Flawless Flavien Prat Starts the New Year with a Spectacular Six Win Streak — Once More!

The Dominance of Flavien Prat at Santa Anita

In an impressive display of skill and talent, Flavien Prat, the renowned jockey, made his mark on New Year’s Day at Santa Anita Park. With a remarkable feat, he won an astonishing six races in a single day, solidifying his position as one of the top riders at the Southern California track.

A Three-Year Streak of Success

This remarkable accomplishment is not new for Prat. In fact, this is the third time in as many years that he has achieved such a feat at Santa Anita. His consistent performances and exceptional riding skills have made him a force to be reckoned with in the racing world.

Joining an Elite Group

By winning six races in a day at Santa Anita, Flavien Prat has joined an elite group of jockeys who have accomplished this impressive feat. Laffit Pincay Jr., Sandy Hawley, and Darrel McHargue are some of the notable riders who have achieved this milestone in the past.

It is worth noting that Laffit Pincay Jr. holds the track record with seven single-day wins, a record that has stood since March 14, 1987.

Coming Close to a Record-Tying Win

Flavien Prat’s exceptional performance on New Year’s Day came tantalizingly close to tying Pincay’s record. With an 11/10 favorite, Beer Can Man, Prat fell just short, losing the Grade 2 Joe Hernandez Stakes by a mere nose to Chewing Gum. Nevertheless, his impressive stakes victories aboard As Time Goes By in the Grade 3 La Canada Stakes and Luck in the Grade 3 Robert Frankel certainly showcased his skill and determination.

A Day of Triumph

The day started strong for Prat as he piloted Queen of Thorns, the 9/10 favorite, to victory in the second race. He continued to impress with a resounding 5 ½ lengths win aboard Smuggler’s Run, the 3/10 favorite, in the third race. Prat showcased his versatility and adaptability by finishing second in the fourth race aboard Invincibella, the 2/1 second choice.

However, his winning momentum returned as he secured a neck victory with Mad Steven, the 6/5 favorite, in the fifth race. Although he fell short in the sixth race, where he finished second in the Joe Hernandez, he went on to triumph in the last three races of the day. Luck in the Frankel, As Time Goes By in the La Canada, and Riding With Dino sealed Prat’s dominance and cemented his status as a top jockey.

The Competition Between Prat and Velazquez

While Flavien Prat’s extraordinary performance drew significant attention, it is important to acknowledge John Velazquez as well. Velazquez, who temporarily moved his tack from New York to California, has been having a commendable meet at Santa Anita’s Winter/Spring Meet.

In the initial four days of the meet, Velazquez has showcased his prowess by securing an impressive 10 wins out of 22 races, amounting to a remarkable 45% winning percentage. However, Prat’s exceptional display of skill has proven that he is a formidable competitor who is here to stay.

At a success rate of 31%, with nine wins out of 29 rides, Prat has already amassed earnings of $795,000. In comparison, Velazquez has accumulated $743,850 in earnings.

The Expert Opinion

Recognized trainers, like Doug O’Neill, have applauded Prat’s exceptional talent and his remarkable achievements at Santa Anita. O’Neill, having witnessed legendary jockeys like Bill Shoemaker and Chris McCarron throughout his career, expressed his admiration for Prat and his belief that the young jockey is destined for greatness. O’Neill confidently labeled Prat as a “legend in the making.”

It is evident that Flavien Prat’s remarkable skills, consistency, and dedication to his craft have garnered commendation and respect from professionals in the industry.


Flavien Prat’s outstanding performance on New Year’s Day at Santa Anita Park demonstrated his exceptional abilities as a jockey. With six wins out of ten races, including high-stakes victories, Prat’s dominance solidifies his position as one of the leading jockeys in the highly competitive world of horse racing.


1. How many races did Flavien Prat win on New Year’s Day?

Flavien Prat won six races on New Year’s Day at Santa Anita Park.

2. How many times has Flavien Prat achieved this feat before?

This is the third time in as many years that Flavien Prat has won six races in a day at Santa Anita Park.

3. Who holds the record for the most single-day wins at Santa Anita?

Laffit Pincay Jr. holds the record with seven single-day wins at Santa Anita.

4. How close was Flavien Prat to tying the record on New Year’s Day?

Flavien Prat came extremely close to tying the record but lost the Grade 2 Joe Hernandez Stakes by a nose.

5. How have Prat’s earnings compared to his competitors?

Flavien Prat has already accumulated earnings of $795,000, surpassing John Velazquez’s earnings of $743,850.

Doug I. Jones

Doug I. Jones

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