Gold Fish Slot Machine Review

The Exciting World of Gold Fish Slots

Gold Fish slots is a captivating casino game that combines vibrant coral reefs, tropical music, and five thrilling features to create an entertaining experience for players. Developed by WMS (now Scientific Gaming), Gold Fish initially gained popularity as a classic slot machine in physical casinos before venturing into the online slot world. Today, it remains one of the top ten most beloved slot games, paving the way for a wave of ocean-themed slot titles. In this article, we will explore the best casinos to play Gold Fish slots and explore the exciting features that make this game a fan favorite.

The Best Casinos to Play Gold Fish Slots

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How to Play Gold Fish Slots Online

The Gold Fish casino slot game online features a simple layout with five reels, three rows, and 25 selectable paylines. It closely resembles the Gold Fish Vegas slot machine in terms of gameplay. While the game may not offer a progressive jackpot, it compensates with plenty of exciting features, including free spins, multipliers, and instant win bonuses. In addition to winning paylines and bonus rounds, players have the chance to collect additional coins!

Basic Info

  • Type: Vegas Slot/Video Slot
  • RTP: 96.00%
  • Developer: SG/WMS
  • Mobile Friendly: Yes


  • Free Spins: Yes, up to 20
  • Multiplier Bonus: Yes
  • Gamble Feature: No


  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 3
  • Paylines: 25
  • Volatility: Low/Medium
  • Theme: Ocean


  • Autoplay: No
  • Adjust Paylines: Yes
  • Highest Payout: 10,000x
  • Minimum Bet: 1¢
  • Maximum Bet: $105

Playing Gold Fish slots online is similar to other Vegas slot games. Players can check the pay table to determine which paylines to bet on and identify the desired bonus symbols. Once they’ve made their selection, they can return to the main page and choose the number of lines and the amount to bet on each payline. Clicking the orange ‘spin’ button sets the reels in motion, and any potential winnings are revealed as the reels stop from left to right.

The minimum bet in Gold Fish slots is 1¢, which is a common denomination for Vegas-style slots. The maximum bet per payline is $3. Additionally, WMS has introduced a ‘feature bet’ function in Gold Fish, allowing players to wager 10 times the bet line amount. Therefore, players can bet a total of $105 per spin, making the game suitable for both low-stakes and high-stakes slot enthusiasts.

Gold Fish Slots Game Theme & Music

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Gold Fish slots, where fish swim amidst a vibrant aquarium, accompanied by soothing steel drum music. The game is teeming with captivating marine life, including Clownfish, Angelfish, Goldfish, and blue and purple tropical fishes. Stunning coral reefs, crabs, and turtles complete the oceanic theme. While the fish remain static unless a payline or bonus is activated, the bonus rounds infuse the game with animated excitement as the fish dance and dive on the screen. It’s worth noting that the graphics may appear slightly pixelated due to the age of the game, but this does not diminish the overall appeal of Gold Fish slots.

The Gold Fish slot machine music contributes to the upbeat and tropical atmosphere, featuring a catchy medley of steel drums, xylophones, and trumpets. This lively jingle captivates players, especially when the animations become repetitive.

How to Win Gold Fish Slots

If you’re wondering how to secure a win in Gold Fish slots, keep your eyes peeled for the biggest jackpot combination – five goldfish. Landing five of these lucrative fish will reward you with a whopping 10,000x your original bet. In monetary terms, this equates to a potential win of up to $1,050,000. The goldfish also acts as a wild symbol in the game, capable of substituting for all other symbols except the scatter, represented by a tub of fish food.

The second-highest win in Gold Fish slots comes from landing five fish food symbols, which pays out 2,500x your initial wager. To secure any winnings in this slot game, players need to land a minimum of three identical symbols on the paylines. Alternatively, players can also aim to trigger the bonus game, which offers additional opportunities for big wins.

RTP and Volatility in Gold Fish Slots

Return-to-Player percentage (RTP) refers to the average amount of money a slot machine pays back to players as winnings from their bets. In Gold Fish slots, the RTP stands at 96%, slightly above average for online slot games. While other slot games may offer higher RTPs, such as Mega Moolah or Ugga Bugga, Gold Fish stands out with its low-to-medium variance. This means that the game frequently rewards players with winning paylines and bonus rounds, although payouts may range from a few dollars to thousands.

