Everton’s Heartwarming Gesture: Extending a Helping Hand to Ukrainian Refugees with Complimentary Tickets for Dynamo Kyiv Friendly

Dynamo Kyiv: Promoting Ukraine’s Cause Through Football

Dynamo Kyiv, one of Ukraine’s most prominent football clubs, has taken on a noble mission to promote Ukraine’s cause and show solidarity with the victims of the Russian invasion that devastated millions of lives. Through a series of friendly matches played all across Europe, Dynamo Kyiv aims to raise awareness and support for war victims and refugees.

Under the banner of the ‘Tournament for Peace,’ Dynamo Kyiv’s players wear the Ukrainian flag on their backs as a tribute to the war victims and as a symbol of unity in the face of adversity. This powerful gesture reinforces their commitment to the cause and serves as a reminder to people worldwide about the ongoing situation in Ukraine.

The Tour for Peace: Spreading Hope and Support

Dynamo Kyiv embarked on a remarkable journey, playing matches in various European countries, including France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Turkey, and Romania, among others. The proceeds from these games were dedicated to charities that tirelessly work to support war victims and refugees. The driving force behind this impactful tour was Dynamo Kyiv’s manager, Mircea Lucescu. He took swift action after the Russian invasion, realizing the importance of showcasing solidarity and raising international awareness.

As Mircea Lucescu emphasizes, “We are trying to make a statement through our football. It’s really important for people to come together during these times. These games are not only attended by football fans but also by refugees seeking solace and a sense of belonging. Additionally, these events serve as a platform to support various charities. Football has the power to touch hearts and inspire hope in the face of adversity.”

Everton Joins the Cause: Supporting Ukrainian Refugees

In a heartwarming display of support, Everton Football Club will be offering free tickets to Ukrainian refugees for the upcoming friendly game against Dynamo Kyiv on 29 July at Goodison Park. The proceeds generated from the match, including donations from supporters, will be directed towards humanitarian organizations working tirelessly to assist Ukraine during these challenging times. Everton also made a significant contribution of $600,000 to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal in March, further strengthening their commitment to the cause.

Champions League Ambitions and Resilience

Dynamo Kyiv, despite facing tremendous challenges amidst the ongoing crisis, remains determined to make an impact on the football field. After almost eight months without an official match, Dynamo kicked off their campaign with a hard-fought 0-0 draw against Fenerbahce in the Champions League second qualifying round. The first leg, held in Lodz, Poland, set the stage for an intense rematch scheduled to take place in Istanbul.

With Dynamo Kyiv at +270 to progress to the third qualifying phase of the Champions League and Fenerbahce at -500, the teams are engaged in a fierce battle on the pitch. While football’s immediate future remains uncertain due to the prevailing circumstances, Dynamo Kyiv’s resilience and determination shine through.

A Glorious Past: Dynamo Kyiv in the Champions League

Dynamo Kyiv has a notable record in the UEFA Champions League. The club successfully reached the group stage in both 2020 and 2021, showcasing their prowess among Europe’s elite. However, the eruption of the Russian invasion disrupted the Ukrainian league, leading to the cancellation of all results for the previous season at the domestic level.


Dynamo Kyiv’s ‘Tour for Peace’ serves as a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the unifying power of football. By embarking on this noble mission, Dynamo Kyiv not only raises awareness but also generates significant support for war victims and refugees. Through their actions, they send a resounding message of hope and solidarity to the people of Ukraine and the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How did Dynamo Kyiv’s ‘Tour for Peace’ come about?

A1: Dynamo Kyiv’s manager, Mircea Lucescu, initiated the ‘Tour for Peace’ soon after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Recognizing the importance of raising international awareness and supporting war victims, Lucescu organized a series of friendly matches across Europe.

Q2: How did Dynamo Kyiv contribute to supporting war victims and refugees?

A2: The proceeds from Dynamo Kyiv’s matches during the ‘Tour for Peace’ were dedicated to charities that provide support to war victims and refugees. By using football as a platform, Dynamo Kyiv aimed to make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by the conflict.

Q3: What is the significance of Dynamo Kyiv’s players wearing the Ukrainian flag during the ‘Tournament for Peace’?

A3: The Ukrainian flag worn by Dynamo Kyiv’s players symbolizes their tribute to the war victims and their unwavering commitment to Ukraine’s cause. It serves as a powerful visual representation of unity and solidarity.

Q4: How has Everton Football Club supported Ukrainian refugees?

A4: Everton Football Club has offered free tickets to Ukrainian refugees for the friendly game against Dynamo Kyiv. Additionally, the proceeds from the match and donations from supporters will go towards humanitarian organizations supporting Ukraine. Everton also made a substantial donation of $600,000 to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

Q5: How has the ongoing crisis affected Dynamo Kyiv’s domestic season?

A5: The Ukrainian domestic season is scheduled to kick off next month, with matches taking place in the western part of the country and Kyiv. However, due to the prevailing circumstances, no spectators will be allowed at the matches, creating a unique atmosphere for both players and football fans.

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