Examining the Possibility: Will the Giants Trade RB Saquon Barkley?

New York Giants Considering Trading Saquon Barkley Amid Salary Cap Woes

The New York Giants, under the leadership of newly appointed general manager Joe Schoen, are contemplating the possibility of trading star running back Saquon Barkley. The motive behind this potential move is the team’s struggle to stay within the confines of the salary cap. Schoen has expressed his openness to fielding phone calls from interested teams, indicating their willingness to explore this option.

The Giants’ Struggles and the Need for Change

Last season, the Giants faced immense difficulties, winning only four out of their seventeen games and ending up with one of the worst offenses in the NFL. With a paltry average of just 15.2 points per game, they ranked as the second-lowest scoring team in the league, surpassed only by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

In light of their disappointing performance, the Giants made substantial changes to their coaching staff and management. They parted ways with head coach Joe Judge after two tumultuous seasons, during which the team’s record stood at 10-23. Additionally, general manager Dave Gettleman was relieved of his duties, marking a complete overhaul of the organization’s leadership.

New Leadership and Rebuilding Efforts

In their pursuit of a fresh start, the Giants underwent an exhaustive search for a new head coach. Ultimately, they appointed Brian Daboll, who previously served as the highly successful offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills. Daboll’s proven track record brings hope for an offensive resurgence in New York.

To assist Daboll in shaping the team’s future, the Giants also brought in Joe Schoen as their new general manager. Schoen, previously the assistant general manager for the Bills, faces the daunting task of rebuilding a team that is currently in disarray. With a roster assembled by the ineffective Gettleman, Schoen and Daboll face significant challenges to turn the Giants into a winning franchise once again.

Barkley’s Uncertain Future

A pivotal decision lies ahead regarding the fate of Saquon Barkley. The talented running back, selected as the second overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, is set to earn $7.2 million in the upcoming season, which marks the final year of his rookie contract. Trading Barkley presents an opportunity for the Giants to address their salary cap concerns and potentially move on from an injury-prone player.

While Brian Daboll expresses a desire to have Barkley as an integral part of the Giants’ offense, the final say rests with Joe Schoen. Undoubtedly, Barkley is a talented player who has proven his worth in his rookie season, accumulating impressive statistics and displaying remarkable potential. However, injuries have plagued him throughout his career, causing him to miss a significant number of games in subsequent seasons.

Since his impressive debut, Barkley has missed a total of 21 games due to various injuries. He struggled with an ankle injury in 2019, sat out most of the 2020 season after tearing his ACL, and missed four games in 2021 due to a sprained ankle. Consequently, his on-field contributions have been limited in recent years.

In the 2021 season, Barkley played in 13 games, totaling 593 rushing yards and two touchdowns on 162 carries. He averaged just 3.7 yards per carry, considerably lower than his rookie average of 5.0. As a dual-threat player, Barkley also caught 41 passes for 263 yards and two touchdowns. Overall, his 2021 performance yielded four touchdowns and 856 yards from scrimmage.

Trade Prospects and Implications

The Giants’ willingness to entertain trade offers for Saquon Barkley stems from their desire to alleviate salary cap constraints while potentially acquiring valuable assets in return. After analyzing the odds provided by DraftKings, it is evident that the Giants are not favored to win Super Bowl 57, as they are listed among the bottom five teams on the NFL futures board with +6500 odds.

Trading Barkley presents an opportunity for the Giants to address multiple needs within their roster. By freeing up cap space, they can aim to acquire high-caliber players who can contribute to their rebuilding efforts. However, any potential trade must align with the Giants’ long-term vision and offer significant value in return.


The New York Giants, under new management, are currently evaluating the possibility of trading star running back Saquon Barkley. This decision arises from the team’s pressing need to navigate the salary cap challenges they face. Although Barkley possesses immense talent, injuries have limited his contributions in recent seasons, prompting the organization to explore this potential trade.


1. What led to the decision to consider trading Saquon Barkley?

Due to the New York Giants’ financial constraints and the recurring injury concerns surrounding Saquon Barkley, the team is open to exploring a potential trade to address these issues effectively while acquiring valuable assets in return.

2. Who is the new head coach of the New York Giants?

The Giants appointed Brian Daboll as their new head coach. Daboll previously served as the offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills and has a proven track record of success.

3. How have injuries impacted Saquon Barkley’s career?

Barkley’s career has been marred by various injuries, causing him to miss a significant number of games since his promising rookie season. An ankle injury, ACL tear, and sprained ankle have all contributed to his limited on-field appearances.

4. What are the Giants’ aspirations for the upcoming season?

The Giants face an uphill battle in their quest for success in the upcoming season. They have been listed among the bottom five teams on the NFL futures board, making it evident that their aspirations for Super Bowl 57 are currently low.

5. How does trading Saquon Barkley impact the Giants’ roster?

Trading Barkley would provide the Giants with additional salary cap flexibility and the opportunity to acquire players who align with their long-term vision for the team. This could contribute to their ongoing efforts to rebuild the roster and improve their chances of success in the future.

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