Comparing Gold Fish slots to other slot games, it offers the potential for substantial payouts alongside frequent smaller wins. The maximum jackpot of $1,050,000 and regular payouts in the hundreds or thousands make Gold Fish an appealing choice. While some slot games may offer higher RTPs, their jackpot amounts may be smaller. Therefore, Gold Fish strikes a balance between sizeable jackpot wins and frequent payouts, offering an engaging experience for players.

Gold Fish Slot Bonuses

The bonus game and features in Gold Fish slots are crucial for obtaining significant payouts. Alongside the wild symbol, represented by the goldfish, players should keep an eye out for the fish food symbol, which serves as the scatter. Landing three of these symbols triggers the bonus game.

In the Gold Fish online slots game, players must click on the fish food icons to reveal fish or turtles. Collecting four identical fish grants players free coins in the bonus game. On the other hand, finding three turtles allows players to choose one of them, and each turtle spins to reveal a prize. These prizes often include free spins.

Another feature to watch out for is the Fish Features, randomly triggered after any spin. This feature presents a giant fishbowl on the screen, and one of the five colorful fish jumps in, releasing three bubbles for players to choose from. The color of the fish determines the type of bonus feature activated, such as free spins or multiplier bonuses. Consult the chart below to discover the winning possibilities:

Type About
Gold Fish This lucky fish blows five bubbles. Choose one to reveal 5-20 free spins or a multiplier bonus ranging from 2x to 10x.
Blue Fish Blue Fish Feature grants super scatter rewards, offering a maximum of three free spins with winning combinations across all reels, regardless of the payline. If the free spins result in no winnings, the Blue Fish Feature guarantees a 10x multiplier.
Green Fish The green fish brings little bubbles with big rewards. Choose one bubble to receive a cash prize. One special bubble allows players to claim all the prizes, accumulating up to 500x their original line bet.
Red Fish When the red fish leaps into the fishbowl, it brings its favorite accessories – a treasure chest, shell, or castle. Players need to guess which accessory the red fish will choose as its favorite. Regardless of the choice, players receive a cash prize. However, if the red fish kisses the chosen item, the player wins the highest cash prize.
Purple Fish This playful fishy dives into the bowl and blows three bubbles. Each bubble contains a number, combining to create a three-digit number. Multiply this number by the player’s line bet to determine their total winnings during the Fish Feature.

It’s important to note that these Fish Features cannot be triggered during free spins, and they cannot be retriggered either. They add an extra level of excitement to the game, further enhancing players’ chances of securing substantial wins.

Play Gold Fish Slots Online for Free

Prior to playing any slot game for real money online, we recommend starting with the free version to become familiar with its mechanics and features. Free-play games enable players to test their preferences and strategies without risking their own funds. They also provide valuable insights into a game’s operations, allowing players to avoid costly mistakes before engaging in real-money gameplay.

Online casinos typically offer a demo version of Gold Fish slots, allowing players to experience the game without financial commitments. The gameplay in the free version is identical to the regular game, with the only difference being that players cannot withdraw any winnings accumulated during free play. To begin playing Gold Fish slots for free, visit one of our recommended casino operators and access their demo version.

Gold Fish Slots on Casino Apps

Due to its popularity, Gold Fish slots is available on various online casino apps. Players can easily find Gold Fish slots on no-download casinos, allowing seamless play through web browsers using the latest version of Adobe Flash. Alternatively, players can enjoy all versions of Gold Fish slots, from the classic edition to the newer deluxe models, on the Gold Fish Casino Slots app.

Created by WMS and SG, the Gold Fish Casino Slots app offers not only the classic Gold Fish slot game but also hundreds of other Vegas slots. Compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad devices, the Gold Fish slot app is free to download and provides a wealth of entertainment. While the app does not offer real-money winnings, it rewards players with free coins, in-game benefits, and promotional codes that can enhance their gaming experience.

