Endeavor’s Revised Bid for OpenBet Reflects Dwindling Sportsbook Valuations

Endeavor Lowers Bid for OpenBet Amid Stock Market Correction

Last week, Endeavor made the decision to reduce its offer for OpenBet to $800 million, down from its initial bid of $1.2 billion, reflecting a significant 33% price reduction. This change in offer comes at a time when the sports betting industry is facing the brunt of a stock market correction.

Endeavor’s Journey and Acquisition

Endeavor made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange in April 2021, marking a significant milestone. Following this achievement, in September, Endeavor announced its intention to acquire OpenBet, a move aimed at expanding its presence in the sports betting market.

A Shift in Valuations

When the deal between Endeavor and OpenBet was agreed upon in September, sports betting company valuations were at their peak. The transaction involved a payment of $1 billion in cash along with $200 million worth of Endeavor’s stock to Light & Wonder (formerly Scientific Games), the parent company of OpenBet. However, since then, the stock prices of Endeavor, as well as other key players in the sports betting industry like DraftKings and Flutter Entertainment, have plummeted.

Market Correction Impacts Sports Betting Stocks

Endeavor, known for its ownership of UFC and the WME talent agency, experienced a favorable period last year. After a failed attempt to go public in 2019, the company successfully raised $511.2 million through its stock market debut in April 2021. This influx of funds allowed them to make notable acquisitions such as OpenBet and 10 MiLB teams.

However, the tides have turned in the gambling sector this year, particularly affecting companies associated with sports betting. The valuation of these companies, including Endeavor, has taken a hit.

Stock Performance Comparison

Company 12 Month High 12 Month Low Percentage Off High
DraftKings $64.58 $9.77 -84.9%
Entain PLC £2,500.00 £1,118.50 -55.3%
Flutter Ent. £16,275.00 £7,600.00 -53.3%
Endeavor $35.28 $17.42 -50.6%

The Plight of Sports Betting Stocks

Stock market darling DraftKings has experienced a massive decline of over 80% from its peak. Entain, the joint-owner of BetMGM, hasn’t fared any better either, witnessing a more than 50% decrease in value during the market downturn. Similarly, Flutter Entertainment, parent company of FanDuel, also took a hit in the market selloff.

Although the industry has seen a modest recovery from its 12-month lows, it remains fragile and vulnerable. Consequently, Endeavor now has the leverage to renegotiate its acquisition of OpenBet.

Endeavor’s Strategy and OpenBet’s Appeal

For Endeavor and Light & Wonder, the buyer and seller in this deal, both parties are willing participants, even with the reduced offer. Endeavor is keen to combine its sports data and streaming enterprise, IMG Arena, with OpenBet’s advanced sportsbook technology.

On the other hand, Light & Wonder is currently undergoing a significant restructuring process. The company recently sold its lottery business for an impressive $5.8 billion to Brookfield Business Partners, a private equity group. Going forward, OpenBet no longer aligns with Light & Wonder’s strategic direction, as acknowledged by CEO Barry Cottle.

Cottle stated, “Endeavor is the right partner for OpenBet. The amended agreement provides a simplified path to closing the transaction, ensuring greater speed and certainty while unlocking substantial benefits for OpenBet and Light & Wonder.”

Although the revised deal will result in significant financial adjustments for Light & Wonder, it grants the company an opportunity to move forward strategically. The official closure of the agreement is expected in the next quarter.


Endeavor’s decision to lower its bid for OpenBet amidst the stock market correction reflects the current challenges faced by the sports betting industry. The diminished valuations of key players, including Endeavor, have provided an opportunity for renegotiation. With the strategic alignment between Endeavor’s IMG Arena and OpenBet’s sportsbook technology, this acquisition aims to harness the synergies of both entities. As Light & Wonder undertakes its restructuring efforts, the amended agreement with Endeavor allows for a simplified and beneficial transaction for all parties involved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How has the stock market correction affected Endeavor’s bid for OpenBet?

The stock market correction has prompted Endeavor to lower its bid for OpenBet by 33%, reducing it to $800 million from the initial offer of $1.2 billion. This adjustment reflects the industry-wide impact of the market downturn on sports betting securities.

2. What prompted Endeavor’s interest in acquiring OpenBet?

Endeavor aims to merge its sports data and streaming enterprise, IMG Arena, with OpenBet’s advanced sportsbook technology. This strategic alignment allows Endeavor to enhance its offerings and expand its presence in the sports betting market.

3. How have other sports betting stocks been affected by the market correction?

The stock prices of prominent sports betting companies such as DraftKings, Entain PLC, Flutter Entertainment, and Endeavor have witnessed significant declines ranging from 50% to over 80% from their respective 12-month highs. The industry as a whole has experienced a downturn amid the stock market correction.

4. What factors led to the renegotiation of the acquisition agreement between Endeavor and OpenBet?

The overall decline in sports betting company valuations, paired with Light & Wonder’s strategic restructuring efforts, created an opportunity for Endeavor to reevaluate the terms of the acquisition. Both parties found common ground in agreeing to a revised deal that aligns with their respective objectives.

5. When will the revised agreement between Endeavor and OpenBet be finalized?

The amended agreement is anticipated to be officially closed in the next quarter, once all necessary approvals and regulatory processes are completed. This will mark the completion of the acquisition of OpenBet by Endeavor, enabling the integration of its technology and services within the broader Endeavor portfolio.

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