Frank Vogel’s Head Coaching Position in Jeopardy with Lakers’ Struggles

The Uncertain Fate of Frank Vogel and the Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers’ Struggles and Potential Coaching Change

Recent rumors have been circulating in Hollywood, suggesting that Los Angeles Lakers’ head coach, Frank Vogel, may be on thin ice and facing the possibility of being fired before the season’s end. The team’s current state of affairs, coupled with the absence of key player Anthony Davis due to a knee injury, has raised concerns about the team’s performance and Vogel’s ability to turn things around. In this article, we explore the Lakers’ struggles, the potential coaching change, and the underlying issues plaguing the team.

Injury Woes and Shooting Struggles

Since Anthony Davis’ MCL sprain in mid-December, the Lakers have faced considerable adversity. Davis’ absence in the lineup has been sorely felt, and the team has struggled to maintain momentum without one of their key contributors. Additionally, Russell Westbrook’s poor shooting performance has been impossible to overlook, with his 3-point shooting percentage at a meager 28.9% and his overall shooting percentages below his usual standards. Opposing teams have taken advantage of his shooting woes, daring Westbrook to shoot from downtown by leaving him wide open.

Playoff Prospects and Championship Odds

Currently, the Lakers find themselves sitting at the 7th seed in the highly competitive Western Conference playoffs. Instead of vying for a top seed alongside powerhouses like the Phoenix Suns, Golden State Warriors, and red-hot Memphis Grizzlies, the team faces the possibility of participating in a play-in tournament. Projections indicate the Lakers finishing the season with around 43 wins, a far cry from their initial championship aspirations. Their NBA championship odds have dropped to a season-low of +1400, demonstrating a decline in confidence from bookmakers.

Uncertainties Surrounding Frank Vogel’s Job Security

Conflicting Reports and Support

The issue of Vogel’s job security has sparked differing narratives, with reports from reputable sources offering contrasting accounts. While an LA Times article affirms that Vogel’s position is safe, an article in The Athletic indicates an imminent coaching change. This contradictory information leaves fans and analysts perplexed about the real situation. Despite doubts surrounding Vogel’s future, the Lakers organization has publicly expressed their confidence in him and the coaching staff, downplaying the possibility of his dismissal.

Past Success and Current Challenges

It is essential to recognize Vogel’s accomplishments, as he led the Lakers to a championship victory just two seasons ago during their NBA Bubble campaign. However, last season’s playoff exit in the first round at the hands of the Phoenix Suns exposed a deeper flaw within the team’s structure. The Lakers lacked a reliable third scorer to alleviate the burden on LeBron James and Anthony Davis. This inadequacy came to the forefront as Davis encountered a groin injury, further compromising the team’s chances.

A Pivotal Period for Vogel

The next few weeks will be crucial for Vogel’s tenure as head coach. Recent signs of a lackluster performance and apparent disengagement by the team during a significant blowout against the Denver Nuggets have raised concerns. Public criticism, such as that levied by Magic Johnson via social media, prompted LeBron James to publicly apologize for the team’s lack of effort. While the Lakers managed to put an end to their losing streak with a resounding victory over the Utah Jazz, the timing of Donovan Mitchell’s injury raises questions about the team’s true capabilities.

The Scapegoat Dilemma

Misplaced Blame on Vogel

If the Lakers management intends to address the true underlying issues contributing to their disappointing season, they should consider a different approach. Instead of making Vogel the scapegoat for the team’s struggles, they should focus on evaluating the performance of general manager Rob Pelinka. The decision to acquire Russell Westbrook in the offseason, while giving up valuable supporting players, has proven misguided and has hindered team chemistry. Pelinka failed to acknowledge the compatibility issues between Westbrook’s style of play and LeBron James’ game, resulting in an imbalanced roster.

Pelinka’s Questionable Offseason Decisions

The ill-fated trade for Westbrook has left the Lakers with limited options moving forward. Players like Kyle Kuzma, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and Montrezl Harrell, who were key contributors in the Lakers’ previous success, have been offloaded for Westbrook. Unfortunately, Westbrook’s statistical achievements come at the expense of team cohesion and success. The Lakers find themselves in a position where they lack the necessary assets to secure impactful trades for players like Myles Turner or Jerami Grant to bolster their lineup alongside Davis.

The Potential Successor: David Fizdale

A Controversial Figure

Should the Lakers choose to part ways with Vogel during the season, assistant coach David Fizdale emerges as a potential replacement. Fizdale’s coaching stint with the New York Knicks and subsequent dismissal, coupled with a short-lived tenure with the Memphis Grizzlies, has left a mixed perception of his coaching abilities.

Rumors and Behind-the-Scenes Discussions

Recent rumors suggest that Fizdale met with Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, general manager Rob Pelinka, and executive Kurt Rambis to address the team’s issues. The exclusion of Frank Vogel from this meeting fuels speculation about his future with the organization. However, it is important to note that Vogel’s coaching credentials and experience surpass Fizdale’s, raising doubts about the potential coaching successor.

Weighing the Options

If the Lakers choose to part ways with Vogel solely as a means to shake up the locker room, it may prove to be an inadequate solution. Vogel’s coaching abilities and track record indicate that he is a better fit for the team than Fizdale. The Lakers should carefully evaluate the root causes of their struggles and avoid making hasty decisions that could hamper their chances of salvaging the season.


In conclusion, the Los Angeles Lakers find themselves dealing with a myriad of challenges that have impacted their performance this season. While the notion of firing head coach Frank Vogel has been circulating, it is crucial to consider the deeper issues affecting the team, including missteps in the offseason and the lack of a cohesive roster. As the Lakers navigate this uncertain period, it remains to be seen whether they will choose to make a coaching change or utilize alternative strategies to address their struggles. With the playoffs approaching, their decisions could be pivotal in determining the team’s future success.


1. Is Frank Vogel’s job in immediate jeopardy?

There are conflicting reports regarding Frank Vogel’s job security. While some sources suggest that it is in jeopardy, others claim that his position as head coach is safe. The Lakers organization has expressed confidence in Vogel, but the team’s performance will likely play a significant role in determining his fate.

2. What have been the Lakers’ main challenges this season?

The Lakers have faced several challenges this season, including key injuries to Anthony Davis and shooting struggles from Russell Westbrook. These obstacles, coupled with an imbalanced roster, have contributed to the team’s underperformance and their current position in the Western Conference standings.

3. Could the blame for the Lakers’ struggles be attributed to General Manager Rob Pelinka?

Some argue that General Manager Rob Pelinka should be held accountable for the Lakers’ struggles. The decision to acquire Russell Westbrook and the subsequent loss of valuable supporting players have hindered team chemistry and left the Lakers with limited options moving forward.

4. Who could potentially replace Frank Vogel as head coach?

Assistant coach David Fizdale has emerged as a potential successor to Frank Vogel if the Lakers decide to make a coaching change. However, Vogel’s coaching credentials and experience make him a better fit for the team, raising questions about the potential successor’s efficacy.

5. What should the Lakers prioritize moving forward?

Moving forward, the Lakers should prioritize addressing the underlying issues that have contributed to their struggles. Evaluating the roster’s composition, exploring potential trades, and fostering team cohesion should be key considerations in their pursuit of success. Additionally, a careful assessment of coaching staff and organizational decisions is necessary to steer the team in the right direction.

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