Exploring Trade Opportunities: New York Knicks Actively Shopping Julius Randle

The New York Knicks’ Trade Plans: Acquiring Donovan “Spida” Mitchell

In the buzzing realm of trade rumors surrounding the New York Knicks, the latest whispers suggest that the team is aiming to trade their star player, Julius Randle, in order to secure a massive deal for the talented Donovan “Spida” Mitchell of the Utah Jazz. The Knicks have set their sights on the exciting prospect of bringing Mitchell to Madison Square Garden, but the Jazz president, Danny Ainge, seems more inclined towards acquiring draft picks rather than taking on veterans like Randle, who also carries a hefty multiyear contract.

Knicks’ Push for Mitchell

The trade talks have revealed that Ainge has asked for an astonishing package of six first-round draft picks, on top of a couple of promising young players, in exchange for Mitchell. Ainge’s recent success in pulling off a trade that netted the Jazz four draft picks and five players in the deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves for Rudy Gobert has set a benchmark that seems exorbitant. Despite the Knicks stockpiling draft picks in the current offseason, the prospect of parting with six first-rounders appears excessive.

Given the Knicks’ willingness to potentially overpay for Mitchell, the Miami Heat find themselves out of the race for his services. Knicks General Manager Leon Rose may need to strike a deal with Ainge, including the six demanded draft picks, if they aim to bring Mitchell to New York. However, this arrangement hinges on the Jazz accepting Randle as part of the trade package. If not, the Knicks will have to negotiate a separate trade for Randle, as having both Randle and Mitchell on the court together may not be an ideal fit.

The Dilemma with Julius Randle

Randle’s situation is an intriguing one. Last summer, the Knicks missed a valuable opportunity to trade him when his stock was at its highest point—a result of his outstanding performance during the 2020-21 season. He led the Knicks to a commendable fourth seed in the Eastern Conference, elevating their standing from the basement of the league. However, the subsequent season did not meet expectations, as the Knicks failed to qualify for the Play-In Tournament.

Randle faced shooting struggles, particularly from beyond the arc, during this underwhelming season. His frustrations were exacerbated as fans, who had once chanted “M-V-P!” at Madison Square Garden, resorted to expressing their disappointment through boos. The relationship between Randle and the fans hit its lowest point when he responded to the booing with a thumbs-down gesture. At that moment, whether they were Wall Street professionals or pizza delivery workers, Knicks fans collectively desired Randle’s departure from the team.

One substantial hurdle hindering a potential trade involving Randle is his high salary. With his extension about to kick in, he is set to earn an average of $26 million over the next four seasons. This significant financial commitment compounds the challenge of finding a team willing to invest in an above-average player who had one stellar season but has since regressed.

The Knicks are seeking to acquire a couple of first-round draft picks in exchange for Randle, as they look to replenish their assets to eventually meet the demands from the Jazz for Mitchell. However, the trade market for Randle is virtually non-existent due to teams being averse to taking on such a large salary. Nonetheless, the Knicks maintain an active approach in exploring potential trade opportunities. One thought is to gauge the interest of teams like the Detroit Pistons or the Portland Trail Blazers in engaging in a trade involving Randle.

Compatibility Issues with Mitchell and Brunson

Sharing a basketball among teammates can become a challenge when dealing with a ball-dominant player or employing an outdated offense that relies heavily on isolation plays. Randle’s style of play favors traditional practices, often opting for isolation plays where he dominates the ball, dribbling extensively before taking a difficult off-balance jump shot while his fellow teammates stand idly by. This approach yielded promising results two seasons ago but proved disastrous in the most recent season.

Unquestionably, Jalen Brunson is a talented point guard capable of delivering a 40-point performance on any given night. The Knicks acquired this promising point guard prospect, who is considered their most valuable addition in two decades. However, Brunson carries a desire to flourish within a free-flowing offense. It is important to note that Brunson departed from the Dallas Mavericks due to his weariness of playing alongside Luka Doncic. Interestingly, if the Knicks cannot find a solution concerning Randle, Brunson may find himself facing a similar situation with Mitchell.

Luka Doncic, the Slovenian wonder, possesses exceptional skills on the court, but the offensive strategies of the Mavericks frequently revolve around him. It can be frustrating to watch Doncic hold onto the ball in a double- or triple-team scenario, leaving his teammates with limited options and forcing rushed shots as the shot clock winds down. If Brunson found the heliocentric offense centered around Doncic difficult to handle in Dallas, he may face similar challenges with Randle monopolizing the ball on a nightly basis.

If the Knicks successfully acquire a high-scoring talent like Mitchell, it would naturally result in diminished touches for Brunson. Additionally, with RJ Barrett’s presence as a slasher in the starting lineup, moving Randle in a trade scenario would offer the Knicks the opportunity to implement a dynamic offense that caters to their guard-heavy lineup.


The New York Knicks find themselves entangled in intricate trade talks, aiming to secure Donovan Mitchell from the Utah Jazz while parting ways with Julius Randle. The allure of adding a player of Mitchell’s caliber to their roster has led the Knicks to ponder unconventional trade packages involving a multitude of draft picks. However, the complexities surrounding Randle’s contract and his fit alongside Mitchell present significant challenges. The Knicks must navigate these trade negotiations strategically, keeping their sights set on building a formidable team capable of making a splash in the highly competitive NBA.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are the New York Knicks actively pursuing a trade for Donovan Mitchell?

Yes, the Knicks are actively pursuing a trade for Donovan Mitchell from the Utah Jazz in their efforts to bolster their roster with a highly talented player.

2. What are the Knicks willing to offer in exchange for Mitchell?

The Knicks have reportedly been asked to part with six first-round draft picks, as well as a couple of promising young players, in exchange for Mitchell.

3. Why is Julius Randle being included in trade discussions?

Julius Randle’s inclusion in trade discussions is primarily driven by his compatibility concerns alongside Mitchell. Additionally, Randle’s high salary poses challenges for the Knicks in finding willing trade partners.

4. How has Randle’s performance influenced trade interest?

Randle’s performance during the 2020-21 season garnered significant trade interest, but his struggles in the subsequent season have dampened his appeal. The Knicks are seeking a couple of first-round draft picks to compensate for his departure.

5. Are there other teams interested in trading for Julius Randle?

The trade market for Julius Randle appears limited due to his high salary. However, teams such as the Detroit Pistons and the Portland Trail Blazers may be potential suitors, and the Knicks could explore trade possibilities with them.

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