Fred Hoiberg’s Tenure Secure as Mayor Decides to Stay at Nebraska

The Future of Nebraska Cornhuskers’ Basketball: Fred ‘The Mayor’ Hoiberg Retains Coaching Position

Despite three consecutive losing seasons, the Nebraska Cornhuskers have decided to retain Fred ‘The Mayor’ Hoiberg as their head basketball coach for the upcoming season. However, there is a catch as Hoiberg will have to accept a pay cut. Let’s explore the details of this decision and its implications for the team.

Nebraska’s Struggles

Nebraska’s basketball team has had a challenging season, currently sitting at a disappointing 7-20 overall record and a mere 1-15 record in the Big Ten. Out of the 13 teams in the conference, Nebraska finds itself at the bottom in 13th place. These lackluster performances have marked the team’s three seasons under Hoiberg’s leadership, with a cumulative record of 21-63.

Hailing from the Iowa State Cyclones, where Hoiberg achieved notable success, his transition to Nebraska has been far from smooth. At Iowa State, he led the team to four consecutive trips to the prestigious March Madness tournament, reaching as far as the Sweet 16 in 2014. However, replicating that triumph at Nebraska has proven to be an arduous task.

Restructuring Hoiberg’s Contract

Recognizing the need for change, Nebraska’s athletic director, Trev Alberts, met with Hoiberg to discuss the team’s underwhelming results. Both parties agreed that the current performance was unacceptable. As a result, they decided to restructure Hoiberg’s contract, primarily due to the sizable buyout clause. Originally signing a seven-year contract worth $25 million, Nebraska would have been obligated to pay nearly $18.5 million if they were to sever ties with Hoiberg after this season.

Fortunately for Nebraska, the revised contract lowers the buyout amount to $11 million for the upcoming season. This adjustment gives Hoiberg the possibility of staying for two more seasons. Alberts expressed confidence in Hoiberg’s plan to reorient the program, viewing it as a step towards the long-term success of the men’s basketball program at Nebraska.

Hoiberg himself also conveyed his commitment to the university and his determination to build a successful basketball program at Nebraska. He emphasized the significance of the Lincoln community and the special place it holds for him and his family.

From Player to Coach: The Journey of Fred ‘The Mayor’ Hoiberg

To understand Hoiberg’s background, we need to explore his journey from an esteemed player to becoming a coach, earning him the nickname ‘The Mayor’ along the way.

The Ames Sensation

Born and raised in Ames, Iowa, Hoiberg made a name for himself as an outstanding high school basketball player. Ames embraced him as their most iconic athlete, leading to the affectionate moniker ‘The Mayor’ due to his distinct recognition within the town. Such was his popularity that he even received write-in votes during the 1993 mayoral election in Ames.

Instead of pursuing scholarships from renowned basketball programs, Hoiberg decided to stay close to home and play for the Iowa State Cyclones. He immediately became a starter in his freshman year, appearing in 126 games throughout his college career. Exhibiting impressive skills, in his final two seasons, he averaged 20 points per game. His talent caught the attention of the NBA, and he was drafted as a second-round pick by the Indiana Pacers in the 1995 NBA Draft.

NBA Career and Transition to Coaching

Hoiberg’s professional career spanned ten seasons in the NBA as a backup player. He spent four years with the Indiana Pacers, followed by another four with the Chicago Bulls, and concluded his tenure with two seasons at the Minnesota Timberwolves. During the 2000-01 season with the Bulls, Hoiberg savored his most productive season, averaging 9.1 points and 3.6 assists per game with 37 starts.

Upon retiring from professional basketball, Hoiberg redirected his passion towards coaching. He returned to his alma mater, Iowa State, as the head coach. Initially facing a 16-16 record in his first season, Hoiberg experienced remarkable success in the subsequent four years.

During his tenure at Iowa State, Hoiberg accumulated an impressive 115-66 record, securing four consecutive winning seasons with at least 23 victories per season from 2011-12 to 2014-15. Under his guidance, Iowa State advanced to the Sweet 16 of the March Madness tournament in 2014, showcasing Hoiberg’s adept coaching skills and talent for leading teams to success.

