Game-Changing NIL Agreement: Kentucky QB Levis and War of Will Collision

Claiborne Farm Partners with University of Kentucky Quarterback Will Levis in a Unique NIL Agreement

Taking a leap into the new frontier of collegiate athletics, Claiborne Farm, located in the heart of Kentucky’s horse country, has entered into a groundbreaking NIL (name, image, likeness) partnership with University of Kentucky quarterback, Will Levis. This collaboration marks the first-ever alliance between a college athlete and a Thoroughbred stallion, as Claiborne Farm joins forces with Levis to promote their esteemed stallion, War of Will.

A New Era of Advertising Emerging in the NIL Space

With the advent of NIL regulations, allowing college athletes to profit from their name, image, and likeness, innovative partnerships like this have come to fruition. By teaming up with Levis, Claiborne Farm aims to create an engaging advertising campaign that showcases the remarkable athleticism of both football players and Thoroughbred racehorses. This unique collaboration presents a perfect alignment of brands, as Levis’ on-field performance mirrors the excitement and prowess that War of Will displayed during his days on the racetrack.

Thrilled to Pioneer a New Path

Walker Hancock, President of Claiborne Farm, expressed his excitement, stating, “We are thrilled to be the first farm to partner with a Division I athlete in this newly created NIL space.” This partnership represents a significant milestone for both parties, as they venture into uncharted territory within the evolving landscape of collegiate athletics. By leveraging Levis’ star power and Claiborne Farm’s promising stallion, this collaboration is poised to make a lasting impact and pave the way for future partnerships.

War of Will: The Epitome of Athletic Excellence

War of Will, the stallion at the center of this unique partnership, has proven himself as a force to be reckoned with. Notably, he secured victory at the prestigious 2019 Preakness Stakes, making him a standout in the Thoroughbred racing world. What sets War of Will apart is his exceptional versatility—unlike many other stallions, he boasts Grade 1 wins on both dirt and turf. This remarkable achievement positions him as an ideal representative for Claiborne Farm’s advertising campaign, highlighting his ability to dominate in various racing environments.

An Impressive Racing Record

War of Will retired after the 2020 season, accumulating an impressive racing record of 5 wins, 1 second-place finish, and 3 third-place finishes in 18 starts. Over the course of his career, he earned a total of $1,881,803 in prize money, a testament to his remarkable skill and tenacity on the track. As the first foals sired by War of Will are expected this year, Claiborne Farm eagerly anticipates the continuation of his legacy through his progeny.

A Legacy of Champions

Claiborne Farm, steeped in history and tradition, has been home to several legendary horses, including Secretariat, Ruffian, Personal Ensign, Forego, and Bold Ruler. With War of Will carrying on this esteemed lineage, his partnership with Levis signifies the convergence of two exceptional talents. This collaboration showcases Claiborne Farm’s commitment to nurturing and promoting the next generation of racing champions.

Will Levis: An Athlete on the Rise

While War of Will represents Claiborne Farm’s legacy, Will Levis embodies the promise of the University of Kentucky football program. As the Wildcats’ quarterback, Levis has showcased his skill, determination, and leadership on the field. With an impressive completion rate of nearly 67%, he amassed 2,826 passing yards and threw 24 touchdowns during the previous season. Levis played a pivotal role in guiding the Wildcats to a remarkable 10-3 record, which included notable victories over highly ranked opponents such as Florida and Iowa.

An Ideal Fit for the Kentucky Partnership

The agreement between Claiborne Farm and Levis was brokered by Athlete Advantage, an NIL company that recognized the significant overlap between Kentucky’s multibillion-dollar breeding industry and its flagship university. Located near the University of Kentucky’s Lexington campus, many renowned breeding farms benefit from this proximity, making this partnership a natural fit. Ryan Miller, President of Athlete Advantage, expressed his belief that Levis and War of Will are trailblazers in the NIL space, paving the way for future collaborations.

A New Frontier in Advertising: Combining Athletics and Thoroughbred Excellence

The partnership between Claiborne Farm and Will Levis signifies an exciting development in the realm of advertising, as it converges two worlds of athleticism – college football and Thoroughbred racing. By uniting the talent, skill, and recognition of a prominent college athlete with the excellence and legacy of a top-tier stallion, this collaboration captures the imagination of sports enthusiasts and racing aficionados alike.

The Power of Synergy

The advertising campaign born out of this partnership aims to highlight the synergies between these two extraordinary athletes. They share a common thread of displaying remarkable athleticism, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. This convergence creates an engaging narrative that captivates audiences, emphasizing the uncanny parallels between football and horse racing.

A New Era for Advertising Campaigns

In leveraging the NIL space, Claiborne Farm and Levis are setting a new precedent for advertising campaigns. By harnessing the power of athlete endorsements in a novel context, this collaboration pushes the boundaries of traditional marketing strategies. The resulting campaign is expected to resonate with fans of both college football and Thoroughbred racing, generating excitement and expanding the reach of both brands.


The partnership between Claiborne Farm and University of Kentucky quarterback Will Levis represents an innovative and pioneering step in the ever-evolving NIL landscape. By uniting the worlds of collegiate athletics and Thoroughbred racing, this collaboration captivates audiences and expands the horizons of advertising campaigns. With an emphasis on athleticism, synergy, and excellence, this unique partnership sets the stage for future collaborations in the exciting realm of NIL endorsements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the partnership between Claiborne Farm and Will Levis benefit both parties?

By partnering with Will Levis, Claiborne Farm gains a prominent spokesperson and ambassador for their stallion, War of Will. Levis, on the other hand, can leverage his association with an esteemed Thoroughbred farm, enhancing his personal brand and showcasing his affiliation with excellence in the racing world.

2. Why is War of Will considered an exciting stallion prospect?

War of Will’s prowess on both dirt and turf, coupled with his impressive racing record, positions him as an exceptional stallion prospect. As his first foals are expected this year, the breeding industry eagerly anticipates the continuation of his legacy through his progeny.

3. How does this partnership contribute to the evolving NIL landscape?

By forging a partnership between a college athlete and a Thoroughbred stallion, Claiborne Farm and Will Levis pioneer the integration of collegiate athletics and the breeding industry within the NIL landscape. This collaboration sets a precedent and opens doors for other creative partnerships to flourish.

4. What impact does this partnership have on the advertising landscape?

The Claiborne Farm and Will Levis partnership challenges traditional advertising strategies by showcasing the power of athlete endorsements in a unique context. This collaboration introduces a new era in advertising campaigns, bringing together the worlds of college football and Thoroughbred racing to captivate audiences and expand brand reach.

5. How does the proximity of Lexington’s breeding farms to the University of Kentucky contribute to this partnership?

Kentucky’s celebrated breeding farms, located near the University of Kentucky’s campus, create a natural symbiosis between the state’s multibillion-dollar breeding industry and its flagship university. This proximity facilitates collaborations like the one between Claiborne Farm and Will Levis, showcasing the interconnectedness of these thriving industries.

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