Exploring Swearing in Online Gaming: The Universe of Profanity

The Foul-Mouthed World of Online Gaming: A Statistical Analysis

In the realm of online gaming, one thing is abundantly clear – swearing is ubiquitous. Whether you dive into a session of Call of Duty or embark on a single match in FIFA, you are bound to encounter a passionate, angry, or over-excited player expressing their emotions through a stream of curses. At KustomBetting.com, we have delved into this foul-mouthed phenomenon among gamers, conducting an in-depth study to uncover the fascinating statistics behind the type of gamers who are most likely to offend and the expletives that dominate conversations in different games. Our research has taken us to the depths of Reddit, where we scoured over 40,000 comments in gaming subreddits to gain insights into the personalities within the online gaming community and how they engage publicly.

Foul-Mouthed Findings: A Closer Look

If you are seeking a clean, child-friendly atmosphere, or perhaps you enjoy engaging in a heated slanging match with fellow players, our observations will shed light on the vibrant language used by gamers across a variety of platforms and games. Here are a few highlights from our extensive research:

  • The most commonly used swear word across all games is “s**t”.
  • F-bombs, in their various forms, dominate in the harshest gaming communities.
  • PC gamers top the charts when it comes to swearing, while Xbox players are the least likely to use foul language.
  • Overwatch surpasses Call of Duty when it comes to the frequency of expletives.
  • Starcraft and Minecraft maintain a level of relative cleanliness in their gaming communities.

Most Popular Profanities: Exploring the Words Gamers Use

Let’s take a broad view across all games to understand the most commonly used swear words. Unsurprisingly, the word “s**t” claims the top spot, which may not be overly offensive to many, though some may prefer to avoid seeing it in their gaming experience. There is also a notable prevalence of the word “f**k” and its various iterations. For a comprehensive breakdown of the swear words used by gamers across all subreddits, refer to the infographic below:

Our meticulous analysis uncovered a total of 837 instances of swearing within 26,207 different comments across 14 subreddits. This translates to roughly one swear word per 31 comments. Surprisingly, the majority of gamers on Reddit actually refrain from using profanities, demonstrating that the gaming community is not as profane as some may assume. However, it is important to note that many comments contain multiple swear words, suggesting that the frequency of profanity may be higher than our initial estimation. Despite this, it remains highly likely that you will encounter some colorful language when exploring any gaming subreddit.

Swearing by Gaming Platform: A Platform-by-Platform Analysis

Gamers clearly have a proclivity for expressing themselves through colorful language, and this remains true when it comes to their preferred gaming platform. Curious to uncover which platform boasts the saltiest language on their respective subreddits, we examined comments related to PC gaming, PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Our analysis revealed a total of 543 swear words across all platforms. As depicted in the chart below, PC gamers emerged as the ones with the foulest mouths, with a staggering 185 instances of swear words. They were closely followed by PS4 players, showing that passion runs deep in the online gaming community.

Interestingly, the Nintendo Switch, often seen as the most child-friendly platform of the four, surprisingly had more instances of swearing compared to the Xbox subreddits. This finding may cause concern for some parents who expected a cleaner gaming environment on the Nintendo Switch.

When it comes to the choice of swear words, “s**t” reigns supreme across all platforms. Additionally, variations of “f**k” are widely used. However, it is worth mentioning that “c**t,” considered as one of the most serious expletives, appeared only once and was used by one player on the PS4 subreddit.

Community Cursing: Analyzing Swearing in Popular Games

Now, let’s explore the swearing habits exhibited in discussions around ten popular games from around the world.

Diablo: The Cleanest Among Them

Diablo, despite its intense gameplay, surprisingly emerges as the cleanest game among those surveyed. After analyzing over 102 posts, we found a mere 25 instances of swear words. Notably, the words “f**k,” “f*****g,” and “f****d” account for over half of the profane language used in Diablo-related discussions.

Heroes of the Storm: The Heroes Who Mind Their Language

The Heroes of the Storm subreddits demonstrated one of the least offensive language usages across the surveyed games. With only 60 occurrences of swear words recorded in 2,451 comments across 102 posts, it is evident that players of this game exercise restraint in their choice of language.

Fallout 4: Limited Vocabulary, Limited Profanity

Similar to Diablo, Fallout 4 exhibits a limited usage of swear words. Out of a total of 54 instances, all but five comprised variations of “s**t” or “f**k”. Interestingly, the remaining five swear words all belonged to the category of “a*s”, which is considered relatively less offensive.

Starcraft: Mild Swearing in Space

Starcraft, the intergalactic game, boasts a relatively clean subreddit when it comes to swearing. Among the swear words recorded, “s**t” accounted for nearly half of all profanity used in discussions related to this game.

Global Offensive: Profanity Matches the Name

True to its name, Global Offensive doesn’t hold back when it comes to offensive language. While it exhibits lower instances of profanity compared to Dota 2, the game still witnessed players using swear words 171 times. More than a third of posts featured the F-word or its variations, while “s**t” also found its way into conversations quite frequently.

Overwatch: A F***ing Swearing Fiesta

Overwatch players seem particularly fond of the F-word and its many variations. In fact, this expletive accounted for over two-thirds of all swear words used in discussions surrounding the game. The Overwatch subreddit can be quite colorful indeed.

DotA 2: A Champion in Swearing

According to our research, when it comes to swearing, DotA 2 takes the crown. With 184 instances of profanity detected within 3,845 comments, it is clear that swear words are an integral part of the game’s culture. Swear words such as “s**t,” “f**k,” and “f*****g” were liberally deployed by users within this subreddit.

Call of Duty: Surprisingly Clean Conversations

Contrary to expectations, discussions revolving around Call of Duty featured surprisingly low levels of profanity. Despite analyzing 102 posts, we encountered only 82 instances of profanities. The F-word, along with its variations, was the most frequently used expletive, appearing 53 times in total.

Minecraft: A Clean Haven for Gamers

In a fortunate turn for parents, Minecraft subreddits maintain a reputation for being among the cleanest gaming communities. Out of the ten games surveyed, Minecraft exhibited the third-lowest usage of swear words, with only 52 instances detected. Interestingly, the most popular profanity within this game was “f*****g,” rather than “s**t”.

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