El Cortez Casino Guard’s Death Leads to Prison Sentence in Las Vegas

On December 15th, 2020, Ingrid Martin, a security guard at El Cortez Casino, was fatally shot by her ex-boyfriend, Christopher Prestipino. This tragic incident has had a lasting impact on the Las Vegas casino industry and the lives of those who knew Martin. The sentencing of her perpetrator and his involvement in the crime have highlighted the need for employee safety protocols and the importance of addressing domestic violence issues within the gambling industry. The incident received widespread media coverage and has sparked conversations about what measures can be taken to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. In this article, we will provide a detailed account of the incident, the subsequent trial and sentencing of the perpetrator, and the impact of the incident on the Las Vegas casino industry. It is our goal to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the incident and its aftermath while keeping a high school level audience in mind.

The Incident

On the night of December 15th, 2020, a tragic incident occurred at El Cortez Casino leading to the death of Ingrid Martin, a security guard who was peforming her duty. Unfortunately, Martin got caught in the crossfire between her ex-boyfriend, Christopher Prestipino, and another woman whom he accused of stealing from him.

Prestipino had called upon his accomplices, Cassandra Garrett, and Lisa Mort, to help him “teach a lesson” to the woman he believed had stolen from him. Despite Martin’s attempts to intervene, she was fatally shot by Prestipino.

The motive behind Christopher Prestipino’s act was the conflict he had with the other woman, and his actions ultimately resulted in the wrongful death of Martin. Casinos and the broader Las Vegas community have felt the impact of this tragedy and are working to improve the safety protocols of their employees and shrug off such incidents.

It is a tragedy that such incidents continue to take place in places that are meant to be havens for entertainment and fun. The next section of the article will discuss the aftermath of the incident and the various steps taken by the El Cortez Casino to ensure the safety of its employees.

The Aftermath

The tragic incident that took place at El Cortez Casino had a profound impact on the Las Vegas casino industry. The entire community was shaken by the senseless death of Ingrid Martin, a much respected and well-liked security guard. Her death highlighted the need for improved employee safety protocols, prompting several casinos, including El Cortez, to take action.

El Cortez Casino’s response was swift. The company immediately reviewed its safety protocols for all employees, and strengthened them where necessary, even though their existing protocols were already quite comprehensive. They added more security cameras, mandated that employees use personal protective gear during their shifts, and strictly enforced a “no weapons” policy for security personnel.

The community responded as well, with Martin’s colleagues at the casino establishing a scholarship fund in her name. This fund provides financial support to individuals pursuing a career in security or law enforcement.

While the tragedy of Ingrid Martin’s death will never be forgotten, her legacy will promote a safer work environment for all casino employees. The situation underscores the need to establish standard safety protocols at all casinos in Las Vegas. The actions of El Cortez Casino and its staff provide a blueprint for how businesses can improve employee safety protocols, thereby creating a more secure and supportive work environment, while remembering their fallen colleagues.

The Trial and Sentencing

In May of 2021, Christopher Prestipino was found guilty of first-degree murder with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit murder, and kidnapping resulting in death. The trial lasted several weeks and included a mixture of physical and testimonial evidence. Jurors heard from witnesses, including the victim’s family members and the defendant’s accomplice. The evidence presented clearly demonstrated the heinous nature of the crimes committed by Prestipino.

The charges were severe, and justice was served as he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. In addition to this, an additional sentence of 27 to 71 years was added for the other charges, related to the kidnapping plot and the disposal of the victim’s body. The sentencing was a major win for the victim’s family and casino staff. It is important to recognize the efforts of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in bringing Prestipino to justice. This type of crime has no place in any workplace, and its impact can be long-lasting on all those touched by the tragedy. The sentencing is expected to set a precedent for similar cases in the future, as the Las Vegas casino industry continues to prioritize the safety of its employees and guests.

Las Vegas is known for its luxurious casinos and bustling nightlife. However, incidents like the El Cortez Casino guard’s death have led to increased concerns regarding employee safety in the industry. It is crucial for casinos to take proactive measures and work towards ensuring the safety of their staff.

While El Cortez Casino step forward to implement more stringent safety protocols like adding more cameras to the property, there are still challenges related to employee safety in the Las Vegas casino industry. Employee safety should be considered the highest priority of every casino in Las Vegas. Each casino should ensure they have the following in place:

– Annual Employee safety training programs that cover the casino’s safety protocols
– Identification checks for all guests entering the property
– Employee emergency response procedures that cover medical emergencies, active shooter situations, and other possible threats
– Regular security assessments done on the workplace
– Installation of extensive camera systems

As the casino industry continues to evolve, it is vital that safety is put at the forefront. Having a safe working environment is the right of every employee, and the industry has a unique responsibility to provide this. It is in the interest of every casino in Las Vegas to ensure their employees feel safe and appreciated.


In conclusion, the trial involving the death of Ingrid Martin has brought about a mixed range of emotions among the residents of Las Vegas. The incident has highlighted the importance of ensuring safety protocols for employees within the casino industry. As subject matter experts, our website Kustom Betting aims to provide comprehensive coverage of the incident’s details and its impact on the industry.

We have discussed the details of the incident that led to Martin’s death and highlighted the steps taken by El Cortez Casino to improve safety protocols for their employees. The trial, leading to Christopher Prestipino’s life sentence, has brought justice to Martin’s death, and we have provided a detailed overview of the trial proceedings.

Moreover, we have emphasized the need for all casinos in Las Vegas to address employee safety protocols to ensure the safety of their staff and employees. The incident has brought to light ongoing issues related to employee safety within the casino industry, and we hope that the necessary changes will be implemented to prevent future tragedies.

In summary, the death of Ingrid Martin at El Cortez Casino has brought about significant changes in the casino industry of Las Vegas. Our hearts go out to Martin’s family and loved ones, and we hope that such incidents never happen again in the future of the gambling industry.


  1. What happened to Ingrid Martin at El Cortez Casino?

    Ingrid Martin, a casino security guard at El Cortez Casino, was killed by Christopher Prestipino and two others as part of a plot to steal money from her home.

  2. What was the motive for Ingrid Martin’s murder?

    Christopher Prestipino targeted Ingrid Martin because she was known to carry large amounts of cash with her for gambling. The three perpetrators intended to rob her home and steal the money.

  3. What was the outcome of the trial for Ingrid Martin’s murder?

    Christopher Prestipino was found guilty of murder, kidnapping, and conspiracy charges related to Ingrid Martin’s death. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

  4. What steps did El Cortez Casino take to improve employee safety protocols after Ingrid Martin’s death?

    El Cortez Casino implemented new security measures, including increased security personnel, additional surveillance cameras, and mandatory employee safety training sessions.

  5. What ongoing safety issues exist for employees in Las Vegas casinos?

    Employees in Las Vegas casinos continue to report concerns related to safety and security in the workplace, including verbal abuse and physical assault from customers, inadequate training and support, and insufficient access to emergency response resources.

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