Eric Hansen Triumphs at Airthings Masters, Secures Spot in Quarterfinals: Unraveling the Unassailable Odds

Eric Hansen’s Remarkable Performance at the Airthings Masters

Canadian chess streamer Eric Hansen has made waves in the chess world with his outstanding performance at the Airthings Masters. Despite being ranked 237th in FIDE’s official world rankings, Hansen finished fifth after the round-robin portion of the online rapid event, securing a spot in the quarterfinals.

Hansen’s Surprising Success

Eric Hansen, known for his strong chess skills, exceeded expectations at the Airthings Masters. With a standard rating of 2606, he managed to defeat renowned players like Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi, setting himself up for success in the tournament.

As the event progressed, Hansen’s steady performance put him in a strong position to secure a spot in the quarterfinals. However, in the 14th round, he faced Alexandra Kosteniuk, who scored her only win of the tournament against Hansen. Despite this setback, Hansen remained determined.

In the final round, Hansen faced Germany’s Vincent Keymer and secured a draw, officially securing his place in the final eight. Reflecting on his incredible run, Hansen described it as a dream come true and expressed his gratitude for the support he received from fans.

Hansen’s Underdog Status

Although Eric Hansen’s impressive performance has earned him praise from fans and experts, oddsmakers still view him as an underdog in the competition. Bwin lists him as a +1400 pick to win the Airthings Masters, with Andrey Esipenko being the favorite with odds of -250 in their upcoming quarterfinal match.

Magnus Carlsen’s Battle Against COVID and Qualification

Magnus Carlsen, the reigning World Champion, faced his own challenges during the Airthings Masters. Battling the aftermath of a COVID-19 infection, Carlsen struggled to find his rhythm in the early stages of the tournament.

On the first day of the round-robin play, Carlsen scored just 1.5 points in four rounds due to a lack of energy. Despite his difficulties, the Norwegian chess prodigy managed to secure a place in the quarterfinals, finishing second behind Ian Nepomniachtchi.

Carlsen acknowledged his subpar performance and admitted the toll his illness had taken on him. However, he remained determined to improve and make a mark in the knockout stage of the competition.

Airthings Masters Odds

Bwin currently considers Magnus Carlsen the favorite to win the Airthings Masters, with odds of -115. He is followed by Ian Nepomniachtchi (+500) and Ding Liren (+600) in the odds rankings. Carlsen recognizes the need to elevate his game to claim the first title of the Champions Chess Tour season.

In the quarterfinals, Carlsen will face Liem Le Quang, who secured the eighth position in the tournament. Bwin predicts Carlsen as the -800 favorite in this matchup, showcasing his determination to fight for victory regardless of the opponent.


The Airthings Masters has witnessed exceptional performances from unexpected sources, with Eric Hansen and Magnus Carlsen making their mark in the competition. Hansen’s remarkable journey as a Canadian chess streamer has captured the attention of chess enthusiasts, while Carlsen’s battle against adversity adds a compelling narrative to the tournament.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did Eric Hansen perform in the Airthings Masters?

Eric Hansen stunned the field by finishing fifth in the round-robin portion of the Airthings Masters, securing a place in the quarterfinals.

2. Who did Eric Hansen defeat to set himself up for success?

Hansen scored wins over Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi, among other renowned players, in the Airthings Masters.

3. What challenges did Magnus Carlsen face during the tournament?

Carlsen battled the aftermath of a COVID-19 infection, which affected his energy levels and performance in the early stages of the tournament.

4. Who is considered the favorite to win the Airthings Masters?

Magnus Carlsen is currently the favorite, with odds of -115, followed by Ian Nepomniachtchi and Ding Liren.

5. Who will Magnus Carlsen face in the quarterfinals?

Carlsen will compete against Liem Le Quang in the quarterfinals.

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