Forecasting the 2022 NFL Season: Analyzing Win Totals for Bills, Bucs, Packers, and Broncos

2022 NFL Win Totals Revealed: Bills and Bucs Lead the Pack


Oddsmakers have recently released the win totals for the upcoming 2022 NFL season, generating a lot of buzz among football fans and bettors alike. The Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have emerged as the frontrunners, with both teams boasting an impressive over/under win total of 11.5. Right behind them are the Green Bay Packers, seen as a strong contender with an over/under win total of 11. Let’s take a closer look at the top teams and their win totals, along with some interesting insights and predictions for the upcoming season.

Top Contenders: Bills, Bucs, Packers, Rams, and Cowboys

The Buffalo Bills, led by their star quarterback Josh Allen, are considered the team to beat this season. With rule changes providing teams with a fairer chance in overtime, the Bills are eager to make their mark and potentially reach the Super Bowl after falling short in the playoffs. Facing a relatively weak AFC East division, including perennially struggling teams like the New England Patriots and New York Jets, the Bills have favorable opportunities to bolster their win totals.

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are coming off a Super Bowl victory and are determined to defend their title. With Bruce Arians stepping down as head coach, Todd Bowles has taken the reins and is expected to maintain the team’s winning ways. Competing in the NFC South, which is perceived as weaker compared to other divisions, the Bucs are well-positioned to surpass their impressive 11.5 win total.

As for the Green Bay Packers, their win total of 11 reflects strong expectations for the team. However, concerns arise due to the uncertainty surrounding the situation with star wide receiver Davante Adams. With Adams’ future in Green Bay uncertain, the Packers might face challenges in replicating the success of their previous seasons, where they secured 13 wins. This uncertainty makes us lean towards the under for the Packers this year.

The defending Super Bowl runner-up Los Angeles Rams, with a win total set at 10.5, are aiming for another strong campaign. Being the second-highest win total among NFC teams reflects the overall strength of the conference. With a target on their backs, the Rams will face tough competition in the formidable NFC West division. However, with a talented roster and an experienced coach in Sean McVay, they have a legitimate chance to meet, or even surpass, their win total.

The Dallas Cowboys, often a team surrounded by drama and high expectations, have a win total of 10.5. Off-field distractions, such as the Jerry Jones paternity suit, could potentially hinder the team’s focus and performance. Despite their star power, the Cowboys have struggled to meet expectations in recent years. Considering both their internal dynamics and a challenging NFC East division, we cautiously predict the under for the Cowboys.

AFC West Battles: Chiefs, Chargers, and Broncos

The Kansas City Chiefs, led by the remarkable Patrick Mahomes, remain a force to be reckoned with, despite the absence of their explosive wide receiver Tyreek Hill. With a win total of 10.5, the Chiefs hold high hopes for the season. However, the AFC West division presents additional obstacles, as the Los Angeles Chargers and the Denver Broncos also boast promising rosters. The Chargers, with Justin Herbert at the helm, have an electrifying offense but have struggled to close out games. Meanwhile, the Broncos’ acquisition of Russell Wilson has generated significant excitement, although it’s crucial to remember that success is far from guaranteed. These factors make the AFC West a highly competitive division, which could impact the win totals of these three teams.

Smashmouth Division: Ravens, Bengals, and Browns

The AFC North, known for its physical style of play, houses three notable teams with identical win totals of 9.5. The Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson, despite no longer being the center of attention, thrive when underestimated. The Cleveland Browns, who recently acquired Deshaun Watson in a trade, have drastically improved their quarterback situation and are poised for success. The Cincinnati Bengals surprised many last season, with rookie quarterback Joe Burrow leading them to an unexpected playoff run. It remains to be seen whether the Bengals can sustain their momentum or if their progress will regress. This unpredictable dynamic adds an intriguing aspect to the competitive AFC North.

AFC South: Colts and Titans Eyeing 10-Win Seasons

In the AFC South, two teams, the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans, are both projected to reach 9.5 wins. The Titans showcased their resilience last season, even in the absence of star running back Derrick Henry due to injury. If Henry remains healthy, the Titans possess the firepower to reach double-digit wins and go even further. On the other hand, the Colts displayed a strong all-around game last season, only missing out on the playoffs due to missed opportunities. With a revamped quarterback situation, the Colts have placed their trust in Matt Ryan, and if he can revitalize his career, the team could surprise many and secure a higher win total.


As we eagerly anticipate the start of the NFL season, the recently unveiled win totals have given us an early glimpse into the potential landscape of the 2022 campaign. The Bills, Bucs, Packers, Rams, and Cowboys emerge as intriguing teams to watch, with certain caveats that might impact their performance. Additionally, battles within the AFC West, the formidable AFC North, and the competitive AFC South give fans plenty to be excited about. It is important to note that these win totals are based on expert opinion and statistical analysis, but as with any sport, surprises and upsets are always around the corner.


1. How are win totals determined for NFL teams?

NFL win totals are set by oddsmakers and sportsbooks based on a range of factors, including team performance in previous seasons, roster changes, coaching staff, strength of schedule, and various statistical models. These factors help in predicting the number of wins a team is likely to achieve in the upcoming season.

2. Can win totals change during the season?

No, once the NFL season begins, win totals are generally fixed and do not change. They serve as a benchmark for bettors to make predictions and place wagers on whether a team will surpass or fall short of the projected win total.

3. What impact can injuries have on win totals?

Injuries can significantly impact a team’s performance and, consequently, their win total. A key injury to a star player or multiple injuries to key contributors can alter the trajectory of a team’s season, potentially leading to a decrease in their win total. Conversely, the return of an injured player can positively influence a team’s chances of surpassing their win total.

4. Are win totals a guarantee of success or failure for a team?

No, win totals should be viewed as a projection or estimate rather than a guarantee of success or failure. While oddsmakers consider various factors to set win totals, unforeseen circumstances, such as unexpected breakout performances, injuries, or coaching changes, can significantly impact a team’s outcome. It’s important to remember that football games are not solely decided by statistics, but also by the intangible aspects of the sport.

5. Can teams still achieve success even if they fall short of their win total?

Absolutely. Win totals provide a benchmark for evaluating a team’s performance, but falling short of the projected win total does not necessarily indicate failure. Many factors contribute to a team’s success, including playoff appearances, the development of young players, team chemistry, and overall growth throughout the season. Teams can still have a successful season and surpass expectations, even if they do not achieve their projected win total.

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