Golden Glider’s Quest: Reviving the Belmont Stakes Legacy – Can History Repeat Itself After Sir Winston?

Can Golden Glider Follow in Sir Winston’s Hoofsteps?

When it comes to long shots in horse racing, trainer Mark Casse knows a thing or two. Three years ago, he brought Sir Winston to the Belmont Stakes, a colt who had shown promise but had missed the board in two Kentucky Derby preps. Yet, Casse watched as Sir Winston defied the odds and beat the favored Tacitus to claim victory in the 2019 Belmont Stakes.

Introducing Golden Glider

Now, Casse is back with another long shot contender, Golden Glider. This three-year-old colt kicked off his 2022 season with a win in a January allowance optional claimer at Tampa Bay Downs. However, he has since faltered in three Derby preps, finishing fifth in the Sam F. Davis, fourth in both the Tampa Bay Derby and the Blue Grass. Despite these setbacks, Casse remains undeterred as he sets his sights on the Belmont Stakes.

A Familiar Pattern?

It’s hard not to draw parallels between Golden Glider’s journey and that of Sir Winston. Both horses broke their maidens at Woodbine before encountering difficulties on the Derby trail. Golden Glider’s performance in the Peter Pan, where he finished second to the impressive We the People, echoes Sir Winston’s own run in the same race leading up to his Belmont Stakes triumph.

Casse acknowledges that Golden Glider will be a long shot in the Belmont Stakes, but he believes in giving the colt a chance. After all, Golden Glider earned his way into the race with a free berth, showcasing his potential. The overseas books confirm his status as an underdog, with odds ranging from 16/1 to 25/1, while the current favorite, Mo Donegal, is priced from 15/8 to 5/2.

Golden Glider’s Late Speed and Determination

Despite his status as a long shot, Golden Glider has shown promise in his recent performances. In his last two starts, he achieved impressive 87 Beyer Speed Figures, indicating his competitive spirit. In the Peter Pan, though unable to catch the dominant We the People, Golden Glider displayed a remarkable stretch surge that secured him the second-place finish. Casse praises his determination and sees potential for success at the Belmont Stakes.

Preparing for the Race

Casse points to Golden Glider’s recent workout as another positive sign. The colt breezed five furlongs in 1:01.55, demonstrating his fitness and readiness for the upcoming race. Casse describes Golden Glider as a workmanlike horse, not flashy but consistently putting in the effort. Although Casse had hoped for a fast track to truly assess Golden Glider’s ability on different surfaces, he remains optimistic heading into Belmont Stakes Day.

The Similarity and the Hope

As Casse considers Golden Glider’s chances, he can’t help but think of Sir Winston’s triumph. If Sir Winston, a horse with a similar journey, could overcome the odds and win the Belmont Stakes, why not Golden Glider? While Casse understands the challenge that lies ahead, the possibility of witnessing another underdog victory fuels his determination.


Golden Glider enters the Belmont Stakes as a long shot, facing tough competition from more favored horses. Still, the parallels between his journey and that of Sir Winston offer a glimmer of hope. With his late speed, determination, and recent strong performances, Golden Glider has the potential to surprise everyone in the race. Casse’s decision to give him a chance and the colt’s previous successes indicate that anything is possible on Belmont Stakes Day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a long shot in horse racing?

A long shot in horse racing refers to a horse that is considered less likely to win based on its odds. These horses often have higher odds, meaning a larger payout if they do manage to win.

2. How does a horse earn a free berth in the Belmont Stakes?

In some races leading up to the Belmont Stakes, the top finishers may earn a free berth, which includes waived entry and starting fees. This allows the horse to secure a spot in the Belmont Stakes without incurring additional costs.

3. What is a Beyer Speed Figure?

A Beyer Speed Figure is a numerical rating that measures a horse’s performance in a race. It takes into account factors such as the track condition, distance, and final time to provide a standardized measure of performance across races.

4. How does late speed benefit a horse in a race?

Late speed refers to a horse’s ability to accelerate and finish strong in the later stages of a race. Horses with strong late speed can make up ground and potentially overtake their rivals in the closing stages, giving them a competitive advantage.

5. What are the odds for Golden Glider in the Belmont Stakes?

The odds for Golden Glider in the Belmont Stakes vary among different betting markets. As of Monday, overseas books have priced him anywhere from 16/1 to 25/1, indicating his status as a long shot in the race.

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