Hoiberg’s NBA Stint and Return to Collegiate Coaching

After his fruitful time at Iowa State, Hoiberg faced a significant decision – to continue coaching at the collegiate level or pursue a coaching position in the NBA. Ultimately, he chose the latter, accepting the head coaching role with the Chicago Bulls in 2015. However, his transition from college basketball to the professional ranks presented its share of challenges.

Challenges with the Chicago Bulls

Hoiberg’s first season with the Bulls showcased promise, as the team achieved a commendable 42-20 record. Although they narrowly missed out on the playoffs, it was an impressive start for Hoiberg in the NBA. In his second season, the team concluded the regular season with a .500 record (41-41) and successfully clinched a playoff berth, only to be eliminated in the first round.

Unfortunately, Hoiberg’s third season was marred by a declining team performance, resulting in a 27-55 record. This downturn in results led to his dismissal after just 24 games into the 2018 season, with the Bulls sitting at a disappointing 5-19 record.

Overall, Hoiberg’s NBA coaching experience with the Bulls was marked by a mixed bag of results, accumulating a record of 115-155 throughout his four-year stint.

Returning to Collegiate Coaching

In 2019, Hoiberg found himself returning to the collegiate stage, specifically as the head coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. This move made sense due to Hoiberg’s familial connections to the state of Nebraska. His grandfather, Jerry Bush, had previously coached at Nebraska in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

However, even with Hoiberg’s reputation as a basketball legend and his fondly remembered nickname ‘The Mayor,’ Nebraska faced difficulties in recruiting top-tier players. The university’s reputation as a football powerhouse overshadowed the basketball program, presenting additional challenges for Hoiberg as he aimed to build a competitive team.

The Path Forward and FAQs

The Future of Nebraska Cornhuskers’ Basketball

With Hoiberg’s contract restructuring and his commitment to the program’s success, Nebraska aims to forge a brighter future for its basketball program. The upcoming seasons will be critical in determining the efficacy of the changes implemented under Hoiberg’s leadership.


1. How has Fred Hoiberg’s coaching tenure at Nebraska been so far?

Despite being saddled with three consecutive losing seasons, Hoiberg will continue as Nebraska’s head coach. The team’s performance has been below expectations, but there is optimism regarding the future with the restructuring of his contract.

2. Will the pay cut affect Hoiberg’s commitment to the program?

Hoiberg remains steadfast in his dedication to building a successful basketball program at Nebraska. Accepting a pay cut demonstrates his commitment to implementing necessary changes and improving the team’s performance.

3. What were the challenges Hoiberg faced transitioning from coaching college basketball to the NBA?

Hoiberg encountered difficulties adapting to the NBA coaching environment after leaving Iowa State. Despite an encouraging start in Chicago, his tenure was plagued by inconsistencies and ultimately resulted in his dismissal.

4. How did Hoiberg’s successful college career at Iowa State contribute to his coaching reputation?

Under Hoiberg’s guidance, Iowa State experienced remarkable success, including four consecutive winning seasons and an appearance in the Sweet 16 of the March Madness tournament. These achievements solidified his reputation as a capable coach, prompting his transition to the NBA.

5. How will Nebraska’s basketball program fare in the coming seasons?

The future of Nebraska’s basketball program is uncertain. However, with Hoiberg’s experience and determination, coupled with the restructured contract and commitment to improvement, there is hope for a more successful and competitive team in the near future.

In conclusion, Fred ‘The Mayor’ Hoiberg’s tenure as the head basketball coach at Nebraska has endured numerous challenges, resulting in three consecutive losing seasons. However, the university has chosen to retain Hoiberg’s services, albeit with a pay cut. Hoiberg’s background as a player and coach, coupled with his commitment to the program’s success, offer potential for a brighter future for the Nebraska Cornhuskers’ basketball program.

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