Foxwoods Casino Resort Shutters Two Hotels

Foxwoods Casino Resort is one of Connecticut’s most prominent casino resorts, which attracts millions of visitors each year. The Foxwoods Casino Resort has been a significant contributor to the tourism industry for Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation. The coronavirus pandemic has struck the travel and tourism industry very hard. Recently, the tribal authorities announced the decision to close two of the prominent hotels under the Foxwoods Casino Resort. These recent events have affected the visitors, employees, and the surrounding economy. The shutdown of the hotels has an enormous impact on the region’s economy in terms of tourism and revenue.

The Foxwoods Casino Resort’s hotel shutdown is a significant event that deserved to be discussed and analyzed further. In the subsequent sections, we will present a thorough analysis of the reasons behind the shutdown and its impact on the visitors and the resort overall. Additionally, we’ll take a closer look at the history and development of Foxwoods Casino Resort to provide a better understanding of the significance of this resort for the region’s economy.

It’s no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world in numerous ways. One of the many industries that have been severely affected is the tourism and hospitality industry. Foxwoods Casino Resort is one such business that has taken a hit due to the pandemic. They recently announced the closure of two hotels as a direct result of the pandemic.

The decision to close two hotels was not a light one for Foxwoods Casino Resort. The pandemic has dealt a significant blow to the business’s finances and operations. This loss is not just limited to the company; the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation has also been affected as they depend on the tourism revenue generated by the casino resort. The pandemic has brought a significant economic impact to the region, leading to some difficult decisions, including the shutdown of these hotel facilities.

Previous Developments at Foxwoods Casino Resort

Foxwoods Resort Casino has been a beloved destination since its founding in 1986. In the years since, the property has expanded to feature six casinos, more than thirty restaurants, golf courses, luxury spas, and extra venue for live entertainment. The resort has been consistently working to expand its offerings through long term investments and renovation plans. In 2014, Foxwoods decided on a large-scale renovation of its Grand Pequot Tower, investing over $20 million to upgrade the forty-one-story building.

Before the pandemic hit, Foxwoods has been attempting to maintain revenues and improve the overall guest experience by investing in technology, redecorating hotel rooms, and adding more bars and specialty restaurants. In addition to their investments, Foxwoods Casino Resort has been at the forefront of green technology, installing a 5.3 MW solar panel array on its roof to decrease its carbon footprint.

The Foxwoods Resort Casino has a significant impact on the region’s economy and tourism. The resort represents an asset for the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, providing jobs to thousand of workers and supplying millions of dollars to local businesses. Additionally, Foxwoods has been a major driver of tourism for the state of Connecticut, contributing to Connecticut’s $14.7 billion tourism industry.

Impact of Hotel Shutdown on Visitors

The temporary closure of two hotels at Foxwoods Casino Resort will undoubtedly have an impact on visitors and their stay experience. The two closed hotels, the Grand Pequot Tower, and Great Cedar Hotel, were two of the four biggest hotels present at Foxwoods. So, what kind of changes will visitors experience as a result of this shutdown?

Those who had already booked rooms in the aforementioned hotels may have to shift to other hotels. This can lead to an inconvenience for those visitors who were looking forward to staying in those specific hotels. Although Foxwoods Casino Resort has assured visitors that it will offer them similar accommodation in other hotels present on the property, guests may not be willing to stay at unfamiliar hotels.

Additionally, visitors staying in other hotels will likely be impacted by the influx of visitors now staying in those hotels. This can affect visitor satisfaction and overall experience at the gaming resort. The closed hotels accounted for a significant portion of the resort’s guest accommodations, so guests may see some level of overcrowding and have to wait longer for hotel amenities.

Overall, the shutdown of the two hotels at Foxwoods has the potential to affect visitor satisfaction and their casino experience. The resort management must take proactive measures to ensure minimal inconvenience to guests.

What’s Next for Foxwoods Resort Casino

With the shutdown of two hotels at Foxwoods Resort Casino, visitors are surely wondering what’s next for the casino. However, Foxwoods isn’t sitting idle. In fact, they have many plans to reopen the closed hotels and add new developments in the near future.

Foxwoods has already announced some new developments, such as a partnership with DraftKings to open the world’s largest sportsbook. The casino has also made a significant investment in a new adventure park that will feature zip-lining, rock climbing, and more outdoor activities. These investments aim to broaden the experience for visitors and provide new attractions for both locals and tourists.

Foxwoods Casino Resort understands what draws customers and what they are likely to participate in. They plan on bringing some of these activities to their casino floors through virtual simulations and interactive events.

Furthermore, Foxwoods is taking steps to support and attract tourism in the post-pandemic era. Among these steps are expanding their shuttle bus services, marketing to new audiences, and offering more incentive packages and deals to keep the casino and economy thriving.

As the casino looks to the future, it’s clear that the long-term strategy of Foxwoods Casino Resort is to enhance and expand the visitor’s experience. With new developments in the works and a renewed focus on tourism, Foxwoods is sure to remain a major player in the casino industry.


In conclusion, the closure of two hotels at Foxwoods Casino Resort is a significant development both for the resort and the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation. With the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the resort has suffered immense losses, and to minimize them, they had to shut down two hotels temporarily.

This move is a tough decision made to survive these unprecedented times, and it’s important to keep the casino resort skillful and profitable to continue to bring wealth to the tribe. Foxwoods has always been a significant player in the region’s economy, and temporary setbacks like this one will not affect the long-standing significance of this institution.

Given the innovative developments of Foxwoods Casino Resort in the past, we can expect management to continue to look for new ways to attract visitors and maintain the excellent reputation the resort is known for. What happens next at Foxwoods Casino Resort is subject to change, but the fact remains that this is a world-renowned institution that we can’t afford to underestimate. We hope for a quick recovery and a prosperous future for the tribe and the institution.


Why is Foxwoods Casino Resort closing two hotels?

The hotels are being closed due to the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the resort’s revenue.

How will the hotel shutdown affect the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation?

The shutdown will result in a financial loss for the Tribal Nation, as tourism revenue is a major source of income for them.

What has been Foxwoods’ previous investment and renovation plans?

Foxwoods has made significant investments in expanding its gaming and entertainment offerings in the past, including the development of a new ballroom and luxury outlet mall.

What options are available for visitors affected by the hotel shutdown?

Visitors impacted by the shutdown will be provided options to shift to other hotels within the resort or receive a refund for their reservation.

What are Foxwoods’ plans for the future?

Foxwoods plans to reopen the closed hotels in the future and continue to invest in new developments to support and attract tourism in the post-pandemic era.

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