DraftKings Sponsors UNLV’s Gaming Innovation Program

DraftKings Partners with UNLV to Fund Center for Gaming Innovation

DraftKings Expands Its Presence in Nevada

Despite not currently operating in Nevada, DraftKings has recently entered into a multi-year sponsorship agreement to support the Center for Gaming Innovation at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). The deal involves the creation of an innovation studio on campus and highlights DraftKings’ commitment to future growth and development in the industry. While mobile sportsbook registration is not yet permitted in Nevada, DraftKings recognizes the importance of Las Vegas as a hub for innovation in the gaming industry.

Supporting Research and Development at UNLV

The $100,000 sponsorship from DraftKings will specifically fund a research and development studio in UNLV’s Stan Fulton Building. This investment aims to enhance the university’s gaming innovation program and provide students with the opportunity to collaborate in a professional setting, transforming their creative ideas into tangible casino games. In return, DraftKings will benefit from prominent signage and recruitment opportunities on campus.

UNLV’s Impressive Innovation Program

UNLV’s gaming innovation program was established in 2013 by former Governor Brian Sandoval and his Office for Economic Development. With an initial grant to train students in gaming technology, the program has already yielded impressive results. Since its inception, students enrolled in the program have filed eight product patents, seven of which have been successfully commercialized in the casino industry. UNLV’s partnership with DraftKings is expected to further solidify the center’s role as an incubator for groundbreaking ideas and the development of new gaming products.

DraftKings’ Vision for the Future

As online sports gambling gains legalization in various states, DraftKings aims to expand its presence and capitalize on the emerging opportunities. Paul Liberman, co-founder and CEO of DraftKings, believes that UNLV is the ideal partner to shape the future of the gaming industry. He emphasizes the importance of nurturing talent and exploring next-generation technologies to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. The partnership with UNLV’s Center for Gaming Innovation not only grants DraftKings access to cutting-edge ideas from the Gaming Innovation studio but also strengthens their relationship with the Las Vegas community.

DraftKings’ Las Vegas Office

Although DraftKings is not licensed to operate in Nevada, the company established a satellite office in Las Vegas in 2018. Employing around 300 people, the office primarily focuses on customer service and fraud-related matters. This local presence further demonstrates DraftKings’ commitment to the Las Vegas community and its recognition of the city’s importance in the gaming industry.

Partnerships Between Gaming Companies and Universities

The collaboration between DraftKings and UNLV is not the first of its kind. In September, the University of Colorado signed a sponsorship agreement with PointsBet, making it the second university program to partner with a sportsbook. These partnerships highlight the increasing cooperation between gaming companies and academic institutions, fostering innovation and creating new opportunities within the gaming industry.


DraftKings’ sponsorship of UNLV’s Center for Gaming Innovation reaffirms its dedication to advancing the gaming industry and fostering talent within the field. By investing in research and development at UNLV, DraftKings aims to stay at the forefront of technology and innovation. As the landscape of online sports gambling continues to evolve, partnerships between gaming companies and universities like this one will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is DraftKings currently operating in Nevada?

No, DraftKings is not currently licensed to operate in Nevada.

2. How will the sponsorship benefit UNLV students?

The sponsorship will fund a research and development studio at UNLV’s Stan Fulton Building, providing students with a professional setting to collaborate and transform their creative ideas into viable casino games.

3. Has UNLV’s gaming innovation program been successful so far?

Absolutely! Since its establishment, students enrolled in the program have filed eight product patents, seven of which have been successfully commercialized in the casino industry.

4. Why is DraftKings interested in partnering with UNLV?

DraftKings recognizes UNLV as a leading institution in developing and nurturing talent in the gaming industry. They believe UNLV’s Gaming Innovation studio will provide invaluable insights and ideas to help shape the future of the gaming industry.

5. Does DraftKings have a physical presence in Las Vegas?

Yes, DraftKings opened a satellite office in Las Vegas in 2018, employing around 300 people primarily in customer service and fraud-related roles.

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