From Ajax to Old Trafford: Erik ten Hag Nears Manchester United Managerial Role

Erik ten Hag: Manchester United’s New Manager

In an exciting move, Manchester United has found their new manager in Erik ten Hag, according to sources close to the deal. Ten Hag, currently at Ajax, is set to take charge at Old Trafford and lead the club to new heights. This appointment comes after careful consideration of various candidates, including Mauricio Pochettino and Luis Enrique. Let’s explore the details and explore the potential impact of Ten Hag’s arrival at Manchester United.

Ten Hag Emerges as the Top Choice

Among the contenders for the managerial role at Manchester United, Erik ten Hag stood out as the preferred candidate for the club’s hierarchy. After interviews with several candidates, including Pochettino, Enrique, and Lopetegui, Ten Hag’s qualities and track record attracted the attention of the decision-makers at Old Trafford. While Thomas Tuchel and Julian Nagelsmann were also considered, it became clear that they were unlikely to leave their current positions.

Sources in both England and the Netherlands have confirmed that Ten Hag is ready to leave Ajax at the end of the current campaign and join Manchester United. Although the Red Devils have yet to make an official comment on the matter, it is believed that Ten Hag will take on the role as the club’s new manager starting from next season.

Behind the Scenes of the Decision-Making Process

The pursuit of a new permanent manager at Manchester United has been led by football director John Murtough and technical director Darren Fletcher. They have reported to chief executive Richard Arnold, with joint-chairman Joel Glazer having the final say in the appointment of Ten Hag.

Arnold and Glazer both agreed that Ten Hag is the best fit to take charge of Manchester United moving forward. As the current season nears its end, the anticipation builds for the arrival of Ten Hag and the potential positive impact he can have on the club.

A Changing Landscape at Manchester United

Since the departure of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Manchester United has experienced a dip in form. Ralf Rangnick has stepped in as the interim boss since December 2021, but the team’s performance has been inconsistent. The Red Devils have only managed to secure one win in their last six games and were eliminated from the Champions League Round of 16 by Atletico Madrid. In the Premier League, they currently sit in seventh place after 30 rounds, three points behind fourth-placed Tottenham Hotspur.

The appointment of Erik ten Hag brings new hope for Manchester United. With his proven ability to lead and success at Ajax, supporters are eager to see the team regain its winning ways. Finishing in the top four of the Premier League remains a crucial target, as it guarantees access to the elite stage of the Champions League next season.

Ten Hag’s Remarkable Track Record at Ajax

Under Erik ten Hag’s guidance, Ajax has enjoyed tremendous success. The club’s attacking style of football and impressive goal-scoring record have made them a force to be reckoned with. In 208 matches, Ajax has scored a staggering 573 goals, averaging 2.75 per game.

Ten Hag’s success rate at Ajax is an incredible 74%. This impressive statistic reflects his ability to consistently lead his team to victories and maintain high-performance levels. His track record certainly demonstrates his proficiency as a manager.

Ten Hag’s Impact at Ajax

Ajax’s Technical Manager, Gerry Hamstra, has expressed his hope for Ten Hag to stay at the club. However, he acknowledges the realities of the football world and the possibility of Ten Hag’s departure. Since joining Ajax in 2017, Ten Hag has achieved remarkable feats. He led the team to two Dutch league titles, two Cups, and a memorable semifinal appearance in the 2018-2019 Champions League.

Currently, Ajax holds a four-point lead over Paris Saint-Germain in the league. If they can maintain their advantage in the final six games of the season, Ten Hag could add a third championship medal to his already impressive record.


The appointment of Erik ten Hag as Manchester United’s new manager brings a wave of optimism to the club. With his successful track record, emphasis on attacking football, and proven ability to lead, Ten Hag is seen as the perfect candidate to guide the team towards future glory. The upcoming season promises to be an exciting one for Manchester United fans as they eagerly await Ten Hag’s arrival and the positive impact he can make.


1. How does Erik ten Hag’s record compare to previous Manchester United managers?

When compared to previous Manchester United managers, Erik ten Hag’s record stands out. His ability to consistently achieve success at Ajax, both domestically and in European competitions, demonstrates his managerial prowess. Manchester United fans will undoubtedly have high expectations for Ten Hag based on his impressive track record.

2. What can Manchester United fans expect from a Ten Hag-led team?

Under Erik ten Hag’s guidance, Manchester United fans can anticipate an attacking style of play and a focus on high-intensity football. Ten Hag’s emphasis on attacking prowess was evident during his tenure at Ajax, where the team scored an impressive number of goals. Supporters will likely see an exciting and entertaining brand of football under his leadership.

3. How will Ten Hag’s arrival impact the current squad?

Erik ten Hag’s arrival is expected to have a positive impact on the current Manchester United squad. His reputation as a strong leader and motivator, coupled with his tactical acumen, can inspire players to perform at their best. Ten Hag’s track record suggests that he can elevate individual performances and bring out the best in the team as a whole.

4. Will Ten Hag prioritize the development of young talent at Manchester United?

Throughout his career, Erik ten Hag has shown a commitment to developing young talent. At Ajax, he oversaw the growth of several promising players who have gone on to achieve great success. It is likely that Ten Hag will continue to prioritize the development of young players at Manchester United, fostering a culture of youth progression within the club.

5. What challenges might Ten Hag face at Manchester United?

As the manager of Manchester United, Erik ten Hag will face several challenges. The high expectations from fans and the media, as well as the intense competition in the Premier League, will test his abilities. Additionally, balancing the demands of domestic and European competitions may require strategic squad management. However, with his experience and proven track record, Ten Hag is well-equipped to tackle these challenges head-on.

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