Garcia vs. Benavidez: Analyzing Odds in the 154-Pound Contest

Danny Garcia Returns to the Ring After a Long Hiatus

After a 19-month break, Danny Garcia is gearing up to step back into the boxing ring. The welterweight contender will face off against Jose Benavidez Jr. in an eagerly anticipated super welterweight matchup. This highly anticipated event will take place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where fans are excited to witness Garcia’s long-awaited comeback against a formidable opponent.

Garcia’s Refreshing Break and Mental Reset

Coming off a welterweight title loss to Errol Spence Jr., Garcia made the insightful decision to take an extended break from training. This break provided him the opportunity to embark on a journey of self-reflection, rejuvenation, and reconnecting with his passion for the sport. Garcia shared his thoughts during a recent open workout, stating, “After fighting world champions for the last ten years, I realized that my body felt great, but my mind felt foggy. I needed my mind to rest, have fun, and spend time with my family. I craved the chance to miss the game of boxing and come back stronger than ever.”

A Stepping Stone Towards Greater Heights

Garcia perceives his upcoming fight against Benavidez as a crucial stepping stone in the super welterweight division. He views this matchup as an opportunity to prove himself and propel his career forward. While focusing on the task at hand, Garcia envisions a future clash with the undisputed super welterweight champion, Jermell Charlo. Dreaming big, Garcia emphasizes that achieving victory against Charlo would mark the pinnacle of his career, enabling him to retire as a champion.

Jose Benavidez Jr.’s Shot at Redemption

Jose Benavidez Jr., despite his recent setbacks, sees this fight against Garcia as a chance for redemption. Benavidez’s career took a hit when he suffered a devastating loss to pound-for-pound superstar Terence Crawford in 2018. His journey towards redemption was then further dampened by a lackluster majority draw in his return fight against Francisco Emanual Torres last year. Now, facing Garcia, Benavidez aims to prove that he belongs among the top contenders in the division.

A Make-or-Break Opportunity for Benavidez

For Benavidez, this fight is more than just a shot at redemption; it is an opportunity to catapult himself back into the title contention. In an interview with the Arizona Republic, Benavidez’s father and trainer, Jose Benavidez Sr., stressed the significance of an impressive victory. The fighter must leave an indelible mark and catch the attention of boxing enthusiasts and critics alike. Benavidez Jr. echoes his father’s sentiments, stating, “We need to impress. We need to give it our all, and I guarantee you someone’s going to get knocked out.”

Predictions for the Fight

Given the potential for an electrifying clash between Garcia and Benavidez, fans and pundits have speculated on the potential outcome of the bout. DraftKings, a prominent sportsbook platform, offers +150 odds on the fight not going the distance, indicating a strong possibility of a stoppage. Benavidez shares this sentiment, intending to exploit Garcia’s move up in weight and ultimately halt his progress. Confident in his abilities, Benavidez asserts, “He’s going to find out on Saturday that 154 pounds isn’t for him. I fought Terence Crawford on one leg and gave him a fight. I know what I’m capable of, and I’m going to fight like that.”


As the long-awaited bout between Danny Garcia and Jose Benavidez Jr. draws near, anticipation continues to build. Garcia’s refreshing break and mental reset have positioned him for a triumphant return to the ring, while Benavidez seeks redemption and a resurgence in his career. The clash between these two talented fighters promises an intense and thrilling spectacle for boxing enthusiasts worldwide.

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