Full House Resorts Enters Illinois, Opens Temporary Casino in Waukegan

Full House Resorts, a leading casino and resort development company, has recently announced its expansion into the Illinois market by opening a temporary casino in Waukegan. This new project marks a significant milestone for Full House Resorts as they enter the highly competitive Illinois casino industry.

Full House Resorts has an extensive history of successful casino operations in several states, including Nevada, Colorado, and Indiana. Their portfolio of casino and resort developments features luxurious hotels, gaming, and entertainment amenities that appeal to a wide range of customers. This new project in Waukegan is no exception and has already garnered attention from both locals and tourists.

The temporary casino in Waukegan is expected to provide a boost to the local economy and generate significant revenue through gaming and hotel services. This development comes as a result of Full House Resorts’ strategic planning and expansion efforts, which reflects their commitment to providing innovative and sustainable gaming experiences.

As Full House Resorts continues to develop their presence in Illinois, their project in Waukegan serves as a critical component of their overall expansion strategy. In subsequent sections, we will delve further into Full House Resorts’ operations in other states, the casino industry in Illinois, and the future of their operations in the Illinois market.

The Casino Industry in Illinois

Illinois has embraced casino gambling since 1990; the state first legalized riverboat casinos. Currently, there are ten riverboat casinos, three land-based casinos, and one horse track racino operating.

Illinois is one of the largest states in America in terms of gambling revenue, with the casino industry generating billions of dollars in economic activity statewide yearly. The highly competitive market, which has a revenue of $1.6 billion annually, is dominated by the Las Vegas-based operator Caesars Entertainment, which has three casinos and over 50% market share. Harrah’s has recently been acquired by the regional casino operator Penn National Gaming Inc, leading Penn National to gain a significant presence with three casinos in Illinois.

Several regulatory change has seen low revenue casinos concede market share to Caesars and Penn National Gaming. These changes include regulatory changes such as a cut in tax rates for casinos and provisions permitting land-based casinos’ operation since 2019. The expanded gaming operations in Illinois have also increased competition. Countries like Rockford, Danville, and Waukegan are licensed for new casino projects, and other casinos like Boyd Gaming’s Par-A-Dice Casino and MGM Resorts International’s Grand Victoria Casino Riverside are watching out for each other to keep their doors open. It is a highly active and aggressive landscape, indicating that there is both potential and competition for Full House Resorts to navigate upon entering the market.

Full House Resorts’ Operations in Other States

Full House Resorts, a well-known gaming and hospitality company, operates several casinos and resorts in other states such as Nevada, Colorado, and Indiana. They offer a range of gaming amenities such as slot machines, table games, poker rooms, and sports betting services. The company’s most recent development, the Rising Star Casino Resort in Indiana, is a popular destination for casino enthusiasts.

Although their previous operations have been successful, Full House Resorts’ entry into the Illinois market is a new challenge. The Illinois casino industry is highly competitive and has unique market dynamics that may have an impact on Full House’s operations. However, Full House Resorts has shown a great track record of success in the gaming industry and has gained a good reputation for providing high-quality services to their guests.

Therefore, Full House Resorts’ previous operational success suggests that they have the knowledge and expertise to navigate the challenges of entering a new market like Illinois. They bring fresh ideas and experiences to the Illinois gaming and hospitality industry, offering high-quality gaming services to patrons in the Waukegan area via their new temporary casino. Full House Resorts seems well-positioned to adapt and succeed in the highly competitive and dynamic Illinois casino industry.

The Temporary Casino in Waukegan

Full House Resorts has recently entered the Illinois gaming market with the opening of their temporary casino in Waukegan. The establishment boasts an impressive collection of gaming amenities, including:

  • Over 700 slot machines
  • Table games, such as blackjack and craps
  • A poker room
  • Multiple dining and entertainment options

The casino’s presence in Waukegan has brought a significant boost to the local economy. The establishment has already created approximately 400 jobs for area residents, with plans to create more in the future. Additionally, the city of Waukegan has received millions in tax revenue from the casino’s operations.

Full House Resorts’ intention is to replace the temporary facility with a permanent casino in the future. The company aims to create a luxurious and modern casino resort that will serve as a premier entertainment destination in Northern Illinois. The planned permanent casino will include a hotel, convention center, restaurants and retail stores.

Future Developments and Expectations for Full House Resorts

Full House Resorts, a renowned casino development company, has been making strides towards expanding its operations in several markets. Their entry into the Illinois market with the opening of a temporary casino in Waukegan signals their intention to grow in the region.

Looking into the future, Full House Resorts plans to develop a permanent casino in Waukegan, which could take several years before completion. With a strong presence in several other states, Full House Resorts has set its sights on becoming a competitive force in the Illinois casino industry.

However, as with any new entry into a market, Full House Resorts will face potential obstacles and challenges, including competition from established companies, regulatory hurdles, and changes in the local market.

Nevertheless, with their years of experience and expertise in the casino development industry, Full House Resorts is poised to make a significant impact in Illinois. We can expect more from the company in the future as they continue to innovate, create new developments, and build a strong presence in the market.

Conclusion and Implications

In summary, Full House Resorts’ entry into the Illinois market with their temporary casino in Waukegan marks an exciting development in the casino industry. The expansion into the Illinois market represents a significant step forward for Full House Resorts, and their impressive track record of successful operations in other states bodes well for their prospects.

As discussed in this article, the Illinois casino industry is highly competitive, and Full House Resorts will need to distinguish themselves from their competitors to succeed in the market. The temporary casino in Waukegan is an excellent start, providing local players with access to state-of-the-art gaming amenities and generating significant economic benefits for the region.

At Kustom Betting, our readers are always on the lookout for the latest information on gaming and casino developments. Full House Resorts’ entry into the Illinois market represents a significant event in the industry, and we will be watching closely as they move forward with their plans. As always, we are committed to providing our readers with the most detailed and up-to-date information on the gaming industry.


1. What is Full House Resorts?

Full House Resorts is a casino development and management company with a focus on properties that offer high-quality amenities and customer service. They currently operate five casinos in four states around the United States.

2. What is the significance of Full House Resorts’ entry into the Illinois market?

The Illinois casino industry is a significant and growing market with plenty of opportunities for development. Full House Resorts’ expansion into the state will provide them with an opportunity to tap into this market and provide customers with a top-notch gaming experience.

3. What is the current state of the casino industry in Illinois?

The Illinois casino industry has been experiencing steady growth over the past few years. New regulations have allowed for the development of new properties, and competition among existing casinos has increased.

4. What are the plans for Full House Resorts’ permanent casino in Waukegan?

Full House Resorts plans to invest in the development of a comprehensive resort-style casino property that offers a range of amenities beyond gaming, including restaurants, retail shops, and entertainment options. They hope to provide customers with an experience that is more than just gambling, but that also includes relaxation and entertainment.

5. What can we expect from Full House Resorts in the future?

We can expect Full House Resorts to continue to expand and develop new properties both in Illinois and other states. They have already shown a commitment to innovation and customer service, and we can expect them to continue to push the envelope in the gaming industry.

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