Enhanced Excitement: Unleashing the Triple Play Pick 3 Wager, NYRA Adds Extra Thrills to Betting Experience

The NYRA Triple Play: A New Wager at Belmont Park

Belmont Park’s upcoming spring/summer meet brings exciting news for horse racing enthusiasts. The New York Racing Association (NYRA) has introduced a brand new wager called the NYRA Triple Play. This wager is set to add a thrilling element to the final three races of Belmont Park’s Sunday cards, providing an opportunity for eager bettors to showcase their skills and luck.

A Rewarding Wager for Everyday Players

NYRA’s Triple Play Pick 3 wager, with a minimum bet of $3, offers an enticing betting option for fans. However, it is important to note that the Triple Play does have a higher takeout rate of 24%. In comparison, the NYRA Cross Country Pick 5 comes with a lower takeout rate of 15%. Nevertheless, this 24% takeout is the standard for NYRA Pick 3 wagers, ensuring consistency across their offerings.

Launching at the Start of Belmont Park’s Meet

The NYRA Triple Play will make its debut on May 1, coinciding with the first Sunday of Belmont Park’s highly anticipated spring/summer meet. This meet, spanning 44 race days, promises an exhilarating season of horse racing action. Importantly, each Sunday of the meet will feature a mandatory payout of the net pool, making it an excellent opportunity for players to take home their winnings.

Dedicated to Core Customers

The introduction of the Triple Play demonstrates NYRA’s commitment to its loyal fan base. This retail-only wager is designed specifically to reward the everyday player. Horse racing enthusiasts can indulge in placing their bets at the track, simulcast facilities, or on ADW platforms. By offering a wager exclusively available at physical locations, NYRA aims to enhance the overall experience for its core customers.

The Evolution of NYRA Wagers

The NYRA’s decision to introduce the Triple Play follows a series of previous adjustments to their wagering options. Last year, the 20-cent Empire Pick 6 Jackpot wager was replaced by a $1 Pick 6 exclusively available to retail customers. Prior to that, the Late Pick 5 and Cross Country Pick 5 wagers were also restricted to retail customers only. These developments highlight NYRA’s efforts to continually adapt and improve their wagering menu.

A Sunday-Only Wager

While the NYRA Triple Play offers an exciting new betting opportunity, it is important to note that it is limited to Sundays. This means that horseplayers will not be able to engage in the Triple Play wager on June 11, also known as Belmont Stakes Day. This highly anticipated racing day features eight Grade 1 races, including the final leg of the Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes. Nonetheless, Sundays throughout the Belmont Park meet will be adorned with the thrill and excitement of the Triple Play.

Aqueduct’s Spring Meet Conclusion

As the NYRA gears up for the spring/summer meet at Belmont Park, it’s worth mentioning that Aqueduct’s 15-day spring meet will come to a close on Sunday. The conclusion of this meet marks a transition for both NYRA and horse racing enthusiasts, as the excitement shifts to the upcoming meet at Belmont Park.


The introduction of the NYRA Triple Play at Belmont Park’s spring/summer meet brings a fresh and enticing wagering option for horse racing fans. With its focus on rewarding everyday players and offering a unique betting experience, the Triple Play is set to captivate enthusiasts. As the Sunday-only wager launches on the first Sunday of the meet, players will have the chance to enjoy thrilling moments of anticipation with every stride down the Belmont Park track.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I place a Triple Play wager online?

No, the Triple Play is a retail-only wager. It can only be made at the track, at simulcast facilities, or on ADW platforms.

2. How much is the minimum bet for the Triple Play?

The minimum bet for the Triple Play is $3.

3. What is the takeout rate for the Triple Play?

The Triple Play has a takeout rate of 24%, which is the standard for NYRA Pick 3 wagers.

4. Is the Triple Play available on Belmont Stakes Day?

No, the Triple Play is limited to Sundays and therefore cannot be wagered on Belmont Stakes Day.

5. What happens if there is an unclaimed pool for the Triple Play?

Each Sunday of the Belmont Park meet features a mandatory payout of the net pool, ensuring players can take home their winnings.

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