FOX Sports Locks in Long-Term Deal for Thrilling Belmont Stakes Races

FOX Sports Acquires Exclusive Media Rights to Belmont Stakes

FOX Sports has recently made an exciting announcement in the world of horse racing. The network has acquired the exclusive media rights to one of the most prestigious events in the sport, the Belmont Stakes. This eight-year agreement with the New York Racing Association (NYRA) not only includes the Belmont Stakes but also the entire Belmont Stakes Racing Festival. Fans and horseplayers can now look forward to an incredible weekend of racing, featuring renowned Grade 1 events like the Met Mile, the Ogden Phipps, and the Manhattan Stakes.

A New Era for the Belmont Stakes

Starting from 2023, FOX Sports will take the helm in broadcasting the Belmont Stakes, which is the third jewel of the Triple Crown. This exciting development brings a fresh perspective to the iconic race, allowing fans and audiences to experience the captivating moments and witness potential Triple Crown contenders in action.

Expanding the Coverage

The collaboration between FOX Sports and the NYRA goes beyond just the Belmont Stakes itself. The media rights agreement also includes coverage of the Belmont Stakes Racing Festival, a weekend full of thrilling races leading up to the main event. Horse racing enthusiasts can now indulge in top-tier races like never before, enjoying the outstanding talent and fierce competition showcased at Belmont Park.

A Revolutionary Sponsorship

As part of this groundbreaking deal, NYRA Bets, the association’s advance deposit wagering platform, will become the title sponsor of the Belmont Stakes. This groundbreaking partnership marks a significant milestone, as NYRA Bets becomes the first gaming brand to have title sponsorship of a major American sporting event. Furthermore, FOX Sports holds a 25% interest in NYRA Bets, solidifying their commitment to the future of horse racing.

FOX Sports: Revolutionizing the Horse Racing Experience

A Fruitful Partnership

The journey of FOX Sports and NYRA began in 2016, when FOX Sports started covering the Saratoga summer meet. Their show, “Saratoga Live,” quickly gained popularity among racing enthusiasts, thanks to the insights and expertise shared by handicappers Andy Serling and Jonathan Kinchen, as well as trainer Tom Amoss. The partnership expanded in 2019 when FOX Sports took on national TV coverage at Belmont Park, bringing the excitement of the races to viewers across the nation.

Redefining Horse Racing Coverage

With each passing year, FOX Sports enriched its horse racing coverage. In 2020 alone, the network aired an impressive 700 hours of racing, immersing fans in the sport they love. Through their commitment to presenting innovative and informative coverage, FOX Sports has played a crucial role in engaging new fans and sparking a renewed interest in horse racing.

A Shift in the Landscape

This recent acquisition marks a significant change in the horse racing media landscape. For the first time since 2010, the Belmont Stakes will no longer be aired by NBC. Previously, NBC held the rights to broadcast esteemed racing events such as the Triple Crown races and the Breeders’ Cup. However, the dynamic shift has opened up new opportunities for FOX Sports to showcase their expertise in live events coverage and further establish themselves as a prominent media and gaming brand.

FAQs About FOX Sports’ New Ownership of the Belmont Stakes

1. What does FOX Sports’ acquisition of the Belmont Stakes entail?

FOX Sports has acquired the exclusive media rights to the Belmont Stakes, one of the Triple Crown races. This agreement includes coverage of the Belmont Stakes Racing Festival, offering fans an unforgettable weekend of world-class racing.

2. What other races are included in the Belmont Stakes Racing Festival?

The Belmont Stakes Racing Festival consists of several prestigious Grade 1 races, such as the Met Mile, the Ogden Phipps, and the Manhattan Stakes. These races contribute to making Belmont Saturday a standout day for both racing enthusiasts and horseplayers.

3. What is the significance of NYRA Bets’ title sponsorship of the Belmont Stakes?

NYRA Bets, the association’s advance deposit wagering platform, has become the first gaming brand to secure title sponsorship of a major American sporting event. This landmark partnership highlights the growing synergy between horse racing and gaming, paving the way for future collaborations.

4. How has FOX Sports transformed the coverage of horse racing?

FOX Sports entered the horse racing scene in 2016 with their coverage of the Saratoga summer meet. Over the years, they have expanded their broadcasting reach to include Belmont Park and aired over 700 hours of racing in 2020. Their commitment to innovation and informative coverage has captivated audiences and attracted new fans to the sport.

5. What led to the change in broadcasting rights for the Belmont Stakes?

After a decade-long partnership, the Belmont Stakes broadcasting rights shifted from NBC to FOX Sports. This transition marks a turning point in horse racing media coverage, allowing FOX Sports to establish itself as a leader in live events and bring their unique perspective to this prestigious race.

In Conclusion

FOX Sports’ exclusive acquisition of the media rights to the Belmont Stakes signifies a new era for horse racing viewership. With their comprehensive coverage of the Belmont Stakes and the Belmont Stakes Racing Festival, fans will be treated to an unparalleled racing experience. FOX Sports’ commitment to innovation and their partnership with NYRA Bets further solidify their position as a leader in the industry. As we embark on this exciting new journey, let us eagerly anticipate the unforgettable moments and remarkable champions that await us on the track.

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