Fleet Flightline Prepares for Exhilarating Malibu Stakes Cruise

Flightline: The Frightening and Formidable Contender

It’s no surprise that Flightline, the impressive three-year-old colt, has garnered significant attention and earned a reputation for his blistering speed. So much so that even his rival, Dr. Schivel, won’t be the morning-line favorite in the upcoming Grade 1 Malibu Stakes at Santa Anita Park. Despite Dr. Schivel’s second-place finish in the Breeders’ Cup Sprint and being the favorite in four out of his eight career starts, Flightline’s tremendous potential places him as the likely second choice according to renowned author Jon White.

Flightline Wins Del Mar Allowance

Flightline’s dominance was evident in his previous races, providing undeniable proof of his soaring reputation. In early September, he cruised to victory in a Del Mar allowance race, leaving his rivals a staggering 12 3/4 lengths behind. This outstanding three-year-old is now ready to make his stakes debut in the prestigious Grade 1 Malibu Stakes, a highly anticipated seven-furlong test for three-year-olds.

Flightline Takes Flight to Stardom

Flightline, with only two career starts under his belt, has already achieved remarkable success. His first race, a six-furlong sprint at Santa Anita on April 24, resulted in a dominant 13 1/4-length win as the overwhelming 9/10 favorite. This jaw-dropping debut performance only hinted at the greatness to come. In his second race at Del Mar on September 5, Flightline delivered another sensational performance, outclassing his rivals by an impressive 12 3/4 lengths as the 1/5 favorite.

Such commanding victories, totaling a combined 26-length margin, have cemented Flightline’s status as a rising star in the world of horse racing. Flavien Prat, Santa Anita’s leading jockey, has already experienced Flightline’s extraordinary abilities firsthand. Prat previously rode Dr. Schivel in his last five starts, but for the Malibu Stakes, he has chosen to partner with Flightline. This decision speaks volumes about the potential he sees in Flightline’s talent.

Trainer John Sadler’s Christmas Wish

Trainer John Sadler shares in the excitement and anticipation surrounding Flightline’s Malibu Stakes debut. Speaking with utmost confidence, Sadler expresses his optimism for Flightline’s chances, likening the race to a Christmas gift. Months of meticulous training and preparation have led to this moment. The conditions align perfectly for Flightline: a Grade 1 race for three-year-olds at the ideal distance of seven furlongs.

Sadler emphasizes Flightline’s impeccable training leading up to the Malibu Stakes, leaving no doubts about the colt’s readiness for the challenge. The expectations are high, and Sadler eagerly awaits the opportunity to showcase Flightline’s exceptional abilities. The Malibu Stakes, being one of the three Grade 1 races on the opening-day card, only amplifies the significance of this momentous occasion.

The Fear and Fervor Surrounding Flightline

Unparalleled Workouts Leave Spectators Awestruck

Flightline’s performances in workouts are just as formidable and awe-inspiring as his races. Recently, he completed a sensational five-furlong workout in a lightning-fast time of 1:00.20. This impressive display placed him 12th out of 101 horses working at the same distance that day. It’s worth noting that this particular workout followed three consecutive bullet workouts, all completed in under a minute for the same distance.

In describing the recent workout, Sadler emphasizes Flightline’s effortless demeanor as he gracefully glides across the track. The upcoming Malibu Stakes will mark Flightline’s first encounter with tougher competition, but Sadler and his team embrace the challenge with unwavering excitement. The anticipation builds as racing enthusiasts eagerly await Flightline’s powerful stride and raw speed on display.

Dr. Schivel: A Worthy Rival in Flightline’s Path

While Flightline has captured the attention of racing enthusiasts, Dr. Schivel should not be overlooked. This talented colt managed an impressive winning streak, triumphing in five consecutive races before narrowly succumbing to Aloha West in the Breeders’ Cup Sprint. Notably, two of Dr. Schivel’s victories included Grade 1 triumphs—the Del Mar Futurity and the Bing Crosby Stakes at Del Mar in September and July, respectively.

Trained by Mark Glatt, Dr. Schivel has consistently showcased his agility and prowess on the track. His recent half-mile workout, clocking in at 48.20 seconds, further exemplifies his readiness for the upcoming competition. As Flightline and Dr. Schivel cross paths once again, racing fans eagerly await this thrilling showdown between two formidable contenders.


In the world of horse racing, Flightline has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. His explosive speed, dominant victories, and relentless pursuit of excellence have captivated fans and experts alike. The Grade 1 Malibu Stakes at Santa Anita Park provides a perfect platform for Flightline to assert his dominance among his peers as he faces new challenges.

Celebrate this holiday season with the electrifying clash between Flightline and Dr. Schivel. The stage is set, the anticipation is palpable, and racing enthusiasts around the globe eagerly await the outcome of this momentous showdown.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is the jockey chosen to ride Flightline in the Malibu Stakes?

The jockey chosen to ride Flightline in the Malibu Stakes is Flavien Prat, the leading jockey at Santa Anita Park. Prat’s decision to partner with Flightline speaks volumes about the potential and talent he sees in this exceptional colt.

2. How many races has Flightline participated in before the Malibu Stakes?

Flightline has participated in two races before the Malibu Stakes. In both races, he displayed remarkable dominance, securing victories by substantial margins. These early successes have solidified his reputation as a rising star in the world of horse racing.

3. What is the significance of the Malibu Stakes in Flightline’s career?

The Malibu Stakes holds immense significance in Flightline’s career as it marks his stakes debut. This Grade 1 race for three-year-olds provides Flightline with an opportunity to showcase his exceptional abilities against tougher competition, solidifying his place among the elite contenders.

4. How has Flightline prepared for the Malibu Stakes?

Flightline’s trainer, John Sadler, has meticulously prepared him for the Malibu Stakes over the course of several months. Flightline’s training regimen focuses on building his stamina, refining his speed, and ensuring optimal readiness for this highly anticipated race.

5. Can Flightline maintain his dominance against stronger competitors?

While Flightline’s previous races have showcased his remarkable dominance, the Malibu Stakes will provide him with a new level of competition. Flightline’s exceptional training, raw talent, and unwavering determination make him a formidable contender capable of maintaining his dominance against stronger opponents. Only time will reveal the true extent of Flightline’s capabilities, but all eyes are eagerly watching as this thrilling chapter unfolds.

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