Spurs.

The Highlighted Assets: Mitchell and Gobert

If the Utah Jazz opt for a rebuilding phase, their most trade-worthy assets would undoubtedly be Mitchell and Gobert. However, the Jazz have been emphatic about their desire to retain Mitchell, indicating that Gobert may be the one traded. Trade rumors have linked Gobert to teams like the Atlanta Hawks and Charlotte Hornets.

Pulling the Heartstrings: NYC Connection

Mitchell’s ties to the New York City area add an intriguing layer to the trade rumors. Growing up in the suburbs of Westchester, with his father having played professional baseball for the New York Mets, Mitchell has a deep connection to NYC sports. As a young fan, he remained loyal to the struggling New York Knicks.

A Potential Homecoming

Despite having a few years left on his contract, Mitchell has the ability to push for a trade to the Knicks. With a desire to upgrade their roster, the Knicks possess a wealth of young talent that could be used in a potential deal to bring Mitchell to the Big Apple. Following the recent NBA Draft lottery, where the Knicks secured the #11 pick, speculations have been rife that this pick, along with former first-rounder Obi Toppin, could be part of the package offered for Mitchell.

Knicks’ Interest and Engagement

Representatives of the New York Knicks, including standout player Julius Randle, general manager Leon Rose, and former Knicks star Allan Houston, made their presence felt at the first game of the Utah Jazz versus Dallas Mavericks first-round series. Prior to the game, they were seen interacting with Mitchell, further fueling the trade rumors.

A Shift in Focus

Initially, the Knicks seemed more inclined to pursue Jalen Brunson rather than trading for Mitchell. However, following the Mavericks’ advancement to the Western Conference Finals, they may be motivated to retain Brunson as part of their core team around Luka Doncic. Consequently, the Knicks’ attention has likely redirected towards bringing Mitchell back to his hometown.

Implications and Odds

As the trade rumors intensify, it’s worth noting that the New York Knicks were initially considered unlikely contenders for the 2023 NBA championship, with odds set at +20000. In contrast, the Utah Jazz held better chances with +4000 odds. These odds reflect the potential impact of Mitchell’s move to the Knicks and the ensuing transformation of both teams.

In Conclusion

The Donovan ‘Spida’ Mitchell trade rumors continue to captivate NBA fans, with the New York Knicks emerging as a potential trade destination. While the Utah Jazz remain adamant about keeping Mitchell, the prospect of a trade involving Rudy Gobert looms. Mitchell’s ties to New York City, coupled with the Knicks’ desire to upgrade, create an intriguing storyline that could reshape the futures of both teams involved.


1. Will Donovan Mitchell be traded to the New York Knicks?

While trade rumors suggest that Donovan Mitchell could be traded to the New York Knicks, it is important to bear in mind that the Utah Jazz have expressed their intention to retain him. Only time will tell if the trade speculation materializes.

2. Why are the New York Knicks interested in acquiring Donovan Mitchell?

The New York Knicks are motivated to strengthen their roster and bring in an exceptional talent like Donovan Mitchell. As a New York native and fan of the Knicks during his upbringing, Mitchell’s potential acquisition holds enormous appeal for the franchise and its fanbase.

3. Which teams have shown interest in trading for Rudy Gobert?

Trade rumors have indicated the Atlanta Hawks and Charlotte Hornets as potential suitors for Rudy Gobert. However, it is worth noting that trade deals are complex and subject to various factors, making it difficult to predict with certainty which team will ultimately acquire Gobert.

4. How would a trade for Donovan Mitchell impact the New York Knicks?

If the New York Knicks were successful in acquiring Donovan Mitchell, it would undoubtedly bolster their roster and elevate their chances of contending in the NBA. Mitchell’s scoring prowess, combined with his defensive capabilities, would significantly enhance the Knicks’ competitiveness.

5. Are the odds of the Knicks winning the 2023 NBA championship affected by trade rumors?

As trade rumors circulate, oddsmakers may adjust the Knicks’ chances of winning the 2023 NBA championship. However, these odds are dynamic and subject to change based on various factors, including team composition and performance.

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