Players using the Gold Fish Slots Casino app should consider joining the app’s Facebook group. The group frequently posts simple challenges that allow players to earn thousands of free coins and Gold Fish slot promo codes.

It’s worth noting that Android and iPhone mobile users will have the best experience playing Gold Fish slots in horizontal screen orientation. While the game is functional on other smartphones, iPads, tablets, and portable smart devices, the graphics may appear slightly pixelated due to the age of the game. Despite this minor drawback, the gameplay itself remains unaffected, and players can immerse themselves in the captivating world of Gold Fish slots.

Other Gold Fish Slot Machine Games

Gold Fish paved the way for a wave of ocean-themed slot games, captivating players with its underwater adventures. WMS continued to innovate, introducing new editions of Gold Fish that offer even bigger jackpots and more bonus rewards. These editions feature enhanced graphics and interactive animations, providing an elevated gaming experience for players. Some notable editions include:

  • Gold Fish 2 – Armada: Embark on an exciting journey and enjoy bigger wins on free spins.
  • Gold Fish 2 – Mermaid’s Wonders: Expanding wild symbols offer players more chances to win.
  • Gold Fish 3: New symbols and increased free spin rewards amp up the excitement in Gold Fish.
  • Gold Fish Race for the Gold: A new bonus game keeps the fun at a speedy pace.
  • Gold Fish Deluxe: High-definition graphics and additional bonuses make this Gold Fish slot edition shine.

For slot enthusiasts seeking more underwater adventures, there are several other ocean-themed slot games available:

  • Fish Party by Microgaming
  • Emperor of the Sea by Microgaming
  • Ocean’s Treasure by NetEnt

Gold Fish Slots Online Review

It may be perplexing how Gold Fish slots has maintained its popularity for over a decade. The need to pay for certain features, which other slot games offer for free, and the absence of an auto-play function could be seen as drawbacks. Additionally, given the game’s age, the graphics may not stand up to the quality of today’s slot animations.

However, the enduring appeal of Gold Fish slots can be attributed to nostalgia, easy gameplay, and frequent wins. For many players, Gold Fish was likely one of the first slot machine games they encountered in Las Vegas. This blend of nostalgia, combined with rewarding gameplay and exciting bonus rounds, keeps players hooked on Gold Fish slots. While we acknowledge its drawbacks, we award Gold Fish slots a rating of 6.8/10.

Player Reviews of Gold Fish Slots

We want to hear your thoughts on the Gold Fish slot machine game! Share your experiences and opinions with other players by leaving a comment in the box below.


Players from Ohio must be 21 years or older and physically located within the state of Ohio to place wagers. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, please call 1-800-GAMBLER to speak confidentially with a trained specialist, available 24/7.

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How do you get free coins in Gold Fish slot?

Earn free coins in the Gold Fish online slot game by triggering the bonus game or the Fish Feature. These in-game events allow players to collect free coins that are credited to their account balance. Additionally, the Gold Fish Casino Slots app rewards players with coins for playing for extended periods and participating in “Daily Catch” bonuses.

Are there cheats for the Gold Fish slot machine game?

No, there are no cheats to alter the outcome of the Gold Fish slot machine game. Online casinos employ strict security measures to provide a fair and random gaming experience for all players. Luck and strategy are the key factors in determining success in this slot game.

What hacks can I use on the Gold Fish online slot game?

Hacks and cheats are not applicable to the Gold Fish online slot game. Online casinos have implemented stringent security protocols to ensure fair gameplay. To increase your chances of winning, it is advisable to bet across as many paylines as your budget allows.

Can I download the Gold Fish slot?

Yes, players can download the Gold Fish Casino Slot app to access various Gold Fish slot games. The Gold Fish Casino Slots app is compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. Alternatively, players can enjoy Gold Fish slots on no-download casinos without the need for a download.

What is the RTP of the Gold Fish slot game?

The Gold Fish slot game offers an RTP of 96%.

Can I still play Gold Fish slots at a casino?

Absolutely! Several online casinos still offer Gold Fish slots as part of their game selection. To play Gold Fish slots, choose a reputable casino that offers a diverse range of slot games.

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